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September 16, 2009



I like the texture of that second sweater. I may have to pick up that magazine because lately I've had an itch to knit a sweater. (Which is really strange, because I don't knit sweaters as a general rule.) Looking forward to your report on the fabric. I've used Kona Cotton for my solids in the past, but have never tried Moda Bella.


I, too, have noticed the decline in quality of the Kona solids. Too bad--they were my go-to fabrics, especially for the whites and off-whites. I must have used the equivalent of several bolts in various projects over the years. I guess I'll have to check out the Modas now.

Me? A Mom?

This explains so much. I am a newer quilter and use Kona because I heard it was the go-to solid, but I have never been impressed with the quality. Thanks for the tip on Moda.


I love the moda bella solids just ordered a bolt of natural 9900=12 for a new applique project ;)
solid cheddar the best one I have found is by P and B


Can I just thank you for such a wonderfully enthusiastic post? Thank you! I've been missing my own enthusiastic craft posts. I miss my craft. But I'm so glad that others out there are still blogging about what makes them happy. Again, thank you!


I agree with Kathie - the P & B cheddar is awesome! Email me and I can send you a swatch. I'll let Docia know the SKU number also for this fabric in case she wants to order some for the shop! The Quilt Merchant is my favorite shop for a great selection of Reproductions and my second favorite is A Touch of Amish in Barrington but that is such a drive for me!


I just love the feel of the Bella solids, so lush and lovely! May I ask where you ordered your chart from Jan? I need some serious yardage of white or another color for a king size quilt for our bed soon and I know it will be Bella solids!

PS: loving the borders!


Ohmygosh! Didn't you love this issue of Debbie Bliss? I saw 4 or 5 sweaters in there that I love (to include your two). I think my favorite (or I should say, the one I most likely see myself in for running around) is the one on page 56 and I really like the garter stitch coat on page 31. I'm just discovering the joys of Moda Bella -- I think I'm going to love it alot!


I'm so glad Moda have made that cheddar, I've had a great one from P and B as well. Not as meaty. Loving your sneak peek of the border, I love dogtooth and a lovely leafy vine, you can't beat it.


this is funny... In England 'cheddar' cheese is nowhere near THAT orange.

you'd be very disappointed if you'd ask for a cheddar-coloured fabric!!

(love the border)


Judie Rothermel has a nice cheddar solid:
She also has a new line coming out with yellow and cheddar prints:
Have you seen this fabric, Jan? It reminded me of you:

Your applique looks fabulous!


I found the Bella also. That works. I never used Kona because of teh quality. When I work by hand and spend all that time I want it to last. I have found over all many of the Moda lines of fabric are loosely woven and can be a real pain. If I am hand quilting on some of teh Moda I will never get 14-16 stitches to an inch for my hand quilting. It also has given me issues with applique due to teh fraying. Especially if you are working on something tiny. I stick with quality and do not apologize for my preference. Have you tried the new hand quilting thread from superior threads? I am dying to try it.


The links didn't go directly to the fabric itself. The cheddar is from the Sturbridge Solids line, the cheddar prints are from her new Butter Churn and Cheddar line.


Sorry, the Judie Rothermel links didn't go directly to the fabric. The cheddar solid is from her Sturbridge Solids line and the cheddar prints are from her new Butter Churn and Cheddar line.


A pink, satin, quilted bed jacket! My mother had one of those, around the time you were eight. Thanks for the memory! :D


This post has all the classic Jan features your readers crave, in one cheddary package.

I'm sure you ARE closer to quilting those borders now. It's a mental thing. Folded up on chair is no good. Laid out on bed, much better. Try pulling just a little corner of it onto your lap and see how that feels.



I too have been looking for the moda bella color card.. where did you get it from?

Also, from the fat quarter shop blog, sounds like they added 16 new colors recently...

Kate Dotson

Ohh, I would also like to know where you can get the color card. I didn't know that they sent those out to people, I've been wanting something like that to plan quilts and order colors from.


Now that I'm beginning to emerge from the wedding haze, I NEED to get to that shop in Winfield. A couple friends have been there and have been singing its praises.


I've been considering those two sweaters in the Debbie Bliss mag as well. I then reminded myself that I have yarn for a sweater very similar to the first one. Ahem. I looked away from the cozy looking one in the second photo because I imagined (and let's leave it that way) the stitch pattern would take FOR-ever. Soooo cozy looking though. Your applique border is looking quite swoon-worthy. Those pointy red points are exquisite!


I love the Moda Bella solids...but its hard to find a good selection of color around town. Where did you buy your swatch card?

Cheryl Arkison

That Presencia thread is my new favourite for quilting. I am addicted!


I was googling for a certain Judie Rothermel print cheddar and came upon this old post of yours. Where did you get the Bella color card? I am using more solids lately and would love to have those all at hand instead of driving 30 miles to the shop that has it every time I want to compare colors. I was also disappointed with the decline in the quality of Kona. It was always my "go to" solid. I didn't know you were near the Quilt Merchant. One of my all-time favorite shops! I will get there at least once this fall and I cannot wait. Another quilt shop recommendations in the Chicago area? I have most of a day and will have a car.

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