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May 13, 2009



# 1 is Hawaii Sunset, Linda Wilkey, quilted by Dana Goyer.
# 2 is Blind Man's Fancy, Mary Freeman
#4 is Pinwheels, Carol Stachle
Kathie should be able to help with the others. Thanks for showing them, especially the pink and yellow, no wonder you were drooling!


OH don't worry I will send your blog addy to my friend who is a Diva, one of the founders and she will let me know all the other names of the quilt makers for you!

Kristin L

The fuschia and puce is a FABULOUS color combo in all those little half square triangles.

Magnolia Bay Quilts

Thank you for sharing the pictures. The quilts really are exquisite. And I'm really digging the half-square triangle quilt. Sounds like you had a really good time.


Exquisite is absolutely the most appropriate word to use! I am in love with all of them! Yes, someone please identify these quilts so we can continue to gaze upon them.


Ooh, they're all so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


Those are great photos. I love the colors in the first photo.


AMAZING quilts! Thanks for posting these.


I am in 100% agreement that those quilts are exquisite!! Thank you for sharing those images. Two reasons they speak to me are the movement created by diagonal lines, flying geese, cornerstones, X patterns, etc. and because those quilts have SO many pieces! I am absorbed in Mary and Biz's book on almost a daily basis, and it would be such a treat to meet them. We have written to each other many times, and perhaps I will see them at a Tokyo Dome quilt show one year!


Back to comment again. :-) Quilt number seven is stunning! I enlarged the photo of the whole quilt and those fabrics and block pattern are really speaking to me.


The photos are beautiful and the quilts ARE exquisite. I especially like #2 and #3.


A. Now I have to get that book.
B. Love the quilt #1 - that blue & green sashing, swoon!
C. #7 - personal UFO
D. #3 (Probably in different fabrics) has been on my to do list FOREVER!


i'm pretty sure i have the info on #5 at home - i'll email you tonight

Lazy Gal Tonya R

those are gorgeous, exquisite, beautiful, fabulous quilts. I can't believe you only had three hours for the show! eeeek.


I knew I could count on you for splendid photos of exceptional quilts. They have what I call the OMG factor. That's when words fail me and all I can utter is a prolonged "Oh my God!" It drives my husband nuts (plenty of eye rolling on his part). Piecemakers have probably told you that some of us know Biz and Mary Elizabeth from Gwen's Beaver Island retreats. Nice gals! I haven't bought the book because I no longer do itty-bitty piecing, but I've heard it is fabulous.


Thank you for the mini quilt show! #7 is Paducah Nine Patch from Nickel Quilts. I made one 2 years ago - LOVE IT!!!


I've seen a few of the pictures on others blogs too! They are spectacular! I think what gives them so much pizzazz is the liberal use of the popping WOW colors of bright blue, chrome yellows, cheddar's, poison greens, and turkey reds! Some repros can mute down if you don't add the bright shocking ones too!

I have enough Paducah 9 patches to make my quilt from a swap, and I did a 4 patch Blind Man's fancy, but you are giving my swap group some very good ideas!!


You lucky thing! Getting to see all these stunning quilts up close! Thank you for sharing. I gather from the comments that you will have credits for all of them shortly so you should be safe from the quilt-posting-on-the-internet-police ;-)
(I agree wholeheartedly, though: one should always give credit to somebody elses work - but it is great when one can stitch that information together in the virtual quiltig bee online, isn't it?)


number 7 is gorgeous!



YES!!! THAT was the specific exhibit I "warned" you about!!!!!!!!!..Love that old applique too...you got some great shots.. Did you get to sample the twist cone?;)


Oh my. OH MY. After spending a long weekend away with quilty friends, most of whom sit firmly in the traditional quilting camp, I felt very immersed in all things antique-y. And seeing these just makes me want to hide in my sewing room and churn out the half-square triangles. Little teeny ones. Bliss....


What a wonderful exhibit! Thank you for sharing your photos.


Lindos trabalhos!


one inch squares ... wow. I've done 1.5 inch ones though with the Marsha McCloskey bias square method and they work well.

I HAVE to get this pesky "taking care of the house" issue down sometime so I can get my sewing machine out -- the machine even went for a tuneup and came back ... a month ago. sigh.
My dream: ocean waves -- maybe this fall?

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