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November 16, 2007



Yum! I wish I had a muffin aunt!
My specialty is green bean casserole, but it's non-traditional. A recipe from my grandmother's Russian Orthodox church, it's called Viennese Green Beans, and if I do say so myself, it's fabulous!


I need to start cooking and baking too but I also need to keep sewing and get the wedding dress ready for a fitting. So this will be a busy weekend.


holy moly that's a lot of baking. we're having lots of people over, and i'm cooking but that many ingeredients are not in MY pantry. in fact, i'm not even so sure that they would fit.
i hope you have a nice time cooking and, of course, eating.


I used to have that Mostly Muffins cookbook!

Tonya R

My Thanksgiving specialty? Mrs Smith's Hearty Pumpkin Pie with Coolwhip. It's been a long time since I've done any cooking for thanksgiving. your celebration sounds marvelous. mmm, heavenly aromas in the house, fingers crossed for your showing.


The minute I saw that photo, I thought, oh, Jan's making muffins for Thanksgiving. And I love that even though I don't actually KNOW you, I know this about you. The wonder of modern technology. Good luck with the muffins and the showing, too.


All your talk of muffins is tempting me to break my diet lol they all sound yummy your family is so lucky


Yum! I knew exactly what that photo was too! I'll be making muffins again on Thanksgiving morning for my family -- the chocolate chip muffins were a hit last year. Any recipes that you share will be appreciated!


oh, I hope that the realtor brings a buyer for your home tomorrow!!!

I like to make one huge mess while baking, too.


I do believe it's time for me to de-lurk. I just realized that it was a year ago that I discovered your blog AND those awesome Apricot Almond muffins!!! I'm the muffin maker in my family and these have been a hit, not to mention the occasional batch to get me through a cold winter day. I'd love the crunchy oat and cranberry recipe, that sounds delicious! Also, my Thanksgiving specialty, mom made it every year growning up and now it's my turn - Broccoli Cheese casserole. Mmmmm! Happy Holidays to you and yours.


Yummy! Good luck with the showing.

Ann Marie

I tried your apricot muffins awhile back and they were great. I substituted dried cherries for the apricots one day, and they were even better! I have to make two batches minimum because my husband will eat several in the first few minutes they are out of the oven. Two batches ensures that I'll get a couple. Delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Would love to try all the ones you mentioned. Gingerbread especially.


Oh yum! what a great addition to the feast! If you are ever in SoCal, I'll consider it my great pleasure to have you over as the muffin aunt!


I am Pie Girl. I am the designated piemaker (with Mom's help) as I am allergic to wheat. Wheat-free pie crust is not for the faint of heart and requires special ingredients and attention (sometimes cursing!) to get the job done. Three for Thanksgiving: Pumpkin Maple, Rhubarb and Lemon Meringue. We'll have those, plus Ollaieberry and something else (haven't decided yet) for Christmas. More people = more pies!

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