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February 24, 2010



Ohh thank you for the link to the photos of those bags! My fingers are itching to give that a try!!!!!


"sewing up a storm"... such a tease! as usual! :)


These quilts are just smashing! Thanks so for sharing.


i have this book and love it. glad you're enjoying it too. i was smitten with the cafe apron and tried to make one, only to realize i wasn't the same size as the woman in the picture.. hehe.
btw, a friend just sent me the link to your blog raving about how much i would love it. of course she wasn't surprised to know I followed you already. small world, huh?

Carolyn Forster

Such a lovely ab ook, I have just ordered it with another form the amazon jp site!
Thanks for the inspiring posts.


Dear Jan,
The book by Junko Maeda is "Days with stitching(connecting)on cloth(fabric)" , literal translation. So, you are right.
Chizuko from Tokyo


I'm in love.

oh my oh my.

Thanks Jan, beautiful things as usual.

Susan Wakeford

Wow! is all I can say.
I have seen something similar from India. My husband came back from a trip there and brought me some pretty nice fabric. The last thing he pulled from the suitcase was a most beautiful hand stitched bag. I was amazed when he said that he hadn't bought it - it was the bag given to all delegates to keep their papers, made in a local craft workshop.


All right. Add a stitched bag to the list of things to do. Immediately. :-) A really inspiring post, Jan! Reminds me of the luscious stitching going on over at TheSillyBooDilly on her work quilt series. Amazing. I'm lazy and have only been trying to add a bit of hand stitching to machine quilted pieces. Clearly I need to step it up so I can have a beautiful bag. Neat!


Thank you Chizuko from Tokyo! I actually mulled that title over with my half-Japanese boyfriend for a long time and we couldn't come up with anything that sounded normal.

Mum, can't wait for my color catchers arrival!


Deep breath----

LOVE THOSE BAGS. As in, I would fork over the dough. They are special. They are inspiring. They are not going to be coming soon to Anthropologie (although I could be wrong about that).

I have to start doing some of this big stitch stuff (which you started me on the last time you came back from Japan). It's like boro, but with nice new fabric! I also like the apparent lack of batting. Would be so nice for a tablecloth, and solve the age-old (in my mind) problem of how to back a pieced tablecloth without either making it look like a quilt is on the table, or having raw edges to deal with.


You need one of those bags Jan! Make one, you can do it. I love that type of stitching on anything. Can't wait for your next post now you've teased us by saying how much you've been doing.


The bags ARE great and could be idea springboards. Thanks very much--I've never done this sort of stitching either but have been casting around for ideas for an ongoing project and just may incorporate (AKA STEAL) some of this look.

Lazy Gal Tonya R

beautiful pics. I think I'll enjoy them here as I am NOT adventurous. I'm surprised that there isn't someone who grabs the best articles and books from Japan to make them available in english. there's always such beautiful work.


Oooh, lots of inspiration! I loved the little slippers in the link you provided too. Soooo, what fun sashiko project to you have up your sleeve?


wow I am in awe love those bags and Yes I too have been intrigued with utility stitching the past few months.
I think I also like the look of the great pearle cottons that are around.
I need to make a quilt just to quilt it with them and with the Utility stitch!
I wish I could find that book here in the USA makes me nervous buying from a website I can't read

Pam Cope

Thanks for the link to the photos of the bags, i don't worry about how much they cost, because as always when I see something great like that I think "Oh, I could make that!" Ha ha yeah, in my spare time! but I am printing out the pix from the link, and will watch for the book. more reasons to plan my trip to Japan next year.


Oh! I love that stitching! The texture is just amazing. I tried to do it on a doll quilt a while back. I was inspired by a photo Jen had taken of a quilt at the quilt show...



I'd love to have the time to try something like that out on a large scale.


VERY cool bags!


I LOVE those bags!!!
Not happening.



I love this book and bought it last fall at our local kinokuniya bookstore. It has been my inspiration to help use up some of the sashiko thread sitting in my sewing basket.

Thank you for the link to the bags ... beautiful!


here is another link in case you don't know this blog




Thank you for waiting while I had a look ;-) Those bags are wonderful! And I also see lots of ideas for quilts in them. I have been looking at BooDilly's quilts lately http://www.flickr.com/photos/boodilly/sets/72157622662604613/ and felt fired up enough to want to start something similar, and this adds fuel to the fire...


The bags are wonderful. thanks for the links.

Jill Holmes

You are endlessly inspiring! I actually went on the Japanese Amazon and ordered up the book! It is one of the craziest things I have ever done...the cost of the book is one half the cost of the shipping! Being crazy but creative isn't such a bad thing---it can be great fun! Must say we are never bored!

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