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November 09, 2009



I will be right over, put the coffee on!
they look yummy!
I used to spend summers in Maine when I was younger...near Waterville...
where did you grow up?


I may have to break down and make these sometime. I'm sure they are delicious. Which is probably the reason I shouldn't ever make them. :-)


A local bakery here in Madison, WI makes whoopie pies. They were out of chocolate at the Farmers' Market so I had a pumpkin one. Not as good as the chocolate and neither is as good as I remember from childhood in Connecticut. I will be trying your recipe.


wow these look SO yummy!!!! And I'm glad that you still use Crisco! I think it's gotten a bad rap. Everything in moderation!!!


OMG, Jan, these look delicious! I had no idea that whoopie pies are a New England thing. They are so good! My daughter loves them too!


Yummmmm, and I love your coffee cup/saucer set. How fun!


Thanks for reposting the recipe! I love Whoopie Pies. I bought pumpkin ones in western PA this fall and they got nabbed in the security line at the airport. Everyone in line plus the TSA folk (cause I'm that kinda gal) chowed on whoopie pies and there were smiles all around :)


A GREAT re-post! Love those thngs, and your receipe is THE best! I think I may just go make some myself....thanks for sharing ,again!PS some great photos, be sure to share the link when it gets published!


They look so good and I'd make them if we had such a thing as marshmallow fluff in Australia. I'm sure they'd be good with fresh whipped cream in too.


I have never tried one of these babies but they look delish!
They are not a Canadian tradition but I can change that, right?

Deb King

OK for all us (deep) southerners what is marshmallow fluff and what is Crisco. I wanna make these babies but I'll have to do a bit of substituting I think!


I gained some weight just reading this.


I love whoopie pies! The Maine relatives make them all the time! I love potato candy, too. Ever had it? Sort of like an almond joy bar without the almond - only much better! I've got to get a recipe for that candy one of these days!

Cascade Lily

How dreadful 'having' to bake :) I love your cup and saucer/plate. You just have to have a little something with your cuppa ;)


Hahaha -- the thought of those for breakfast is just delightful. They look amazing. I remember that you posted them before -- I can't believe it was without a picture? I must have imagined them in my head!


Oh, YUM!!


Oh, you're making me hungry. So yummy Jan. I hope you enjoyed them! Thanks for posting the recipe.


Love the cup and saucer! Where are they from?


Yum!!!! Hmmm.....I wonder if I can find Marshmallow Fluff in Australia???


OoOOh I want to make them to! but I am swedish and have never heard of crisco and to be honest I don't know what shortening means... *blush* I know we have Marshmallow Fluff though, if not up here then I'll have to order it from my father in Stockholm.
Oh and I almost forgot; the cup and saucer are just adorable! Where are they from?


Love the recipe - can't wait to try them. They look like they may ship well, say to college in Indiana for my boy.
Been missing you posts - hope you are well.


I just love the name, it sound so American :D

I love cakes and sweets and baking, and will try it. If I find "marshmallow fluff" here in Norway that is.
Thanks for sharing, Jan!


Just wondering, do these ship well? What do you need 18 whoopie pies for, anyway?


Any time of day is the perfect time of day for a Whoopie Pie! I lerve them, but have to stay away from them as much as possible. A couple of companies have started making really good ones, and stocking them regularly, in the convenience stores here in Vermont. OMG, they are wonderful, but they are HUGE. Probably 4,000 calories each. And they keep trying new flavors -- pumpkin, maple, double chocolate, peanut butter. But I like the authentic super-dark chocolate with white filling the best. I'd like to pretend I don't know about all that's in them.

HOW TO EAT: Close eyes, DEVOUR! :)


I made a batch of these on Sunday. I used to use a way more complicated recipe and your's has become my favorite.

I love, love, love, your coffee cup and plate. Where did you find them?


Yum! I've never heard of these whoopie pies, but I can imagine my kids would love them. I think I'll try a batch out.....for the KIDS, of course! ;)


Another request for the source of your sweetly morphed cup and saucer. How brilliant is that?

Those pies look scrumptious.


marshmellow what???

I guess I won't be able to try them...



Those look so yummy. I saw them on Sew Mama Sew and had to come check them out. I love your little mug/treat plate set. That is adorable! I've got family in Maine and you can find such a selection of different whoopie pies up there.


Sounds delicious. Will print for later use. Thanks for sharing.

tara lee

DOH! I can't buy marshmellow fluff OR Crisco.. dagnamit! They looooook soooo tasty!


They look amazing!! Will be trying your recipe tomorrow :)

For those in the UK, Trex or Pura (found in the butter aisle of a supermarket) can be substituted for Crisco. Not sure where to find marshmallow fluff though!


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