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August 04, 2008


Judy H.

I think this is something that has happened to me, though I've only had three episodes in about 9 years. The first happened at a dr. appointment, while I was sitting on his table. I started to feel very ill. He noticed, told me to lie down, and then took my blood pressure. It had dropped very low. He later told me, after I felt better, that if I hadn't lay down, I would have fainted.

Next time at a restaurant, eat a small portion and take a big doggie bag home!


Sweet merciful heaven! That couldn't have been much of a fun way to spend a Saturday night in the city. A boring evening at home watching the tube is far preferable to laying around on a gurney with tubes in your arm. Thank goodness you are OK!


Oh, no! What a horrible way to end the evening!! Northwestern is a splendid institution and all, but NOT my idea of a fun place to spend a Saturday night!

So glad it was nothing serious.


I was diagnosed with vasovagal syncope in June!


Wow! I really hope you are feeling better!

I really love your blog!

--from www.tannersnotes.blogspot.com


Jan!! So glad you are ok!! The hospital pics got me worried!!

Tonya R

holy cow! glad it wasn't anything more serious and you're feeling better. By the way, just started Mad Men, watched the first three episodes and loved it.

Cascade Lily

Thank god you're okay. But trying to 'out-do' one of the biggest music festivals is a little over the top! Just kidding. So glad it was nothing serious :)


I kept reminding myself that "she is blogging about it, she must be OK", but I was worried there for a while - glad to hear you are OK!


OMG. I'm beginning to think that you are one of those people who don't do things by halves! LOL.

Aren't those beds great. I spent 3 days in hospital the year before last and had a bed exactly like that - had a ball!


Gosh! I'm glad you're okay!


I'm so glad it wasn't something more serious!


That scared me when I started reading! I am glad you are feeling better and it wasn't serious!


Yikes! I'm glad it wasn't a heart attack or anything. Hey, you can still go out to those restaurants - just eat part of the meal and graze on the leftovers for the next few days. :)

mimi k

I'm glad it all worked out okay in the end. What a scare for you and your poor husband!


Jan! Who knew as I was babbling on and on in my emails to you about the house? I'm so thankful that all was well in the end, but what a scary experience!


Oh, no, that had to have been awful! So glad it wasn't anything more serious.


I hope yo really enjoyed that meal!
That happened to my husband recently when he dislocated his shoulder and cut off the blood supply there for a short time. It was scary to watch.


So glad it wasn't more serious!!


Wow, no L&O CI or Madmen, but talk about drama! So happy to hear that it was really nothing more than too much of the dolce vita.


So glad it wasn't worse and that you are feeling better. As I read I thought sounds like her BP dropped...Oh, I think you should still go out to eat if you want, just move around during the meal, don't eat everything at once, and stick your legs on the chair to the side if you need to! I always have to remind hubby he can bring home doggie bags!

Take care!


I'm glad that you are OK! Big city ERs aren't fun places for hanging out.

(You can still go to the fancy restaurants - just don't worry about eating the entire plate! I bring home lots of extra food.)


Awfully glad you're o.k. We've been spending too much time in hospitals lately and it's not fun. Take good care of yourself.
I'm a big Mad Men fan as well. They had a marathon a couple of weekends ago and I was able to catch up on missed episodes. Now I'm really hooked.


So glad you are ok...I've had 3 of those in the past year and a half, mainly drop in blood pressure.Very scarey though and not to be taken lightly. My family does nothing but say to me to "drink something"...Yours sounded similar. Guess you hadn't planned the part of checking out Chicago's ER's had you? Well now you know they will take good care of you!You take care, I'd miss you on here, you are a part of my day...."let me check out Jan"...Wendy


Geez, what excitement! I'm glad you did not have a heart attack! When you get into your new house, you must get cable and a digital video recorder so you can just record all episodes of Mad Men. You just never know when you're going to pass out in another restaurant, after all! Take care!


I have that too. When I feel weird from it, I eat a handfull of something salty and then drink lots of water and it really helps. I never had such an exciting time because of it, but hopefully you won't have to again!


