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October 23, 2008



The colors are so cheerful! I, too, have been wanting to try some liberated quilting but am working on fulfilling obligations first. I just finished my swap quilt for the ALQS II and had a grand time with it!


Holiday handwork? What's that?! I'm afraid that there is nary a decoration in sight in our house. But at least we are finally IN! :)

I'm excited that we may see a return of the amazing flower garden quilt. I love that!

kristin L

OMG! Bitter Betty's decorations are great!

Your quilt looks like it will be great too! The fabric is wonderful. Might a star or two make it to the quilt back? They are so fun and look like they coordinate with the (robot?) on the front.


Hey -- I take offense, having been a prior inhabitant of Peoria! Okay, I haven't lived there since I was like 4 or 5, but still. :) Can't wait to see the finished quilt for your swap -- the little preview looks great!


I'm trying to remember what brand of heels my SIL has that she says are so comfortable, it isn't like wearing heels... D'oh.

Those houseplants. Whoa.


That quilt peek makes me want to see the rest! Hurray for the free piecing. It's sure fun, isn't it? I love your stars from the previous post.


You've only been there how long and you are already making jokes about other neighborhoods? Sheesh!

I think I actually remember exactly what shoes you are talking about. :)

Cascade Lily

Hi, I'm back in the land of blog :)

I love your sneak peak. We are doing a doll quilt swap within my online group and I have done my first ever own design foundation pieced picture...scarily a little similar to yours! But not free pieced!


I'm loving what I see so far... A robot!


I'm REALLY wishing I were the recipient of this swap quilt. If there were a felony-free way to intercept the mail, I think I'd be there.

The Halloween decor--cute but that much free time? Only in my dreams.

mimi k

I can't wait to see the whole thing- it looks fantastic! It was nature that pulled me out of the studio this week- I spent yesterday in the garden because of a frost last night. I now have a porch full of houseplants and many vases full of flowers :-)


I was hoping you'd find your way to my favorite quilters on Tuesdays! Love the rocket fabric and the sneak peak of your swap quilt.


Haven't even started my swap quilt! Paralyzed with indecision!

Had to steal that Bitter Betty link. Too good! If only my houseplants weren't so....undead. Actually, dead.


oh, I love the space rocket! It's awesome... :]


this is gonna be fabulous!!! i cant wait to see more.


your space rocket fabric is wonderful. I am in the swap too and it is a challenge to make something fabulous.


LOVE that fifties fabric!

Tonya R

Ooh, I wish I were your swap partner. Wheeeeeeeee! just the bits you're showing are sooo much fun and I love the rocket ships. those Halloween plant costumes of Betty's are a hoot - thanks for the link.


i hope this swap quilt is for me! i loved the stars too.


Gorgeous color combinations of the stars and your doll quilt project. I love Gwen Marston's Liberated Piecing as well. I took a two day class from her and ended up with a great quilt. Glad you found a quilt group that works for you.


i like the look of the quilt! cant wait to see the hole thing! new shoes god i love new shoes! lol

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