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September 08, 2007



It's beautiful again. I can't believe that you were able to save the name.


That is so sweet! And what a beautiful restoration job.


This is the most magnificent blanket restoration I've ever seen! I just did a little bit of crochet to shore up my daughter's "b" (I still say that this was her first word)--her great grandmother would be appalled with the job I did, but at least I can now wash it without fear that it will completely unravel. Your detail shots will be a great help to many blankie restorers!


You did an amazing job-that blanket looks wonderful now! I have a couple of blankie lovin boys in my house so I'll definitely keep your ideas in mind!


You are my hero. My blankie is definitely beyond repair (and that's okay - I still sleep with it every night anyway) but just knowing there are people out there like you - people that understand just how important blankies are - well, that just makes me feel safe. Kind of like my blankie! THANK YOU!


So sweet! And interesting to see your techniques for this kind of project


Oh my gosh....what an incredible job you did restoring that well-loved blankie!!! You deserve a round of applause!

My mother's birthday is also September 11. I remind her occasionally that it was her special day first, long before it became known for something else.


Wow, you did a fantastic job!


Oh Jan, what a loving thing to do. I would never have guessed you could have taken the first photo and ended with the last! Beautiful!


Wow. That's a fantastic transformation! My DIL's birthday is 9/11, I suppose I should ask her if she has a blankie. You never know!


Wow! It turned out great!


You did a FABULOUS job! Thanks for the "how-to" as well.


I love blankey restoration stories. :^) Lovely job. The Blue Blog has featured stories of repair of her sons' knitted blankeys.


Great job, Rachel will be very happy. I have fixed my sons many times and he still loves it.


No, It was totally fascinating! And it came out incredible. Really really fabulous job Jan.


Oh Jan! What a beautiful and sweet thing you have done. I'm sure she will cherish it, and with any luck, her children will one day too. Bravo!

Jane Ann

Your niece certainly knew exactly who was the woman for the job. Masterful (and brave) work = an absolutely delightful metamorphosis! Thanks for the photo walk-through. The only picture missing is one of the recipient's face when she opens it up.

Tonya R

You did an amazing job. How sweet you are.


You did a great job! And now Blankie will be even more precious for your niece with all the love you have stitched into it.


Having seen blankie myself, I am totally amazed by that restoration. No doubt what Rachel's favorite birthday gift is THIS year!!


What a labor of love! Thanks for sharing the process with us!


What an amazing gift to help restore her blankie. My little boy is very, very attached to his "dandy", and so far it is holding up well. (Crossing fingers).


Wow, what a fantastic restoration job! I would think that must be one of the most satisfying kind of commission project. This has inspired me to pull my blanket out and fix it up!

mimi k

You did such a beautiful job- there was so much love added! Not your run of the mill commission work :-)


"As long as it's still Blankie."

That says it all, doesn't it? Beautiful work, Jan.


Great job, it's beautiful again!
My brother has a serged square of the original satin binding from his blankie that he carries in his wallet. He turns 40 this year. May this blankie be as well loved; it's certainly on its way.


OMG Rachel is going to be SO happy!! You did a wonderful job. It looks brand new!!! Absolutely beautiful work.


What a wonderful job you did! I have my husband's old hand pieced, hand quilted baby quilt! Well worn... care to take a try at repairing?


YOU SO TOTALLY ROCK!!! I have a blankie restoration I need to do. It is pressing one me because I can't wash the thing until I fix it, and it's scary how much it needs washing. You have inspired me to get started!!


You did a great job--you HAVE to be the favorite aunt.

We have a 25-year old blankie around here too, but it was crocheted from the most god-awful acrylic yarn--red, white, and blue variegated. No mending needed--it will no doubt still be intact when it's pulled out of a hole by archaeologists ten thousand years from now.


Wow, you did an amazing job!!


How wonderful. My blankie fell apart and fell apart and now I have just a few shreds to remember it by. Your niece is very lucky.


Nice work Jan!- wish I had more time to catch up - but your post reminded me of how my late mother-in-law would "mend" family tablecloths,napkins etc.- they held so many memories she couldn't bear to part with them.
I'm lucky to have inherited some of the "cloth" that meant so much to her. I'm sure Rachel will be thrilled. Have a great trip to Japan and a fun visit with Molly!


You did an incredible job ... Rachel is going to love it.


This is fabulous. Brought a huge smile to my face. I've had several rounds of blankie repair. Caitlin required a completely new blankie which I made and then sewed the shreds of the original to the surface. I laugh everytime I see those 12 year old threads. I also did a repair for a friend that didn't sew. They both had tears in their eyes as her daughter clutched the newly mended version. You did a fabulous job. Fortunately they stop dragging it around so much as they get older so it should hold ;)


Wow Jan. What a beautiful job. Lucky, lucky Rachel!


you truly are an artist and wonderful aunt to take on that task! did i mention magician too? what skills jan what skills!


That was amazing to read- great job!


You are a goddess!! The whole thing brought tears to my eyes.

Goodluck finding new digs in Chicago. I grew up there and it is a wonderful place.

Scribbles & Bits

Awesome repairs! Thank goodness for the love (and mad skillz!!!) of an aunt!


Jan, that is AWESOME!!! We are a family of blankie lovers and this brings tears to my eyes. (One of my younger sisters is almost 30 and still sleeps with the remains of her blankie!) These tips will surely come in handy as Maddie has a blanket similar to this that she sleeps with every night.


o my gosh - I cried at just the thought of your loving handwork (at work too)! Incredible job and I am amazed at your applique job - beautiful. I'm sure it will be appreciated.


You did an awesome job on a nearly-impossible project. The blanket is once again adorable!


You are a sewing superhero!!!! A magician with the needle! I echo absolutely ALL of the accolades in these comments and add that I will be HAPPY to return as your lucky niece in our next life!!!


You did such an amazing job. I cannot thank you enough for sharing it, because, as you stated, it is very difficult to find instructions for this. Seeing how a skilled expert handles such a situation is priceless, so thanks again! Beautiful!


Quite touching; I'm sure Rachel will be thrilled. And you're such a great writer!


Jan, you are the sweetest genius saving your niece's blankie! I wish someone had attempted to save my Rippy. Rippy was once a lovely white blanket with a lamb applique and wide satin binding. Now I have to periodically have to rescue it from my handyman who thinks it must surely be a cleaning rag...sigh.


Nice job--I would have found that very nerve-wracking. This is someone's treasure, after all! Attagirl!


i love what you did with the blankie it was really sweet and the hearts were a lovly touch


What a thoughtful, loving thing to do! Your handiwork is beautiful :)

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