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August 24, 2008


Kristin La Flamme

OMG! That is a fabulous garden! I'm so happy for you that you will finally be settled in and no longer in transition. I'm sending you good thoughts of strength and energy for the unpacking and setting up that awaits you in your new home.

Sheila in Ohio

My son says that of all the places he's visited, Chicago could be his home.

Please accept my envy over that yard. And from the sewing room no less. Congrats on your new home!


OH, what a nice garden! All this comes back after a Chicago winter LOL? Seriously, it's so beautiful -- what's the "history" of the house?

2 years ... yup, long time. We are packing suitcases this weekend and I just can't make any more decisions about what "to keep" or whatever ...

but glad you got a great sewing room view!!


I'm bursting with excitement for you!


City lights at night just make me all tingly. Best wishes in the new place (with another great view)! May the settling in be the easiest part! Well, I'm sure it would be *easier* with the maid, but you know what I mean. :-)


That's a beautiful garden you have now. But that view of the city - I think I'd have been tempted to keep living there for a while.


So glad you found a place you can enjoy! Especially now that all the house stuff is over! How much more relaxed it will all be. I forsee a burst of creativity!!


oh my gosh, look at that yard!! how wonderful!


Agree with the others, what a beautiful (tranquil) garden; if you faint it will be like a princess :) In a year you'll just count and count and the three years behind you will be all but in a daze.
I love hostas too ... I expect lots and lots of leaves with raindrops:
So much depends
Upon the Hostas

Your view is still too much to handle ... Take care.


Oh, I love your garden. I knew there would have to be something special to make up for the city views and this is special!

mimi k

A new beginning! I can't wait to be in Chicago again!


What a gorgeous new garden. Congrats on a successful closing!

It's funny- we have been on a similar path the past two years. We are now within a few weeks of closing and moving into our new home. It's funny how things work out, isn't it?


Oh I would have to have a telescope if I lived in that apartment...I don't want to see the people, but just peek at their furniture and stuff! That yard is lovely! I can even see you sticking a few squash plants or tomatoes in the far reaches if you wanted veggies!


Ooohh, what a nice garden.
Have fun with your new place.
This is the exciting part... at last!


Wow! How exciting to finally be moving into your new home! Where did you end up buying? The yard looks absolutely beautiful.


What a gorgeous view from your sewing room. I'm envisioning thread-painted hosta quilts...

I'm looking forward to more pictures of your new home!


What a lovely little haven your new yard is!


oh WOW! What a beautiful yard! I could really love that! I am so glad this is finally come to an end for you. Two years is a really long time to be in limbo.I'm sure the new house and YARD will quickly erace the time waiting. Hope the move in goes well, so you can unpack that sewing room, and then enjoy the view sewing again!


whow i love that view....i could sit and look at it all night, i suprised you got any sleep in the city with a view like that :) congrats on the new house :)


Wow what a gorgeous garden!!! Definitely inspirational for sewing. You've had lots of fun in the city and how you get to have lots of fun in the 'burbs. What a wild ride life is, huh.


That garden is spectacular. It must be shady to have so many hostas. It looks like a good variety too. You are so lucky to have that all done when you move in.


A maid didn't come with the house? You should have put that in the contract...


and the last cog went "chink" into the last hole!

Both views are great, but being a country girl I prefer the one from your new sewing room. Much more tranquil.


At last--the home stretch! Hope this long-awaited process goes easily and smoothly for you. And hope you can be RELAXING in your new home in a few days


yeeeeaaaay!!! There's no place like home!
The city will be there when you want it...love those hostas and that mosaic path....looks like it was well worth the wait!!!! bummer bout the maid though...looking forward to the new chapter as it unfolds....

gray la gran

oh wow! i think the gods decided you'd put up with enough and bestowed a sewing room with a garden view =)
i love it!!!


What a stunning garden! Chicago's public transit is pretty good, yes? So it will be easy to return for city fun?


how utterly beautiful and peaceful jan! that garden is so wonderful looking that i can't imagine cutting anything out! enjoy the computer darkness... somehow it is so calm.
happy moving in.


Congrats on finally beginning the next chapter of your lives, instead of being on hold!

Geri Barr

Hi Jan, I looked at the photos first and thought it was a garden you had visited before you 'leave' the city . . . but it's all yours! How gorgeous, and from your sewing room, even better. Lucky you, you deserve it after 2 years of not knowing. Best wishes with unpacking and settling in. Geri


Wow -- that new garden looks stunning -- what fun you're going to have. In spite of all the problems, I think you've had the best of both worlds -- I'd love the opportunity to live "in the big city" just for a little while -- to enjoy all that is has to offer but knowing that in the end I could go back to a little space and a beautiful yard! Congratulations on reaching the end of your adventure!

Passions & Distractions

Amazing view! I hope this even more awesome than you're hoping!


Congratulations, Jan! I love that garden. I have a tiny little hosta garden in my courtyard with 7 hostas. I also love that patio. Very pretty! I hope you have many lovely years in your new home.


I don't know if I like more the fab garden or that breathtaking view!!

Lady S

That garden is amazing. My dad has a million hostas and we are trying to build up our collection. We need more shade for ours to be that pretty.


Congratulations, you will settle in beautifully. The garden looks so pretty and all those hostas, they appear to be un-abused by slugs, wonderful

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