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January 31, 2009


Lemon Tree Tami

Oh such gorgeous wonders of textile! What a treat it must have been to see them up close and personal. I'm always amazed by the completely different types of quilting that the Japanese create. Gorgeous stuff! :-)


What a great show!!!! Thanks for posting the quilts.


I do love it when you go to the Tokyo Quilt show. Thank you so much for posting all the pictures. My morning is blown but it was so worth it! Totally inspiring.


Jan, what a nice post to wake up to this morning. I had forgotten that you took pictures of that interview. You definitely have pictures of quilts I did not see...off to Flickr I go! Glad to hear you got home safely, and had such a fun time in Japan.

Kristin L

That all looks completely overwhelming, but totally worth it!


Yes...overwhelming - that's why I'm glad YOU went. I know I'll get to see the best stuff.

Love that house quilt!


Wow Jan, I'll have to take some time and really go through the photos, but I have a big question!

I have fallen in LOVE with the Japanese books with sewing kits and bags in them and wondered if they sell the special little zippers with ends like the first backpack photo shows in Japan? Have you ever seen them in your travels? or online? I'd love a tip for where I might find them if you remember seeing them. Thanks!


thanks so much for sharing the pictures of your trip! Your so lucky to be able to go again.
amazing is the only word I keep saying over and over again...
ok, WOW too!
thanks again Jan


I always drool over the quilt show photos! Thanks for sharing.


Wow, wow, wow. Thanks for sharing your quilt show experience with us once again! Despite the cold, I'll bet it was wonderful! I just have to go to the quilt show someday. The technical expertise, the creativity, the detail--they overwhelm me when I look at these quilts.


Oh yeah, these were the pictures I was hoping to see. I am off to flickr for the full set. Hope these will reset my quilting mojo!


Thank you so much for sharing the quilt show with us - I'm in awe of all the wonderful creations - such craftmanship and imagination! And I love how many of these quilts use fabrics with text and pictures where you wouldn't expect to find it, like on flower stems and houses. I'll be watching that slideshow over and over!


Sounds like an incredible day, Jan. The quilts are really amazing.


And you still had a whole trip on top of this one, wonderful day? Thanks so much for sharing your pictures with us!


This both makes my day and crushes me with wistfulness that I didn't see the show myself! (Translation: THANK YOU JAN!!!!!)

Only a nice person could have made that quilt. It's got too much l.o.v.e. in it.

The dotty one makes me crazy. A common theme with a lot of these Japanese quilts is that the maker is willing to go SO FAR for her vision. I think most quilters would think--"a thousand (or so) tiny dots, appliqued by hand? there are a thousand reasons NOT to do that. " But that quilter didn't care and it just gleams with crazy brilliance. And then the witty use of polka dot fabrics as well. Salute!

I'm also crazy about the ones using shapes cut from pieced fabrics.

Welcome home! Rest up! Thanks for the Flickr show! xoxo Kay


Jan, Thank you so much for posting these photos! I just love that green and blue one with the free pieced applique.


Wow Jan what a fantastic trip. *one day, one day, sigh*

Claudia Hill

Thanks so much for these incredible photos...the amount of detail boggles the mind! What a gorgeous group of quilts and lucky you for getting to go!


Thanks for sharing this. I kind of misplaced my quilting mojo, probably under a pile of yarn. I really need to get going on a graduation quilt and my niece loves Japanese everything. Maybe I'll dig through your photos and finally get inspired.



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