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October 06, 2009



I too, am a fanatical pre-washer, so I have not made the leap to these goodies. I do think they are wonderful though, I like the idea of "the whole line". I got 2 rolls as a gift and scrambled to find a co-ordinate for borders, sold out, sold out! Finally found 3 yards and have it all bagged together, waiting for a day of inspiration.


I started as a charm gal, probably have thousands, really, of those packs. Mull over lots of different things on how I am going to use all those squares. The original charm quilt of several thousand fabrics of course keeps popping to mind. But would probably only use a 1 1/2 inch square, so that would be three more quilts... BUT in the mean time I make disappearing 9 patch quilts with the charm packs - have taken to buying 3 packs each of the ones I really like. Where as in the beginning I only bougth one. In recent times I have found that Moda is issuing collections in similar colors and styles. My last several quilts have had 4 collections in them. That is 160 fabrics for not a whole lot of effort.... then there is... well another time about the rest.... sew it goes.


It is nice to have the full line if you really love it. And I am also a pre washer. I have used the specialty cuts, but have not been brave enough to wash them. So I guess I go either way.


Ditto, my thoughts exactly,I've seen the authentic jelly roll and I've been waiting for the line too. I love fabric with text! I have a few jelly rolls stashed but I'm not going to prewash. They are from $50 - $70 a roll here so not something I buy as a rule unless it's online. I prefer the rolls to any other cuts actually for scrap quilts they are great and I may even mix some of the lines, great variety without the overlay. The cleverest marketing strategy I've seen for fabric!

Karen Beigh

I am like you. I don't want to unroll them. They are so pretty that way. I have bought a couple of the jelly rolls and some 5" square charm packs. I used some of the charms in a scrap quilt. I used some of the jelly roll for block sashings. I used one jelly roll in making a disappearing nine patch. The parts end up in the scrap basket. I know there are lots of books on the market catering to these specialty cuts and free patterns, too. And it is a good way to see most of a line of fabric. I don't think I will buying many of these items.

It is definitely a clever marketing thing.

Teresa Rawson

I'm with you...those Moda people are CLEVER little devils! I, too, am a washer.

I bought a kit that had a "S'Mores" layer cake in it a couple of years ago. I chose not to wash them...I decided that since the fabric was snowman-themed and since I used a cotton batt, it would just shrink a little bit, have "quilt patina" and be that much more cozy upon washing.

But my nuttiness goes even further! I'm so fussy and neurotic about accurate piecing, that I decided to micro-trim off all the pinked edges. The pattern called for whacking the 10-inch squares in half, etc. I ended up going through the whole pattern and decreasing every piece's dimension by a quarter-inch. Now THAT's obsessive!!!!

I love your idea of a bakery display case - how about a clear cake pedestal with a domed clear lid! :o)

In stitches,
Teresa :o)


I did it with reluctance but I have bought 2 jelly rolls. The one a Kaffe roll I bought because, just that, it was Kaffe. And I used the whole roll for a coin quilt. http://www.flickr.com/photos/handpicked/3429198411/in/set-72157603866162911/ The second was the Tula Pink Nest line. This was a total impulse buy and I was overwhelmed with what to do with it, so bold. Ended up spending way too much time laying it out but I did get a very satisfying finish. http://www.flickr.com/photos/handpicked/2771371194/in/set-72157603866162911/
I have swore to never buy another roll, but the Kona Solid rolls I have been seeing are whispering in my ear...


I hate this marketing gimmick, concept, whatever you want to call it. It just encourages brainlessness and the match-matchy syndrome. Now having said that, they are pretty little devils, and some of the quilts made from them are very appealing. I'm in a use-it-up mode though, and so I don't have much trouble resisting. Hadn't thought of the washing problem; that's another strike against them. Thanks for the informative post.

Red Pepper Quilts

I have never (as yet) purchased a Roll, a Cake, or Bun of the fabric variety, as I too generally like to pick favorite fabrics from each range and mix various collections and fabric designers together. I have seen some really lovely quilts though made with these pre-cuts, so I never say never! I too love Moda's new Authentic range and have just finished a little baby quilt incorporating some of the back and white print with dictionary definitions. Look forward to seeing what you do with your jelly roll.


Deb King

Very interesting questions you raise. I almost never do anything with strips, so the rolls probably wouldn't work for me. I also like leftovers (are we still talking fabric or cake now?) so again this wouldn't work so well. I can imagine buying one of these packs for a specially designed project though. Like a kit quilt.


I dislike the idea of buying fabric this way. I do not believe in fat quarters because I think they're a rip off and this seems even more of one.

In addition, I think it limits the kind of quilts that one can make, which is not acceptable after investing in the fabric in the first place.


