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October 29, 2009



I'm sitting here admiring your pretty quilting stitches, oh so lovely! The colours in this quilt are so nice. I do the same and cut off the other end to the selvage for the same reason.I often find old Kaffes at Tennesee, they have a lot of retired designs. What batting are you working on here?


Your quilting is superb!


Oh, I'm so tickled to stumble across your blog, via the side bar on RedPepper's Quilts' blog.
I love your hand-quilting......in fact I love the fact that you even DO hand-quilting. I seldom see it anymore, especially here in blogland. That quilt is beautiful, and the design you're quilting on it is PERFECT. I'm going to search your blog, hoping to find a larger photo of the design, as I would love to try making it next ! Hope you don't mind. I'm going to follow your blog and will give you credit for my inspiration if I make this design !


Oh, I don't see the "follow" button, and I don't understand about "rss feeds and bloglines" ! So disappointed !
Still, I'd like to save your photo of this quilt, if you don't mind. If you do, email me, and I'll delete it from my personal pictures file on my 'puter !


Wow, that is a wonderful quilt! The newlyweds will love it, I'm sure.

The Kaffe fabric that you wrote about is one of my favorites too. I have it in 2 colorways, but the one you showed is best.

Thank you for mentioning my Selvage Blog. Keep in touch.



Oops, one more thing-

When you harvest your selvages, it's better to cut them off rather than tear them off.

Tearing distorts the fabric and makes it hard to get the selvage to lie nice and flat for sewing. If your selvage is already torn, just trim off the curled torn part and you're good to go. :)



haha! i'm ocd like that too~

Deb King

You are a beautiful quilter. I would be the same - once I've made a promise I try my best to keep it even if the other oerson tries to let me off the hook. Good on you - I love that Kaffe fabric too.

Jane Weston

What a pretty quilt and your hand quilting is beautiful!! Hope it get it finished in time ;o)

Cascade Lily

Jan I'm sitting here in awe of your beautiful stitches. Pray tell, which batting do you use for hand projects? I am struggling my way through some inappropriate batting!


Hi Jan!
I've been reading and following the selvage blog too and I'm planning a project soon. Just ordered Karen's book. I'm hoping to have her sign it at guild in december.
Your quilting stitch is lovely!
hav you ever tried bag balm for sore quilting fingers? I'm assuming you use the new skin on the bottom fingers.
happy friday


p.s. Mary was working on the "february sweater" project from ralvery when she was here. are you doing it?


Your quilting is just GORGEOUS, Jan! What a quilt that is -- a simple concept with spectacular results! Must do that quilt! Must! Quiltshops.com is my go-to when hunting something down. It rarely disappoints. Makes it easy to compare prices as well. Off to look at selvage projects -- I've been dutifully saving mine for a couple of years knowing I would regret not saving them...


Beautiful quilting Jan! What a great resource for the KF fabrics too.


You explain the joy of quilting nicely, you get to spend personal time with each fabrics, I feel the same way.:)


Stunning hand quilting, I LOVE it! Even though I longarm for others, I do a lot of hand quilting for myself. This is a wonderful quilt, I would love to see a bigger pic when it's done. What size are the 4 patches? Is this a purchased pattern? Lucky newlyweds.


The quilt is looking lovely, and I'm actually experiencing an urge to get back to hand quilting just from looking at your pictures. There has been precious little of that here over the last couple of years, and it is such a nice calming way to spend a winter evening that I might just have to get started on a new project. Mind you - working towards a deadline the way you are now probably isn't all that calming! Best of luck!



I now have ordered that selvedge quilt book and also the Prairie Children Quilts. Are you happy?

Thank you! And your hand quilting is amazing. You're kind of scaring me with the straightness and evenness. You're a quiltbot from another planet.

xoxoxo Kay


Thanks for the link. Also, I have been putting together a scrap quilt, and like you, I find myself thinking about the origin of some of the fabrics and how pretty they are. That's one of the appeals of REAL scraps, I think.

Have to echo the praise of your hand quilting; of course almost any hand quilting is beyond me, and so deserves praise, so don't let it go to your head :)


It really is all about colour isn't it Just love your quilt and the gorgeous colour combinations and the quilting is divine.
Enjoy and I am sure the happy recipiants will feel alll the emotion in your quilt that quilters give so freely and well,

Pam Cope

I love your quilts & color schemes, and your hand quilting is incredible. You are inspiring me to get out my unfinished hand quilting project and get it done. I try to use as many different fabrics in my quilts as I can. My first quilt memory is lying in bed with my mom & trying to find the square of my favorite fabric in the quilt on her bed... thanks for inspiring us!


Gosh Jan, that quilt is gorgeous! And your quilting is just beautiful!

jeanne hughes

Awesome quilt! Can't wait to see a picture of the entire quilt when it is finished!


ooooh, that quilt is going to be beautiful! I love the colors and the quilting is just excellent.

Jennifer :)


That is so beautiful, I love the contrast of colour.


Beautiful quilting, and I love the way you've used a color area of the quilt to inspire the added dimension of your quilting lines. I haven't hand-quilted in so long--this looks very fresh to me.


I pieced my little version of this pattern yesterday and today.......come on by if you'd like to see it ! (still deciding on borders)

Thank you for the lovely photo that provided the inspiration !


Sorry, I meant to give you this link.....


Cheryl Arkison

That is some gorgeous hand quilting. I am rather jealous of that skill.

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