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November 12, 2007



Alas about finding the mitten calculations late! Hmm, those stamps are cute, but I think I'm sticking with breast cancer stamps.


Hi, your choice of patterns and colours is fabulous...you have a great knitting talent!
Margaret and Noreen at THY


IF you had moved to Geneva (IL) you could have had first day covers of those stamps as they were first shown Here at Wool and Company!-Honest!


Oh my gosh! I love those mittens on the cover! I've got to get that issue. I'm also making those squares and they are so quick and easy. I love using up the little bits. I also have to say that those stamps are the bees knees. Now I've got to make sure I get some of them!


Blindfolded sock knitting???? Not i said the schnoobie.....it's looking good so far , love the diagonal stripe......and I DO REMEMBER that "was my face red!!" column too... was it in "Seventeen"? that was about the only teen mag I read.......So glad the stamp gurus are paying atention to us fiber folks!!!!!!!


Oh wait!! It's just a square knit in a sock weight yarn!!! hahahahahnarnar that's a definite MAYBE for blindfolded knitting (without the stripes!!!)


the magazine was "Calling All Girls". My older sister got it (while I still got "Humpty Dumpty") but I used to read the column you mentioned! What a hoot!


I'm pretty sure the magazine was Young Miss. That was a blast from the past!


Can't wait to see your stripy square in person.

Thanks Jan. I remember that column too! I think it was a dentist's office read for me, in the day.

xo Kay


One of these days I plan to dive into mittens too, once I get the lace out of my system.

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