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November 14, 2007



It's a lovely mitten! This technique is next on my list, right after I actually manage to knit a sock.


The mitten looks swell. Good save!

& they actually make graphed index cards, which are handy.


Oh it is so pretty!


I am loving the colors in that mitten--wonder if there's anything in my Christmas todo list that I could use that combination in...


A perfect addition! Good work.


oh my stars this is so pretty it makes my head spin! i can NOT imagine knitting up something like that. truly beautiful jan.


Nice work! I'll trade you a stripey scarf for a pair of mittens!


Pretty mitten! And those cards are very cool. Who knew?


Holy cow that is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen! You are brave.

Had a great time with your lovely daughter. She is a really good egg.


oh i love the colors. good job there, girlie.
i had the hardest with knitting which is why i have *almost* given it up....

Geri Barr

They are quite beautiful! Not enough to pique me into trying them but beautiful and good for you for sticking with it.


wow!! I's all greek to me... but thanks for adding the nice chunk O' cheddar!!!Just gorgeous!!!


It looks wonderful!


it looks great and im glad to hear that you havent given up because i cant wait to see your finish.


I must say I love those colors together!


These are gorgeous, cheddar and all. Those colors are tugging at me. So tempting, but I HAVE to stay on task: no new projects now.

aurora fox

these are lovely!--I miss making mittens--I now live in California where it rarely gets cold enough to need mittens----anyhow these are quite gorgeous--love the colors and pattern!


You are so talented! I love the colors and pattern of the design. I can't even imagine knitting something that complex. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Bev Q

I am so impressed! These mittens are absolutely gorgeous! My mum used to make pretty things like that with charts. I am a pretty basic gal when it comes to knitting, but I love to see what others can do!


mary jane

The prettiest mitten ever!


Gosh! It's so beautiful, and you are doing a great job. It must have been hard to change the course, the plan, and then it came out so right!
Let's exchange latvian pattern some time ;)


hvorfor ikke:)

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