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September 08, 2007



What a lovely post. My Rachel turns 10 this week and her "bob" is also falling apart. Tears have been shed in anxiety and washing kept to a minimum, but time and love are taking their toll. I'll have to show your story to my R to see if she'll let me operate.


What a wonderful job you've made of that...You put so much thought into it and it's really paid off...the finished blanket is super. Really well done...the owner will be thrilled. Wish I'd had someone to do the same for my tartan baby blanket that I threw away after the moths made huge holes in it...I still miss it now.
Margaret and Noreen at THY

Mary Beth

They should send you the Declaration of Independence - it's looking a little shabby.

At the end of your post, I remembered we both have nieces with the same birthday. Sigh.

Great job, Jan!


Great Stuff!
Thanks for posting the "how to" with the photo transformation.You worked some serious magic!
I remember a photo of me at 3 with my "blankie" and it was barely a 90degree piece of satin schrapnel that was formerly the binding.
What was really wierd though was VERY later on in my 20's I had a "full body Blankie memory" when I innocently fondeled the satin flounce on a dress in a dress shop. I had this overwhelming flood of tactile memory for that Blankie!!!!
Thanks again for providing us with invaluable psyche restoration tips!!!
Love the polka dot tissue!!btw.......

SugarShop (Dena)

Wow, amazing job! I wasn't so sure a rescue mission was possible from the first photo. Lol! But you made it beautiful again! She will always remember how her aunt did that for her!

gray la gran

you did a wonderful job =)
i do knitted repair work for my lys. it's not the most fun in the world, but it's certainly satisfying when the owner is blown away that it could be done! i most appreciate the "appreciation".
... and a blankie .... no matter how tattered and worn, we must preserve it.


lovely job and a great write up too!


Full restoration! Wow, you rock. I'm so impressed with the love and attention. It looks better than new. Amazing. What love you have, and what a lucky niece.


Oh my, you have done such a beautiful job and I must be feeling quite hormonal today because I am quite tearful as I read this post. What a lovely thing you have done.


That...is awesome. Blankies are so beloved, you have rescued a dear companion and comfort for a birthday surprise! That is wonderful!


Wow. That's fantastic! Supergirl has a handmade fleece patchwork blanket that is already completely falling apart. The clincher is that she LIKES the holes. She puts her hands through them and likes how soft it is.


Lynn Dykstra

As someone who is still mourning Blankie who went into a rug over 40 years ago (I would lie on the floor and run my fingers over the bits of Blankie in the braids) I thank you.


she must have been the happiest ever to receive that beautiful expression of her auntie's love. amazing job!


what a beautiful story! when I first looked at the first picture, I didn't know what the heck it was. great job!


oh! please adopt me!!!!! I need an aunt!


WOW! Thanks so much for the tutorial -- that will surely be helpful to others!


Excellent post -- great thought process and technique!

susan smith

dear miss, i too have a blanket that has holes bigger than me almost i need tips big time its white with red green blue yellow polkadots on it and the edges are falling off and the holes are in the middle of it. its turned baige and some of the polka dots have turned into holes and i have big patches all over it. any advice?


I've been searching and searching all over the internet for tips on how to repair my daughter's flannel blankie, and finally came across your wonderful post. Thank you so much for sharing! My daughter is only 2.5 so it needs to last quite awhile longer!

Susan Neff

Three years after your post, I am beginning the delicate task of my 22 year old daughter's request: restore blankie. Your description was ever so helpful and has encouraged me to begin. Rachel was fortunate for your careful attention and my Caitlin will benefit as well! Susan


Man that blanket hasn't gone through much at all in comparison to my blankie. All I have left currently is the corners and sides and some middle pieces of fabric struggling to hold on to the sides. Many have called it a rag recently. Seeing it now really makes me wish I had treated it much more carefully when I was younger.

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