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February 06, 2008



I love all your Latvian mittens. If you keep going you'll have a pair to go with every outfit. :-)


You are just cranking along! There's a group of elderly Latvian ladies around here who get together and knit mittens every week - some of the things I've seen from them are amazing.


Beautiful! You got me going on this, they really are fun, I have kept going to just watch the patterns form. I only hope it fits in the end. Yes, I'd love for you to write about making it and your tips.I,for one, need all the help I can get.I just ordered a bit of yarn from Nordic Fiber Arts, she has really quick service. Beautiful colors. I see many more mittens in my future!


I'm awestruck by the black mitten! And, you made my day! http://laurieg63.blogspot.com/ to see what it's all about.


Those patterns! All that color! What a visual treat...


they are gorgeous! thank you for the pictures, they brightened my morning. :)

I love the Upitis books -- it's inspirational!


I have to join in with the others to say, "What beautiful work!" All three patterns are stunning. What fun it has been to watch you work through this project. I hope you do add more tips. You've just about convinced me to give Latvian mittens a try. A few more words from you and I can see myself falling into the Latvian mitten stream. Your work is definitely inspiring (as always).

Cascade Lily

They are just so beautiful...no wonder you want to make more :) Hope you sorted that thumb issue out!


wow they look great i love all the pattern and im sorry to hear the thumb is causing you some trouble but i know you'll sort it out lol. they really do look fab!


Oh, how beautiful! The black one is awesome, but I simply love the orange mitten.


Hallo from Berlin/Germany!
I can honestly say that you have made my day, because I wanted to knit such mittens for a very long time - and had no idea of how to get started. i find it very easy now after you have explained it so well with words and pictures and I am looking forward for your "pattern-maths"!!! Thank you very much, it was a great help!


They are georgeous! I'd be in love to if I'd made them! So beautiful, specially the rose one - magic!

gray la gran

i bookmarked this post ... so, if you do feel like talking more about the technical aspects of mittens, i am hear to read!

i have trouble with colorwork. especially when changing needles and stranding ... maintaining even tension.

i love the look of colorwork, but i might have to rely on my variegated yarns a bit longer ....

i do love the mittens! i can see a wall of single mittens! (and, on the opposite wall, all the single sockens)



Just Beautiful! Thanks for all the tips.

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