I haven't bought any yet - like you I don't like to make quilts from just one line of fabric. I also like to prewash - I can imagine the ball that came out of the dryer :0) They are so very tempting though...


I love then since I make mostly small quilts and minis. I have left over pieces from the rolls and make some even smaller things. Right now, my fabric is stored and waiting for mynew sewing room. I'm just dying to get my hands on the stuff.
I really like the Authentic line very much.


I LOVE to look at jelly rolls, charm packs etc, and i get a craving for them from time to time as they are gorgeous all stacked and rolled up! I also used to love fat quarter packs when i didn't have much fabric and needed the variety. But now, I am a fanatical pre-washer so they don't fit with that, and i find jelly rolls and charm packs too limiting. I bought some recently and i'm struggling to decide how to use them. There is either not enough fabric for me to a whole quilt, or the sizes of the pieces i need just don't fit with the patterns i want to make.
I also don't buy fat quarter packs anymore as i found that there was probably half the fabrics from each range that i wasn't so keen on. I now tend to buy 1/2 yard pieces of the fabrics i really like.


Jan -
I too am a non-sweet shop user. If I want strips, I need look no further than the baskets in my sewing room.
One thing, when I first looked at your post, I thought they had been sewn together. It looked great, and I thought well, maybe if you sew them all together, then you could cut that into a good border, binding, or some other innovative block......hhmmmm


I have not bought any Jelly rolls. I did buy a charm pack of a lancaster fabric reproduction line to use in applique. I am not usually drawn to many of the quilts I have seen made with them. I did see a lone star quilt made with a jelly roll from Fig Tree & co. on THE QUILT SHOW. Here is the link to the pattern http://figtreequilts.com/details.php?prodId=91&category=16


I've had a jelly roll or two - I gave them away. Before Moda's bakery theme, I purchased from a quilt shop a bundle of dark & a bundle of light pre-cut 2.5 inch strips & made a railroad crossing quilt for my dad using the darks. I still have the lights. I bough both with a log cabin in mind. "If" I buy them now, I get the 5 inch squares. I have several of those waiting for me to use them up. :o)

Pam Cope

I have bought them for gifts, but kind of look at them like buying a kit.... I like to mix my own recipes. but I am wondering if they are wide enough for your life saver pieces? For a quilt like that you would probably save money by buying a big variety of small pieces. inevitably if i even buy a fat quarter of something, I end up wishing I had bought a bigger piece!


Wow! What a great post Jan -- I've really enjoyed reading all of your comments too. I'm definitely not a fan, mostly for your reason #1 and for what Kay said about it encouraging brainless matchy-matchiness. But...never say never, so who knows. I've only ever bought one layer cake and that was with a specific project in mind. I'm a half-yard buyer and I need to stop! ;-) Do you suppose it's a generational thing (meaning length of time quilting as opposed to age of quilter)? Thanks for the fun, thought-provoking post!


I've bought jelly rolls, but typically only at 50% off and I don't wash them (I do wash other fabrics). I use them mostly for baby quilts and toddler dresses (the skirts), but I always end up with some odds and ends strips that I don't really like. More for the scrap bin, I guess.


Wow. This is great. I love huge pieces that I can use for various projects. I have this certain autumnal print that I made into a quilt for my college roommate when she welcomed her first child [a fall baby of course] and each time I come across it or use it I think of that dear little girl and can hardly believe she's already in preschool!

Judy H.

I am a comparatively new quilter and my stash is small, so I like that I can get a lot of different fabrics for less money than buying even fat quarters of that many fabrics. I'm not really into matchy-matchy, though, and tend to prefer to put my own colors together, so I use these for things like bags, applique pieces, placemats, etc. I do have two quilts I'm working on from jelly rolls. One, I fell in love with the line and made an exception to my rule about putting mixing fabrics, and the other was not a Moda jelly roll, but a selection from my LQS that specializes in asian fabrics, where they mixed and matched themselves.


Your question certainly was a conversation starter, huh? I haven't bought any of the precut packs because I really like the whole stash-diving, color-selecting, working-with-my-fabric-friends, part of the process. I also took one look at "Jelly Rolls and Layer Cakes" and thought 'marketing gimmick', how many are purchased because they're tempting and then just sit. But I'm a fairly frugal quilter so my thoughts didn't surprise me. :)


Have never bought a jelly roll; don't intend to. I also dislike matchy-matchy and wouldn't ever make a quilt from just one line of fabric. I don't see the point of this kind of marketing, for my purposes at least. I can sure see the point of it from Moda's vantage though.

But all that said, do I see text-prints on some of those strips you have there???


