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August 31, 2007



Good for you! It's a beautiful house -- it will sell!


Wow--it is _certainly_ our duty to help revive the flagging Japanese textile industry!

...runs off to Superbuzzy...


YAY for feeling like your old self! I could definitely use a sprinkle of that.

Enjoy your trip and no worries about the house!


Hug Molly for me!

Interestingly enough, this is the attitude K and I have adopted for our trip to Italy next week...
We've been waiting and wondering about his next career move and we are going to let it go while we relax and have time together.
So, I get it and have high hopes that you will have an incredible trip.

Mary Beth

I loved the St. Joseph link. Although, it didn't help at all with my 4th grader's assignment this week..what does your name mean..."Joseph, he who enlarges"...is what comes up on the internet...WHAT??

Anyway, best of luck, you will never regret a trip abroad!


What fabulous news! When life gets bogged down, what's better than making the bold move and just.....leaving the country? It will be a great trip for you and your family.


woo! can't wait!


How wonderful!


What an excellent idea! What a bugger you're trying to sell your house in the middle of the 'pooiest' time in recent years. Excellent plan of diversion/distraction!



Good for you! Enjoy your trip and relax. Heck, the house will probably sell while you're gone. Isn't that always the way things work?


I have a four or five omiyage bags I have created from that wonderful book. I'm sure yours would be even lovelier! Have a great trip!


What a great idea! Sounds like a relaxing way to go! And what a wonderful ambassador you are! I'm sure your host country will appreciate what you'll be doing for the textile industry during your visit three weeks hence. Happy planning and executing!


Hooray! It is great to hear a little cheer in your voice!


I heading to Japan in late September for a week. I few Aussie girls are now heading over to check out fabric shops. Looking forward to your photos.


Ha! I have also buried St.Joseph in my yard..to No avail! My DS said the other day "Hurry up Joey!" I hope you enjoy your Trip & come back to a Sold house.
& it would be a Sin to go over there & Not purchase some of that Yummy fabric!

Have a Great time!


oh so glad to hear you have a trip planned jan! and well, going away from "it all" will be great for you all....
damn housing market.
have a wonderful wonderful time! i know you will come back to a buyer or two.


Will you be digging St. Joseph up when you sell?
Good for you, going to see Molly! A well deserved visit! and if some wonderful fabric presents itself to you, who are you to resist?

Christine Thresh

My son and daughter-in-law buried St. Joseph Upside-down in their yard and their house sold in a few days. I think the upside-down part is very important. ;-)


There's nothing like travel to refind yourself. Have fun, and good luck with the house.


A fun trip sounds like just the thing! Hope you have a wonderful time.


Have a great trip to Japan and I bet while you're away the house sells!


It will be good get away from the You-Know-What and concentrate on something so philanthropic. After all,
it is your grave duty to bolster the Japanese economy single-handedly.
Wear comfortable shoes, Grasshopper.

quilt crazy

Sounds like great fun! I was hoping you would be there in January. I am watching ticket prices and am about to buy my ticket for the quilt show week. Have lots of fun! Hope you get lots of offers on your house!


Yeay for all of you!! Family time is great for what ever ails ya!...oh and so glad to see you are part of the solution and not the problem ( when it comes to Japan's retails sales...especially TEXTILES....)Enjoy! Enjoy!

happy zombie

Good luck with your house... I'm in the same boat as you. We did the St. Joseph too. Cheers to wishing us both success! :o)


The trip is just what you need!! You will have such a great time.


of course you'll have a wonderful time visiting your daughter- so happy for you.

I'm linking the mortgage professor's site. don't know if you're familiar with his writings- if you scroll down to recent columns, and click on "Selling a House in a Buyer's Market", you'll get his views on what to do to find a buyer. I thought it was interesting.



Sounds like a plan. Have a good trip!!


Hey, good luck with the house and the trip. St. Joe works, just in his time :)


I'm so glad to hear you're taking the trip! Keep living as you wish and the home sale will take care of itself (ok, the realtors will take care of it, but that's what you pay them for).

Have a fantastic time. I'll be looking forward to photos.

Scribbles & Bits

Awesome!!!! A change of pace is good!


Yay for you!!! :)


have a great trip. you are obligated, then, knowing what you know, to buy lots of fabric! hope you enjoy your trip to see Molly.


Done that and sold our place within 3 days of market!!!! Good luck with the lil Joe! Best wishes. :o)

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