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September 18, 2007



Wow! I'm exhausted just reading all of that. I'll have to try the Dawn thing since I always have stubborn little spots on my clothes (I need an apron too- oh, actually I have one, I just don't wear it). Good luck fitting the clothes in with the yarn. Bon voyage!


What a treasure trove of ideas! And you are right - that block does have an Asian feel to it, though I would not have realized it without you mentioning the fact.

Have a marvelously wonderful trip - we'll be eagerly awaiting pictures when you return.


Travel safely!


I know your trip will be wonderful and I can't wait to hear about it!

Please give my best to Molly!

gray la gran

i'm going to try that dawn trick the next time i wash ...i wonder if it can remove very old oil spots? hmmm ... i'll let you know.
have a fun and safe trip. just think, you'll have lots of empty space in that suitcase for the goodies you'll bring home ;)


Have a great time here!!! Still hot in this country... slow down, enjoy yourself.
... totally understand Molly's requests. Think of this space it takes as the space that is reserved to all those Japanese yarns and fabrics on your way back!


The Dawn tip is so funny, I picked that up from my Mom this summer, it really does work miracles! Have a fabulous trip!

Tonya R

I get grease spots on myself from eating, forget about cooking. no surprise you've been so busy with the house and the upcoming trip (woohoo!). fun block, glad you found your treasure trove of pics.


Two words: WOO. HOO.

Can't wait to get my hands on that yarn, I mean, see you!


Thanks for all the links to explore. I love good, new, solid link leads!

I'm a Dawn fan too: I use it for both prewashing fabrics to remove sizing and grease and rinsing when hand dyeing fabrics for quilts (instead of the much more expensive Synthropol). Complete instructions are on my blog.

Have a great trip.


Japan!! Have a fabulous trip! Enjoy your time with your daughter.


That Dawn tip is a very good thing to know. Thanks!

I noticed the blankie all across the internet as well, and got to smile and think "I know where that came from." Twas fun.


Have a FABULOUS trip!!


Oh my gosh, what stress over the house! Soon it will sell! Soon it will sell! (That was my mantra for the longest time!) Perhaps your house is just waiting for the right buyer! Good luck!


Thanks so much for the mention of my blog Quilt Otaku. It's an honor. I'm off to check out your other recommended links. Enjoy the trip to Japan. I wish I was coming with you. The dawn trick sounds very interesting...


Have a fantastic trip!


Have fun!


You are too sweet! Have a great trip!


wow - so much goodness here! have a fantastic trip... dreaming of going back sometime in the not-too-distant future!


how fun, I cringe every time people write those posts too! hmm... have a great trip, and be carful with that bag, that is A LOT of yarn! hehe


I was wondering why I was getting so many comments this week! Thank you for sending all the lovely visitors my way! I've gotten to meet some new people and have been enjoying visiting new wonderful craft blogs I had never seen before. I just wanted to mention that Quilt Mania just did a two part series on quilt basket blocks that I thought you might enjoy after seeing your lovely post with the precious quilted basket.


so glad the whip up post brought a few people your way ... it's a really important thing you did, but awh, you know that!
hope your trip got off well... and as I was in the Nahcotta show too, I got to see those lovely quilts first hand... they were hanging quite near my prints!
have a wonderful wonderful time jan!


hope your trip is fab. sorry to hear that your house wasn't "the one" the buyers chose. I can't imagine the emotional roller coaster you must have been on!

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