I've used a Jelly Roll and a charm pack and like you I'm not crazy about using just one fabric line in a quilt so for the second one I combined other fabrics in my stash. I don't prewash so that wasn't a problem for me.

I do love using 2.5 inch strips but now that I have a GO cutter, I'm cutting from my own stash.


I'm not going to comment on the precut packs because I don't know too much about them but i will say when I saw that last photo I wanted a quilt made of strips just like that. I love authentic. I'm a sucker for type.


I have purchased 3 jelly roll pack and was pleased with all.At the Lowell,MA quilt show this year I also purchased a bag of jelly roll scraps,packed in a brown paper bag from Moda, can't remember what it was called. It was fabric ends and they were 20 for 10.00. a very good deal, and they were all perfect,full length,a few had the salvage.Gave me quite a new collection.I think they add to a stash nicely.I've already made a Christmas table runner from Quilting Arts last Christmas, very easy just pick and sew....like the not cutting!


I entered your blog today and thought you must have been reading my mind! I just discovered this line of fabrics today, and for the first time ever I'm considering buying a "jelly roll" ! I have been worrying about that washing issue myself, and that has been my main reason for not buying. That, and not quite seeing how to use these narrow strips. But this line seems perfect for a jelly roll. I just love "wordy fabric", and like using small pieces as trim or accents and here you'd get a good variety for that sort of thing. But generally I prefer buying half yards of fabrics I really like and combining fabric from different lines.


I just finished a hexagon quilt with a jelly roll and have to say that it went together very quickly...much quicker than if I had to cut the strips myself (especially if I factor in human error in the cutting!!!). I think my reason for liking the precuts is that I often love the look of a whole collection together...not to say I don't add in fabrics from other collections but this is an easy way to go, especially when my LQS doesn't stock more than a few prints from each collection. The fat quarter bundle is my favourite, but the jelly rolls seem to have their place as well.


I don't prewash but don't particularly like the precuts. I don't like to use the same print in different colors in a project and most of my quilts don't use the width they precut. I rarely - I can't remember ever - using just one line in a quilt. I really enjoy the process of choosing my fabrics and I also like variety of size. If I cut a 2 1/2 inch strip narrower, there's not much to do with the scraps except toss them out. This was an interesting question.


well I like the charm packs cause I find them very useful for applique .
I have used quite a few in my basket blocks
I prewash my fabrics and it would bother me to mix these strips with my precut strips.
I like buying 1/2 yard cuts and saving a fat quarter and cutting the rest into strips I use frequently, when I need something I can go thru the strip drawers!

Olive Bergmann

I like scrappy (no, really? you shock me!) so I'd have no problem mixing them into my already large collection of strips cut from yardage while making other quilts. But I'm also a fanatical pre-washer (I think I got this from you, on the theory that if Jan does it, I must do it too). But I love that comment above suggesting that one just sew them all together and cut blocks from the resulting pieced fabric. How cool would that be? Then the matchiness wouldn't be such a problem (which it otherwise REALLY is, in my book--like why would you make a quilt out of pre-coordinated fabrics? why?), because you would be treating them, together, as a single fabric that then gets mixed in with the other fabrics you choose from your vast and ever-so-interesting stash.

This was very thought provoking, though. I had always wondered about the rolls and cakes.


I don't quilt or sew, but I LOVE those strips of fabric. The colors and patterns are so wonderfully subtle.


I am also in the just say no to "pre-fabricated" quilts camp.

Jelly rolls and the like make for easy and mindless shopping, and yield what end up being generic quilts. The original idea may be wonderful, but, 100 nearly exact clones of the first diminish it's value.

The individuality and vibrant personality of the quiltmaker isn't visible when exact replicas of someone else's quilt are produced from what I've come to consider the "Cliff Notes" of the quilt world. It's possible to make a passing grade book report from "cliff's Notes," but by cheating yourself out of reading the story, you miss out on the nuances of meaning for your own life.

The same goes for choosing fabrics and quilt patterns. I learn all kinds of things about myself with each new project. There is always an underlying psychology that show up at the end of a project. This self knowledge isn't possible using someone else's ideas.


I've purchased 6 jelly rolls and prob. 4 or fewer charm packs. Except for the last charm pack, for me it's been a quick fix for unique (at the time) fabrics when the funds weren't there to buy exactly what I wanted before a line is never made again. Authentic will be one of those; it's got fantastic neutrals. That said, I've only ever cut into one jelly roll; the others just sit on the shelf along with 2 charm packs. Just because one buys precuts, doesn't mean that's how they have to be used, though. I am over the matchy-matchy, but that doesn't mean you'll never see a matchy quilt from me again. Someday all fabrics will 'go' together for me, whether they are meant to or not. lol And frankly, some days I need brainless; just not everyday. There are other things that irk me about this whole trend, but I'll stop for now.

