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October 13, 2009



I like them all. maybe you could do a sunburst in all of the corners. I've been inspired too seeing some of the Marston retreaters reporting back. I wish I could go too......


I recently got the new Marston/Moran book and love it, so it's serendipitous to see what you're doing. I like the way this is going, including the sun.

I'm glad my jelly roll comment made you laugh--I try to keep my sometimes too opinionated side under cover, but that time it broke out!


as usual.. great stuff.. a couple of quilting buds I know have been to Gwens and always come back with great stuff too.. I love this approach.... and the CHEDDAH! natch.....

Kristin L

Yes, yes, yes! Do it all! I'd keep the sun for sure -- it's very folky. And I'd keep the sawtooth border because I've never met a sawtooth border I didn't like. ;-)

Karen Beigh

I like the border with the red & cheddar triangles & then the star corners!

Teresa Rawson

Ditto what Karen said above (the red & cheddar triangles and the star corners). I especially love the little 4-patches in the centers of the stars.

OMG - I snagged your link to see the Moda "sampler box." Wow! (and it seems like a good price for so many charm packs)

I never could resist a good sampler box....
(sigh). Is Moda good, or what?!? They got me again...

In stitches,

Teresa :o)


I'll bet Gwen would tell you to go hog wild! I was just thinking the other day that next year will be 20 years since my mother, aunt, sister and I went to her retreat. Did your friends go to Beaver Island? Someone told me they thought she doesn't have them at Beaver Island anymore -- which would be sad. LOVE your houses -- I'm sure you'll pick something fabulous!


I like the star and the sun a whole lot. I also like the sawtooth border with the cheddar instead of the white. Couldn't you add some color to the middle in some Gwen Marstenish way?

It's great!!!


What great blocks! It's fun to see your ideas evolve.

wishes, true and kind

Great WIP! Love the orange background! I, too, like to leave things up and consider them over time. Sometimes coming back later or just glancing at something while walking by gives me a whole different perspective and, as you say, a fresh eye.


oh my I just love this quilt, love that cheddar!!!
maybe in the red/cheddar hst you could add a few pink/red
also I like the blue inner border
having the sun in there hmmm I like it! believe it or not!
maybe do different borders, one of the suns all the way across...
I love having the quilt on the design wall and playing with it and your right some quilts just need a year or two to percolate!!!!!
can't wait to see what you decide...and yes I have been think gwen style quilt after reading all these posts and talking to some of them while they were at the retreat and now home!


I love the way you think and play! The creative process is the best fun you can have and I love the houses and the colours. I know whatever you end up doing, it'll be what grabs you.

Cascade Lily

The cheddar is fantabulous. I would stick with the red and cheddar sawtooth, but I love the sun!!! I hope you can fit it in somehow :)


Oh how great to see these blocks again. I love everything you've suggested and Gwen Marston is the best. Can't wait to get the new book. A retreat with her would be golden.
Love, love, love the cheddar


Hi Jan -
This a great project. I'm glad that it was resurrected. The orange/cheddar is fabulous. I like the sun -
I love gwenny too!


i remember those! i love the sun. and i could sure go for a box of whitman's too (at least i splurged at costco and got a jumbo pack of riesen. i'll let you know how long they last).


Have you tried to add poison green? Maybe as a narrow inner border - where you have the blue strip under the sun. Also can you add something to "end" the white on those red/white sawteeth. I am liking that idea, but I need to see it end...


I like the red/cheddar with the dark border, plus the funky stars add to it a lot. What about mixing up the fabrics in the 1/2 sq tri borders? Love it!

Deb King

I like the red sawtooth on the cheddar - looks like it's floating on a yellow background. I do Like the sunburst too - what about a 3/4 circle version at each corner?


I vote yes to all of them together! Love how the b/w canter of the stars balances the white in the houses.


You are such a great quilter too.


Love these blocks, this quilt just pops when you see it...can't wait to see how it turns out. You are one smart cookie!

Lazy Gal Tonya R

Wheee, I love it. I love having both stars AND sun(s) in it. the sawteeth all look great too. I've always wanted to see you mix up your orphans together - this is fab. keep going!


Whatever you come up with, I think this quilt is going to be wonderful. I love, love, love the indigo and cheddar combo you have. I do like the suggestion for sunbursts in the corners.


I really like the red & cheddar sawtooth, with the star corners- the red/white sawtooth seems a little light, but with the right border fabric, it just might make the house 'trim' really pop! Very cute!

Magnolia Bay Quilts

I really like the sun on the top. It's an unexpected element and makes it fun. I enjoyed reading your thought process as you're moving along. Thanks for sharing!


I like your quilt whichever border you use !
It was the Nov. issue prior to the one you have of Country Living that got me started in quilting..I think their first issue was in 84-85 I think my husband bought me thier first issue and when I saw that New England style homes all had quilts I wondered back then where would I get a quilt , so I decided, Ill just have to make my own somehow, not knowing the 1rst thing about the subject.I knew I liked Colonial and Early American style. It is so pretty and we don't see it anymore around here in New Jersey. Your quilt is lovley.


Love it! So much fun--I vote for all of the above. That block is on my 'to do eventually' list--I still have that issue of Country Living too; kept it because I loved that quilt.

Kathy Smith

Thanks, Jan. What fun! Kathy


Wow, such fun ideas! I love them all.


Okay are you listening?
I think this quilt is talking to you.

I love that red and white saw tooth border.....did you see Bonnie's quilt she took to this retreat? ( Bonnie Hunter)
Well she had old applique blocks and everyone decided she had to go back and add some color to the applique. She did one small thing:
added red berries.
What about going back and putting a red wreath on the doors of your houses?

But I think this quilt will tell you what it wants. Its gonna be a beauty.

Happy Sewing

sally warren

I'm wondering what a black fabric under the edge of the red/white sawtooth border would look like? I still have that issue of Country Living too...I'll think of you next time I see it! lol


Cheryl Arkison

I love the sun! Would you consider some cerulean blue or greens to contrast that orange? You have the blue in the houses, maybe it needs a bit more?

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