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November 06, 2007



Cute! But now I have to run to the store. I have the stongest desire for Cheetos :)


love the quilt.


I don't know ... from these photos I think your entering into the paprika or chili powder zone. Way past cheese food product.

Glad you're having fun.


I think the cheddar is wonderful! I do love how Mary Lou Weidman uses cheddar for backgrounds too. Thanks for the links.

Tonya R

Looks great. love the "cheddar" though I suspect I'd call it "traffic cone orange" instead - it's moved out of food products. Love it.


Fabulous, FAU-U-LOUS!!!! A House quilt has always been on my "someday" list. Seeing this, and that wonderful cheddar color, is moving this whole idea further ahead in the queue. Quickly.


So I can't spell FAB-U-LOUS...


I'm having a love affair with orange right now. This is B-E-AUTIFUL!


Love it, love it, love it! That cheddar is positively luminous! Thanks, too, for the mention-glad you like the Kaffe houses.

Diane B.

WOW, it looks great. If the cheddar is a Virginia Robertson fabric,I have yards of it too.

gray la gran

i am sooo impressionable ... i just had to have that "house" too ... so i found myself a copy of that magazine on ebay =)
i'm so glad you picked up that motif again!


You say cheddar, I say CHEETOS!!! And I had no problem picking out your block in Lucy's quilt. I LOVE her work!!! And yours too!!!


OOHHH I am speechless! Look at you. You made the most awesome house quilt I ever have seen! I feel honored to use a piece from your fabric in my tumbler quilt! I love it !


I love your cheddar...mmm, Cheetos and Cheez-Its! Very awesome. I also adore the house quilt top.


Love this quilt -- and yep, think we've moved into Kraft Cheese product here -- think the blue and yellow box!


HOW awesome is your houses quilt!! Just love that cheddery look! Very nice color choices.


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