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December 15, 2009



oh my gosh what a funny story but I am sure horrifying to you that you missed it!
the show must be HUGE for you to have missed it, wonder what else you missed!
the fabrics are beautiful, fun
I will check out the links and so you will be going next month, how exciting!!!!!


Fabulous story Jan, lovely to hear how you finally met Keiko Goke. And I HAVE to have some of her fabric in my stash, I will be watching Glorious Colour closely!!! Thanks for all the links too xo


I loved reading your story. Years ago when I was fairly new to quilting, I went to a Symposium where Keiko was teaching for a week. I didn't get in the class but enjoyed seeing her well known quilts in a museum exhibition. I was blown away by the pattern, colour and stitching. The quilts seemed to glow.


OK, this was wonderful, I'm going to HAVE to have the fabric and books, but my favorite line is "the year of the big jumper." LOL!

I wonder what "year" this is, you know? We never see these obvious things we are doing until it's too late....


I LOVE this story, Jan! Can't believe you missed her exhibit last year. Oh no! I'm going to keep checking that intriguing button until it activates with Keiko Goke fabric! :-)


You are so funny - I had the same reaction when I first saw her work. I had never heard of her, but heard there was a quilt exhibit in our local museum. So off I go, and when I stepped into that room I was struck dumb. I had never seen quilting like it. This was in 1997, (in Hamilton, New Zealand) and I was rather new to the quilt scene. I took photo after photo, and returned several times to that exhibit. She was teaching at our local symposium and everyone fell in love with her style! I was a "gofer" at the symposium and was quite excited that one day I got to take her her lunch - yes it's the small things lol!! Her quilts influenced me more than anyone else at that time. The only other quilter to make me feel that way has been Kaffe Fassett. I loved reading your story about your fascination with her - it bought back many good memories!


My try again -- darn extra parenthesis!

Must admit you know her work a *lot* better than I do as I am not good at distinguishing names, but I am so in love with her fabrics that I picked up at the Houston Festival. Unfortunately I found the booth LATE on Saturday and her fabrics were already well picked over.

(*briefly* blogged about at http://nanannwoogies.wordpress.com/2009/10/29/quilt-festival-2009-my-final-round-up/ )

I'll be checking out some of your links!

Lazy Gal Tonya R

so cool you got to meet here - hurrah - as well as see her quilts. the first time anyway. D'oh that must have hurt. wheee, though that you get to go again.

Lazy Gal Tonya R

p.s. I want to hear more about your quilt that went to Japan and the show that it was in!


Hi Jan
The rumor is correct. The Keiko fabrics are online at gloriouscolor.com We just put them up this morning. They are truly wonderful.

Kristin L

What a great story. I can totally envision combining Goke and Fasset fabrics and influences as well. Fun, fun, fun!


What a great story and as usual, fabulous links. Goke's fabrics are so rich looking.... may have to get some!

Keiko Goke

Hi Jan

Thanks a lots!!!
You wrote about me a lots.

And,Thnak you so much to Liza!!!

Thank you for the everyone!!!

Keiko Goke


What an interesting story Jan! Keiko's blog looks so beautiful -- if only I could read it! Plenty of eye candy though!


Thank you so much Jan. I love to discover new quilters... and Keiko's ones are stunning!

And you're going to Tokio again? I'm sooo jealous...

one day perhaps I'll go there too!


Thank you for not posting MY jumper shots!


Makes me think of when I visited the Louvre and forgot to go see The Mona Lisa AND the Winged Victory...

Those Keiko Goke fabrics--fabulous, fabulous. I think I'll be spending a good deal of my workday today exploring all the links in this post. If I get into trouble I'm blaming you.

Jamie V

This is a fantastic story! Oh my goodness. Thank you for sharing about Keiko Goke. I adore her fabrics and her quilts. I like hearing about your adventures in Japan... more! more!! Jamie V in MT


Wow, those fabrics are amazing! I love all the bright colors and modern designs.

Barbara Robson

Thanks for this...and Merry Christmas and very best wishes for a happy, healthy and pieceful 2010 from Nova Scotia.

Pam Cope

I am now inspired to plan a trip to the Tokyo quilt festival. January 2011... here I come! I love your writing & observations, thanks for sharing about Japanese quilting. I am looking out for the magazines and can't wait to find that fabric.
Merry Christmas!

Lucinda J.

Wonderful post! And I am now in love with K.Goke and must have her fabric. Thanks for all of the info and links :)


what a great post, and story ... and it sounds like something I would do ... through jet lag. Hubby is in Nepal right now, and I almost wish I was with him. The photos he is sending back are fascinating, and I'm finally training him to take photos of "crafts" LOL


Just found this site. Have done a lesson with Keiko Goke in Australia and have'nt ever sent a photo of the finished project but would love to. Val

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