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November 12, 2009



not sure where you live but I have had this problem if I spray my fabric with tap water that has too much bleach in it. Now, I try to spray my fabric with filtered water.


will be checking my fabric now too.
Glad you bought extra and had enough to use without a problem
its looking wonderful, yes keep on that schedule, you will be thrilled when its done...another week or so


Are you planning to send this fabric to manufacturer? I think I maybe would. Seems like it should be checked for quality before it's shipped out.
Thank goodness you noticed.
I love, love the applique design!


Ya know....I think I have this problem too! I was cutting moda bella white (not sure which white, but white) for my nine patch and noticed little splotches. I was worried maybe I'd inadvertently done something to it in the wash, or that it was just my eyes, because as you said, sometimes it just wasn't that noticeable. Dang it! I have a LOT of that stuff. Plus, it's already all in my quilt. I'd forgotten about it, but I'll have to go back and see just how noticeable it is now. Thanks for posting!


Hmmm...off to check the eight yards of grey that arrived yesterday...

Laurie in Iowa

Your quilt is gorgeous. I'm so glad you found the fabric defect before you used it!


Sorry to hear about the speed bumps! And godspeed on your hand quilting! But, please don't tell me how long it actually takes. I have one quilt top that I would like to hand quilt, but I already have it in my head that it is going to take the rest of my life! You aren't helping me! ;)


Glad you caught it in time. I'm doing a b.o.m. and the background fabric was different in some months. After going to the store and looking at the 5 bolts of Kona Snow, all were different. I phoned and emailed mftr and they couldn't bother to respond. The shop was excellent though.


The antique and aged splotchy look is OK if that's what you're going for, but is definitely not OK if pure white is in the plans. Glad you discovered this before it got into the quilt. And good luck with the manufacturer on this--maybe I'm just a pessimist but I bet they give you nothin'

Sue G

I had the same problem with Moda Bella. I bought an entire bolt, intending to use it as the background fabric for an applique quilt. As is my usual practice, I put the entire amount of yardage in the washing machine and proceeded to wash it -- without adding any chemicals, soap, softeners. After the wash was done, I noticed an incredible amount of uneven coloration -- large blotches of lighter-colored fabric appeared across the entire amount of yardage. I'm glad that I "learned" of the shortcomings of this particular fabric -- and I doubt that I will use any Moda Bella again until I can figure out what caused the discoloration...

Alison Marie

In my line of work, I have found this happens a lot with fashion fabrics in various creams and whites. It has to do with the use of optical brighteners currently used by fabric manufacturers and how they react with some cleaning products. If you get droplets of detergent on the dry cloth (or maybe even if it's wet already, but sits for a while as you load the washer), it basically pulls some off the dye out. It can also happen with spot treatments like Shout and Clorox(well, you'd expect it with Clorox.) My best work around is to make load the washer detergent first, then water, agitate some, then add clothes/cloth. (and even if you're not using detergent in a particular load, residue from a previous load can drip down from under the washer rim. Not fun if you've been dyeing in the previous load!)


That would be a dsiater if it was for a big project and the fabric was no longer avaialable. Thanks for reminding us to check. I hope your quilting is nearly done, what a trooper and so disciplined.


That's too bad about the spoiled fabric!
Your applique is so beautiful - I love it!

Deb King

Oh dear - thanks for the warning. I am using some moda bella now so I will check carefully. Your applique piece is beautiful.

Cascade Lily

Oh bugger Jan! I have just ordered 5 yards of the stuff. Will check it carefully before I use it. Wonder if that's why it was on sale???? Good thing you noticed it before you used it too.


Bummer! Glad you "spotted" it! Remaining pieces sound like fine candidates for a mottled tea-dye treatment!
Applique looks smashing , as usual!


That applique is absolutely fantastic. Such a great example of folk art. Love it Jan!

Karen Beigh

This my style of applique project!

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