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September 28, 2009


Karen Beigh

The light fabrics mixed in with the darks makes those wheels sparkle!


Wow--you DO keep busy. I'm planning something new too, despite still having the current quilt in pieces. "An idle mind is the devil's workshop'--that's what the nuns used to say.


Wedge-y circle-y goodness!! You KNOW I'm a fan. How about the Propelled quilt over here: http://www.threadbear.com.au/quiltpatterns.php#propelled

I have to stop looking at it. Wonderful new project, Jan!


Wonderful new project Jan, I love anything circly and these are just the ticket for that take along project.


oh I am so jealous can't wait to sew on the machine again


I love those wheels!!! Sounds like you have found a great project to take to your quilt group. I am looking forward to watching your progress.


I love those colors! Guess I have seen so many dresden plates in the 30's fabric,I'm a little tired of them. This look is a nice change.It's going to have a wonderful old look to it. I don't think you have too many projects, it's just MORE inspiration for us! Look forward to seeing how this turns out.


These are gorgeous... and I agree with others, you can never have too many projects!


They are wonderful .. it is going to make a fabulous quilt.


Coincidentally I bought the exact same ruler last week - I was thinking of Dresden plate blocks with pointy corners but may change my mind after seeing these - lol !


Ooooh, another stunner Jan! I love it -- you have some great fabrics there. You made me laugh too -- I'm still in old quilt method mode -- I rarely buy any sorts of gadgets -- that's good money that could buy fabric, after all!


Love 'em! I thought of you last weekend when I pressed a bunch of my fabric but then never got around to actually cutting out the pieces for my tumbling blocks. It's daunting! Wish you were here to help me get started.


Lovely, Jan! Those fabrics are really great together. I love this muted palette.


Ohhh I love them. Plus having a good to-go project is awesome. I belong to a group as well, we bring machines but still, its hard to always have something laying around for transport.

Lazy Gal Tonya R

they're great. more red please! I'm glad to hear that you're still working on some of other fab quilts too.

Pam Cope

nice work, was it hard to get your circles flat? did the ruler help alot? Someone gave me about 50 dresden circles, beautiful old 30's fabrics, but they are all like doilies! I have a plan to fix them... but I can see it would be tricky.


You seem to always have the most amazing projects on hand. Geezer or not, your wheels are making me drool.


How do you do it? so many beautiful beautiful things going.. and all so different from each other!


I love your new project!! You've used a great variety of fabrics. I am familiar with the before guild meeting scramble :0)


Excuse the newby quilter question but after you piece the lifesavers, then you're going to applique them onto the background blocks, yes?

Otherwise I am clueless. Love it! So modern looking.


Wonderful - and I know how you feel about 'in for a penny, in for a pound' when it comes to cutting for 'scrap' quilts that require a lot of the same shapes in different prints!

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