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August 08, 2008



I know well how moving can upset the regular rhythm of your day, let alone the blog, no need to apologise.
That Noro throw from the link at Purl Mia Loggia is amazing.


Y'know, smaller portions aren't such a bad thing, and if that's all it takes... :)

Happy weekend!


I have so sympathized with you throughout your moving process, having been through the same long drawn-out song and dance several times myself. Better days are coming!


I'm so glad it wasn't anything serious and you are feeling better.




Thanks for mentioning my blog. That needle post has really had a lot of readers.

I'm glad you got a diagnosis so quickly and can now learn to live with it. It is much scarier when you don't know what the problem is.


Nice to see your blogposts getting nearer to crafting. I'm hopeless in blogging myself right niw, but I promiss to get my act together.

How are your hexagons doing?


Oh my goodness, I missed a lot of excitement over here! So:

1. Glad you had a lovely visit with your friends.
2. Relieved that you are okay.
3. Happy to hear that you're move is on track.

And yes, you will have a lot of wallpaper to remove. I stopped in for a peek at their estate sale on Friday. I have scrapers and Trixie is in preschool Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons. Though she can be bribed at other times with Diego.


Blogging on the back burner is totally normal when there are other things going on. I love that Noro blanket, it's so pretty. I hope you continue feeling well and I was going to say I really missed seeing your pretty mittens, and then I read mittens! Sweet!!!
YAY Mittens!!!
Hope you're settling in, I swear each time I move it takes me longer to get settled.

Scribbles & Bits

Can't wait to see where this new inspiration takes you!


Ahhh Jan, thanks for the Noro love! Oddly just got home from Guatemala and thought it was nice to be greated with Rosa's adorable animal at the start of your post, imagine my delight to find my blanket further down the post. Its still growing and I think will get a lot of attention while I catch up on the Olymipics!


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