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August 27, 2007



I have an old block a month applique kit my grandmother helped me buy. This almost inspires me to dig back in and finish another block or two. I'll be 90 by the time its done :)


Ooohhh, wouldn't those cool basket blocks you're working on look fabulous with one of those applique borders -- love your line of thinking! Can't wait to see what you'll come up with!


I'll be happy to see you pop in more often. Yours was one of the first blogs I read, you know.


Holy Cow on that amazon.com link! I once saw an ebay listing for an early Rowan Knitting magazine in the hundreds. But are people really buying?

Thanks for the quilting inspiration! I love to see where ideas come from.


Good inspiration for me to spend part of my month in the US in December clipping all those magazines I have stored at my mom's house - maybe I should scan instead of clipping, so I can bring my inspirations back with me without going over the weight limit on the airline too much! Or at least that way, I can save my excess baggage fees for fabric! Thanks for sharing these great pictures!


I know what you mean about feeling like I'm just sitting by the window.. I tried to read my bloglines today and I was astounded at the number of times people have posted since I last checked (it's been about 2.5 months since I've been checking regularly)-- some people had 45 posts!! Whip up had 144 new posts since I last stopped by. Anyway, I'm reading people one at a time so I still don't know what the current fads are, and I wonder if I'll ever catch up.
It's alright though, I'm surely entertained. I'll post again when life is more settled.
the Reismann applique borders are great, thanks for sharing.


Wow, that certainly is now a "rare" book.
The biggest reason I blog and read blogs all the time is that my computer is right next to my sewing machine and can glance over and see if something's happening quite frequently.

gray la gran

i feel that (someday) i too should go through all my old magazines, etc ... as i've acquired quite a mass! but then, my interests and skills change, and what's old is new again, and so on ....
perhaps i'm doomed to be a packrat!
but hey, it looks like sometimes it "pays" ;)


I have never had much urge to appliqué, but seeing these funky and vibrant quilts, I start to get the bug just a wee bit. These quilts were new to me--I pitched my back issues AND let my subscription lapse too.


*gasp* No kidding! That's good to keep in mind when thinning the shelves...


Always glad to see you post regardless of the subject matter!!I've been out of work for the past month and(in between trying to finish customer quilts and making them) have been seriously catching up with posting on my blog and commenting on others...What would I DO with out the internet???And WOW on that book price!!


Oh that's funny. When I saw that first photo I immediately thought of Tonya's post. What goes around, comes around!

Tonya R

Well I certainly love it whenever you do post - sorry you've been discombombulated recently. I have little notes on my computer desk too. Just added this post onto my list for things to mention myself. And last but hardly least, Wow! Wow! Wow! ohmigoodness. I love both these quilts. Totally wonderfully fun and lively adn exciting. marvelous. I'd never seen either one before. I hope Beth starts a blog and writes a book one of these days. She's great.


Now there are some inspiring quilts and designs.


Glad to see you posting again. I've missed your colorful work and words.


I just happened to run across your blog and i love all your work. Thanks for sharing so much with us.


Thank you for this beautiful post! I so enjoy clipping photos to put together in my notebooks. At first glance, the top quilt looked like a piece o cake designs quilt. I love their stuff, too.

I am already anticipating the Tokyo Dome quilt show this winter...any chance you will be able to make it? If you can't, you can bet that I will take plenty of outrageous applique border pictures for you!


I just recieved The Big Book of Applique for Quilts in the mail yesterday. Circa 1978. While I may never do any hand applique, inspiration is a beautiful thing. I am a magazine freak as well.


I love these colourful quilts. Not so sure about the Elvis aspect...
I'm afraid I am the same way, project-oriented blogging, which is kind of tough when one isn't producing much. I sense a sea change in me with this though, must be the change of season.
I have had very similar posts to others countless times without knowing it until later. Same wavelengths!


Ah Jan..I feel we share the same mind these days. Obligations and mind freeze have me sitting out quite a lot these days and getting nothing accomplished and having nothing to show. LOVE the quilts! There's a good book that's current I think, the Piece O' Cake ladies called Applique Delights with 100 applique designs which can be inspiration of all sorts of blocks, flowers and borders.

Sue in western WA

I'm glad you'll be posting more often. I'm not picky, you don't have to write only about projects for me!


I just ran across your blog. I LOVE your photos of quilts. I'm just a novice quilter but you've given me some inspiration. You must be a very talented gal! I will definitely check back to see what's new.


I think it is good to write regularly. It is a good habit to maintain. I tried to do it. I can't always do it, but I try really hard to post regularly - at least a few times a week.

Have you seen Mary Lou Weidman's work? Very much in the same vein as Beth Reisman.

I love your posts and your photos. Keep up the good work!


Hope you do manage to post more often,I always used to check your blog and was sad when you hadn't updated. It doesn't have to be deathly prose, or even progress on the projects, just thoughts and what's going on. Keep in touch!


yea! she's back!

Scribbles & Bits

Yay for more posting! I always love reading what's going on with you and also seeing your inspirations! And yeah, that sort of reminds me of those Alice Starmore books. I fell in love with a pattern from Tudor Roses and figured I could pick up a copy. Not without at least a hundred bucks to spare I can't. *le sigh*


Yes - these blogs and the conversations they start -- its seems to be a bit start and stop for me too - lose some win some. Oh well. I've been meaning to post an "inspiration post" for a while about an old book I ran into at my aunt's house - swedish quilts. Need to need to.


That Baltimore Elvis quilt just about kills me. Maybe when I grow up I can make something like that. THanks so much for sharing!

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