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September 23, 2009



Oooh, doesn't that just frost you? We've had that happen twice this year -- once in December, there were indeed fraudulent charges from India and just this month, our company said they felt that their system had been compromised, so they issued us a new card. I tried so hard to remember the recent charges, but of course I got a call yesterday saying an order wouldn't go through. All is well, but it's just SO annoying!

I'm so impressed that you're making it to the bottom of your house to-do list. We've been in our house 10 years and still have lots on the list and probably need to redo some of the first things!

Oh, and thanks for the review of Small Blocks you did quite awhile ago -- I LOVE that book! Can't wait to see your borders!

mimi k

Love the blah-blah-blah :-)
Your applique looks fantastic! I am hoping, hoping to make it to Chicago this coming year, since my daughter is now saying she'd like to move to NYC after graduate school- it feels like my last chance.


Unbelievable nerve of those people! At least they have the address of where to find them. Grrr.

Glad you're happy and loving your new home. :)


Don't you hate that phone call? Why does it seem it's always just a matter of time until the next one? Interesting, I've never heard of UPS calling ahead -- pretty cool way to double check fraud. Admiring your busy design wall. Ahhh...

Kristin L

It's so nice to hear that you're settling in. I always find it takes me a year to really get in to a place (make connections, find fave restaurants, learn where things are, etc.) I'm very happy with our credit card company but it cracks me up what is a red flag for them. Plane tickets to the US and fabric in France don't phase them, but buy a $2 ringtone from a London company and they're all over it! ;-)

Oh, and I'm loving your design wall too.


Sephora seems to be a fraud going around - someone claiming to be from Sephora called my daughter who of course called the card company to cancel. The caller tried to pump her for info but she was smart enough not to give them any.

Nice that you love.it. there! Life is always so much better when you love.it. where you are!!!


This is a very familiar story, sorry to say. Is the plasma for the sewing room? you may never come out, lol. I love the photo of your design wall, fun and inspiration hanging there.


Love that design wall!The quilts are delightful!You've been busy! Sorry about the credit stuff, it's everywhere these days.I work retail and at least once a month I am with the police searching on camera for someone using a stolen card. They have this little trick,they buy something cheap and if it goes through go back for a big purchase.But cameras don't lie, we get them everytime. MA has a "Most Wanted" web site and up those pictures go.We can't be too careful!


Personally, I love it all. The blah blah blah AND the this is what I made and how I made it. I've learned a ton from Be*mused and been encouraged and inspired.

We too are almost to the bottom of our new-to-us house to do list. Sadly it has included tearing apart the house to put in forced air, a new roof, re-tiling the master bath because it failed twice which meant having to twice in 7 months re-do the ceiling of the room below.

It has also meant lovely things like building an amazing tree fort for the boys- complete with fireman's pole and tearing out the front landscaping to put in a husge mixed use vegetable garden.

Can't wait to see what more you are up to!

Be well.


Wow, it sure was nice of those theives to leave a little trail where to find them. I hope the address from the Best Buy delivery helps them get busted!

wishes, true and kind

What a great design wall. And yes, it was nice of the thieves to leave their address -- LOL.

Red Pepper Quilts

Oh darn! Such a familiar and frustrating story for me too! Glad you are starting to settle into your new hometown of Chicago. I have heard it is a great city!



Knock on wood we've been good for the past few months, but for a span there we got hit about 3 times! It's always a sick feeling to get that call. Why do the idiots always try to send it some place else? don't they know it's a dead give away? I know some people hate that option but it saves tons of fraudulent purchases. The Apple ipod...didn't go through, neither did our Best Buy purchase. However the airline tickets to Arab Emmerites States? and the porn sites went through with flying colors!

I understand the "I have nothing to show so I can't blog" feeling. I've got to get away from that too because projects are few and far between right now for me. I'm happy to hear about anything you write!


Even if its not new, I love seeing that pieced quilt on the left of your design wall. It just speaks to me! love it!


Why do the people who steal my card always think of better things to do with it than I do?
Our AmEx number was stolen a couple of years ago and someone bought $5000 worth of clothes at one of my favorite stores and then flew some friends in from Belize.


You have had your fair share of snafus with this move but I'm delighted to hear you love your new home and have adjusted so well to the Chicago area. There's nothing like a good quilt group for instant friends. I knew you and Piecemakers would be a good match!

Karen Beigh

Okay. I can now associate the block with your blog. I have visited before. I just don't ever remember seeing your applique block.

Lori Holt

I just wanted to leave a comment and tell you that I think your applique is beautiful!
Your design wall is inspiring...enjoy your new flatscreen while adding the borders to your quilt! LOL:)


i love that first image. so very funny. :)

your design wall looks amazing, too.

that burns me about the fraud....hope it all gets sorted out before too long.

and one more thing...i couldn't agree more about your sentiment about the house thing. no matter how new or old, it does take awhile to make it your own. sadly i have too much experience with that. hee hee.

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