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April 19, 2008



Your mittens are lovely!

I always forget that our New Madrid fault is a pretty darn serious faultline...


I think I like these best of all you've made--love the geometric design and especially the multi-colored leaves. That really gives the leaves depth and dimension.

I hadn't heard that there were any aftershocks. The initial quake was felt around here but I slept through it.


The mitten looks great! And have fun with the new machine this week!


Let's see Dad's handiwork! Glad to hear you survived the quake!!


there is a table for our machine?? oh my! must check out.....


You did get a fabulous package. When you said sewing table I was thinking of the little platform thing that goes around the bed of the machine, you got the real deal! At Sew Expo, the Janome booth had all the machines set up on these tables, I was wondering how I could get my hands on one! Have fun!


Love the mittens. Your photos are my inspiration to keep going with my first knitting attempts!


Congratulations, Jan! The mittens are gorgeous. And it's still 29 degrees here this morning...


Congrats on the new machine and table - what fun that must be! I love your mittens - and since it still feels like Christmas in Seattle - it snowed yesterday - they would be perfect to wear here! Your blog is always so inspiring!


Lovely mittens! You do beautiful work.

gray la gran

i spy a *soon to be* pair!
i've not ever used the method of blocking you use ... i generally either pin dry and mist with water (ie: a lace wt. shawl) (sometimes), or (most often) ... wash in a wool wash and wet block.
and let met tell you, wet blocking in the south is begging for mildew!
the mittens are LOVELY! i hope you keep adding to the 'collection' :)


Not sure how far you are from Franklin, Indiana, but I thought you might enjoy this: http://camillaknits.blogspot.com/2008/04/wouldnt-it-be-swell.html (No affiliation, except she has lovely fabric)


great mittens -- wow colors and design! I'll try the blocking too -- seems better to me than soaking it with a mister like I usually do.
And sewing table .... ahh, we are all so lucky to have such a wonderful passion (fiberarts) -- we get great toys and tools!


Those mittens are beautiful!

And thank you for your compliment on my blog entry. It's a nasty subject!


hi thanks for your visit in my blog. and my... you make a lot of beautiful mittens..

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