OHMYGOSH! Absolutely the wrong kind of excitement! Sorry to hear about this kind of an end to your pleasant night out. So glad you're OK!!


So glad to hear that you went to the hospital and got checked out. Better safe than sorry. Take care.


OMG!!!! Well I'm glad that you were fine after it all, but what an experience! And had to laugh that you guys walked home after you left the hospital! LOL They wont let you walk out, but you can walk home!!
Next time stay home, esp when you can watch Lollapalooza from the window!!!


Glad to hear that you are well again! What a scary thing to have happen.

Scribbles & Bits

Oh wow! Glad you're ok! I hope you never have to go through that again!


So happy to hear it was a good result. Congrats also on the new place. Finally you will be able to stop camping out in your own home- it feels pretty good.


Don't do that again!

You're a fragile flower!

I get "presyncope" written on my chart when I give blood. In Latin this means "let her lay there for a REAL long time or she'll keel over".

So glad you're OK.


A vaso vagal syncope connection! Read you very regularly as a 'lurker' but had to comment today. You know you have something interesting when it's mentioned on House! I recently had to retire early because of this condition. Look after yourself!


So glad that you are okay. And it is good that you got it checked out even though it turned out to be nothing. Now you won't have to worry.


You could not have picked a better hospital to be taken to!!!! I can't say enough great things about how they have treated both myself (breast surgery) and Dad (colon cancer). Glad to hear you are on the upswing!Looking forward to more of your shenannigans..... Happy moving!!!!!!!!!


Wow, Jan, what an adventure. I'm so glad you're O.K.! Now, that's enough excitement for a while...you may return to your normal activities :-)


So glad you are alright. Take care of yourself.


wow. The things you will do to get out of ... moving! Sorry, just couldn't resist. Anyway, fabulous that you are ok and that you had good care. And I guess you are supposed to drink a lot of water, too?


I knew it couldn't be too bad when I saw that other picture on flickr. Now I guess you'll have to start eating bigger lunches to stretch out your stomach! (I bet Dad can give you some tips).

I hope I don't inherit that!


So glad to hear you are okay!

I have a friend that is a paramedic and they don't usually just "suggest" visiting for tests if there wasn't something that concerned them. I'm glad you got checked out.

;) Grape nuts coming your way....


how scary! i'm glad you're ok. you have a great view of the park. take it easy now. you must live a bit north of where i work. i'm at grand/state.


Jan, I know you're enjoying Chicago, but you don't have to experience all its amenities in one evening! Glad to hear the fainting wasn't too serious. Only you would document the episode in such photographic detail (don't I recall photos of a finger lopping incident somewhere on your blog?). Take good care of yourself during the move!

gray la gran

OH jan!!! PLEASE take care !!!
((i had a friend there for lalapoolaza (sp?)) ... don't know if he experienced any blacking out.....
do you think it was only lack of food related?

me: i am a critter that needs something in my stomach every 4 hrs. if i don't get something there, my stomach juices churn on the emptiness, and eat me inside out. a stomach ache takes about 4 hrs to overnight to recover from.

confession: when i was a long distance hiker, my "nickname" was "beefcake" (meaning, my foodbag was heavy !!!) my (proper) trailname was/is "cupcake" (for my 'frosting' hair).

i love fabric, yarn, and food. i want to keep loving them all, but i also need to love exercise.

keep well. stay healthy.



just back now and checking in on my favorites... just to find this! goodness... i am so glad you are ok! what an awful experience, but good to know it turned out ok, and good advice on the eating front.


I caught up on your blog the other day, but was running late so I didn't comment. Had to come back to say how happy I am you've found the cause for your fainting. Thanks for the informative link too. Hope that you're able to avoid another scare now that you've gained understanding of the causes and signals. Take care.


I am so glad to hear it was not a serious cardiac issue. I was recently in ER 8 hours being similarly evaluated for "chest pain" and mine experience included a chest x-ray and CT scan. It was determined my heart was fine and at my follow up visit with my dr., it turns out my pain was a pulled chest muscle from improperly lifting a kettle-bell in my bootcamp exercise class a day prior....oh well...

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