I really came here to tell you that I saw a brand spankin' new precut today--12 lines at once called Candy Box (http://midohioknitter.blogspot.com/2009/10/more-market-pics.html)


I bought a few charm packs and got mad at how the pieces I needed always ended up being smaller so I wasted so much of the charm! I've never warmed to these other ones. Like you...what do you do with them NOW? get another plastic container that you forget exists? That always happens to me I forget it's there! Like my scraps and strips I save because I think I'll remember they are there but I never do!


I also never make a quilt out of one fabric line. I always use new and old I like lots of different fabrics BUT I have become obsessed with the 5 inch squares they are so much fun. I've made like 4 pretty little quilts (not art pieces!) just little pieces of fluff Love them

Magnolia Bay Quilts

This is a very interesting post, with lots of interesting comments. Before the pre-cuts were introduced, I always pre-washed my fabrics. I haven't found the courage to pre-wash Jelly Roll strips, though.

Cascade Lily

I am currently waiting for my authentic order to arrive from the FQ Shop! I am making a strip comfort quilt for my SIL's father, who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I needed something that would be easy to construct and look good. But, ordinarily, I am not a big pre-cut fan.


I don't prewash and I have purchased two jelly rolls...different lines...to mix together to make a repro antique quilt. They worked pretty slick in that I was using Thangles and they called for a 2 1/2" strip. I wouldn't make a habit of purchasing them though. I like a little more diversity in pattern and size. I don't mind fat quarters, but if I purchase a bundle, I immediately unwrap them from their pretty package and mix them up in the stash with other things. Its really hard for me to make a quilt from one particular line of fabric....being the scrappy kinda gal that I am! ;o)


I do like seeing the whole line and am often tempted, but I am not a purchaser of the jelly rolls/layer cakes. I have bought bundles of fat quarters and have been known to use them as sewing room decor because I just love the cute ribbon ties and the look of all those perfectly folded fabrics neatly stacked. As a matter of fact, I just bought three collections this week!


Lots of comments on this, I liked reading them. I love pre-cuts. Mostly because I am a collector of fabrics. I've only used the 5" "charm packs". They are great for making quilts that go together quickly. I have bought two jelly rolls recently and have plans for them, they are so pretty aren't they? If I am making an actual large quilt for a bed or something I pick out yardage from multiple designers, I like to mix and match :) It's all just fun for me!

Paz Avalos

I'm not a fan of jelly rolls; in fact I've never bought one, though they look so nice in the catalogues. But I must confess I loved the stripes of fabrics with texts that were in different colors in your purchase. I've been trying to find some fabrics with Japanese kanji.... I love them!
I'm also a pre-washer. I remember one time I cut some long stripes for a seminole project and later I remembered I had not washed them. I put them in the washer and it turned a complete desaster...... never again.
I love your comments and suggestions.


hi, from Italy! It is always a nice come back when i visit you, you are the first blog i ever bookmarked! I did not even know what a blog was back then...now i am addicted!
Well i tryed out some honey buns by Moda and although i was a little suspicious at the beginning, i used it with the technique called " lasagna quilt" often used for charity quilts. I was amazed by the practicality of having precut strips (i love to work with strips! ) and since they where i think one and a half inch, they sewed to be one inch and so, so beautiful, i was hooked! We do not have them available much here in Italy, so i now cut many of my fabrics in that size strips! i sewed a cushion by placing the strips vertically and quilting on the seam line with a decorative feather stitch. I love it, it was quick, simple and the effect great.
They are certanly worth a try....i did not prewash them and the cushion washed fine....moda fabrics are great aftter washing. I am not a moda emlpoyee.....

judy wise

Oh yummy, all so pretty. I love the way they look stacked up in strips. It gives me an idea for a painting. xo

Vickie E

well I have read all your commments and am surprised by the comments. I have step back and not be insulted that there is this belief that buying pre-cuts creates only matchy match quilts. I also feel inclined to explain how I started with pre-cuts. My Mother In Law has a VERY VERY difficult time using a rotary cutter. I ended up cutting all of her projects. When I realized that Moda created Jelly Rolls and Layer cakes it was a revelation. I don't have to cut as much for my Mother In Law. She just picks up the pieces and sews. Funny thing, she always uses atleast 2 different fabric lines in her quilts...and it's never matchy match. For myself..I started designing with pre-cuts...for those of us who don't want to take the time to cut our own, don't have the time, or just want to make a utility quilt.
I am not technically a Moda employee either..I don't get paid to post on Moda bakeshop. I do it to inspire...everyone.
Frankly reading this post and comments has inspired me...to use more than one fabric line in a project. Now let's see if I can pull it off!

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