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March 22, 2009



OOOH what awesome storage! Did you paint the room that lovely color?


Oh how I wish we had an Ikea nearby, those shelves are great.
I love your blocks in the last blog entry, very fun pattern!


I'm jealous of your shelving! That's just like my whoopie pie recipe!


Thanks for sharing the recipe. An ex-step-monster, who happened to be a Mainer, made these about once a year, but the recipe left when she left...

We visited her family one summer in the mid-1980's - they were the only ones with an indoor toilet, but we had to boil our bathwater... (For me that memory has only been associated with Maine, although I am sure there are other regions with similar plumbing scenarios...)

mimi k

I love the little peaks I keep seeing of Big Lady doll!


Expedits from IKEA?


Oooh, the fun you're going to have filling those shelves! Thanks for the whoopie pie recipe -- they look wonderful!


Oooh, I love the blank canvas of new shelves. Your stash is gonna look so purdy!


This will be perfect when the grandkids and kids come home to visit!!! Thank you.

Love the shelves...


LOL I had to laugh at the first ingredient being Crisco! Then you KNOW it's going to be good!!

And that storage area is fantastic!! It's going to be so pretty once the fabric is put away.


Love the new shelving. I'm sure you're having fun reorganizing your space!

Crisco doesn't scare me....I'm from the south!


Love to see when the shelves are filled!

Jaye L

Glad you put the Crisco right up front so there are no illusions! LOL!!! I am sure it is divine for a special treat now and then.


Hi I am from Australia and we dont have crisco - it does seem scary - what is it? Whoopie pies sound delicious and I am tempted to try them!

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i would love to have this to storage my books, maybe not in the bethroom, but in my living room to get my guest interested in the books!

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