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February 11, 2009



OMG! I HAVE one of those! Many years ago--late 50s--a friend of my mother's went to Japan and brought me back a number of items, most of which I still have. It's around here somewhere...(opening and shutting drawers, throwing things on the floor...)


I want one or two or three or more of those!!! How cool!

Cathi in Ireland

I got a couple of those from a fellow patchwork friend last year after her trip to Japan and I too emailed your friend at movinghands.wordpress.com :) She told about tenegui but I love seeing all your photos of so many more!! I love all my souvenir teatowels I have gotten on my travels, maybe I should add one of these for my dishwashing instead of cutting into small pieces for my quilts!!


Jan, your tenugui adventures sound like a lot of fun. Okadaya in Shinjuku also sells tenugui by the meter, on rolls, which is neat to see. (They also have mini cuts for $1 or $2 each--great for patchwork). I got that pig tenugui there last time. :) Oh, and this is crazy, but the shop I took my friends to was yet ANOTHER tenugui shop near the station. Very old-style, with a sliding door on the front that doesn't even look like a shop. On the first floor, they were slicing off tenugui from a roll of custom printed fabric, and upstairs there were shelves and shelves of tenugui cloths, with a room next to it where they served us tea and fruit.


Those little towels are so beautiful. Are they available here in the states?

Lazy Gal Tonya R

ooh, wonderful. I love the ink pens, bicycles... that knitting fabric was a great choice for you. very fun.


Wow, so interesting and fun! I'd have been overwhelmed with choosing what to bring home.


Oh no, there's ANOTHER tenugui shop in Ningyocho? Put it on the list for next time!


Oh my, such beauty!


I think I would have passed out in Chidoriya.


Beautiful and informative post--and such a fun outing! I particularly love the socks and knitting needles cloth...


Jan, Your trip seemed magical and wonderful! Is there any place to find tungui here in the states?
I was also wondering about dolls. There is a company ,"Volks" where you can go and create your own doll. Almost like a salon. You choose the body, eyes, hair, clothing etc.
I always enjoy reading your posts....and as my DH & I are in the process of trying to find a new place to live...it gives me hope that you have come through the transition and seem to have found the other sidse.....some days I feel I'll lose my mind! Denise


I love tenugui and I love Ningyocho! Actually I was told that it got its name because it was a redlight district of sorts back in the day, and the made up women used to sit in the windows to be chosen, like dolls. That made me like the name a bit less...but I love the area regardless!


I’d like to know where exactly those two shops are. I’m going to Japan this summer and I wish to go there is it possible for you to give me both of these addresses?

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