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July 11, 2007



I haven't played with the shot cottons yet, but fondled them "at market". They seemed thinner to me... do they shrink up much? (I'm not a pre-washer) Can't wait to see how they turn out... if your results are good, I'll order some for Clementine's! (I love it when I find free guinea pigs) *wink* Cami


Be still my heart! What scrumptious colors! Never used the shot cottons but they sure are tempting.


Ooh, I love the Shot Cottons! And your post is a wonderful source of information for anyone considering their use.

I wish more manufacturers would play with weaving one color in the weft and a different one in the warp. Sometimes the Shot Cottons are a little too thin for what I'm intending. But I sure do love the colors. And... I wish they were easier to find at quilt shops. One really needs to see the colors in person to get the full effect.


Those "flowers" are lovely!


Thank you SO much for this informative post (and gorgeous hexagons!). I've been looking at plain fabrics lately to go with all the prints and was looking for something with a little bit of...'something special' If you know what I mean, hehe, I LOVE these and the effect the two different threads make, I've not seen them before.

Thanks so much for recommending Glorious Colour, a great site I hadn't seen before. I've just ordered about 7 different colours to play around with...and a couple Kaffe Fasset prints OF COURSE =P Cheers!


Crazy in love with the colors and prints and and and!

Kristin La Flamme

I like "pop." I also like prune.

Tonya R

Wow, how much fun to get to play with fabric. I'm not sure I've ever even seen these fabrics, tho I suspect they might be too subtle for me. I'll keep an eye out. I'm definitely a fan of "pop" - looking forward to seeing what you think of the black.


I don't know anything about quilting, but I know what I like. The navy rocks!

Mimi K

I'd be voting for prune, if you were asking :-) And, I loved reading how you tested the fabric.


Beautiful work! As I'm not a quilter/sewer/person that does anything w/ fabric, I am always aghast at what people can do and all the thought involved. On my screen I could barely see any contrast in the individual samples, but all together... WOW what striking differences.

gray la gran

i vote for whichever color makes the flowers "pop" the most! i look forward to whichever choice you make, because your work is always stunning!


I like the navy, and I loved the black. I guess the other colros are good, but when using a color it's bound to clash against at least one fo the flowers, where black is almost a solid neutral and fades into the background to let the billiance of the colors pop out. I still vote black, if you are taking votes for thought.


I love shot fabrics; I've only ever seen taffetas, but the colors are just like you say.
I don't much like the pewter, but I expect that it's because my monitor is giving the wrong color -- it looks quite green in tone, and that's not really what I think of as pewter. :-)
I love the rest of them. Enjoy picking one!


Wonderful, wonderful post! I love shot cottons too and your idea for a swatch catalog is excellent. I wish I'd done that ages ago, now I have a bunch I don't know the names for. I really like the navy.


You're so thorough! Thanks for running all the tests and showing the results. Especially the photos of your blocks against several different color choices.

I love the shot cottons, the color combinations are truly unique and luminescent. I used a tomato color in my latest table runner. They always seem to be the perfect solution when I want some zest in a solid.

How fun to get a comment from Liza.


So glad you're a shot cotton convert! They're one of my favorites- in fact, I just used some in yellow yesterday...


How do you decide??? They are all so beautiful together. I love the fact that you are using those fabric for the GRandmother's garden. A modern look to a classic. Also, if I had to choose, I think I like the navy and the thunder.


You didn't ask but I vote for prune, with thunder as a close second. "Pop" is OK but I like things a little more nuanced.


I really like thunder too. Is it a deep purple? Or charcoal gray?

Sue in western WA

You're more of a scientist than I am! Liza picked the right person to send samples to!

I'd love to see these in person. On my screen I like the prune the best.

Solid colors always seemed so 'flat' to me; I'll be this would be the way to go when any kind of a print would be too busy. I need another fabric source like I need a hole in the head, but I'm going to go check out Glorious Color!

Leanne P

The navy or the black really offsets the bright colours beautifully.


The shot cottons and your blocks are just gorgeous. I haven't done any quilting any years, but you and The Keyboard Biologist are giving me the bug.

Thanks for thinking of my Johnny, he's really struggling now (again).


I adore his shot cottons and completely agree with your analysis. Well done and very informative, including that final note. It's important for people not to expect printed cloth weight. The depth of color from having the yarns died, then woven, as opposed to being printed on top is lovely and having no wrong side can be useful.

With your hexagons I love the intense contrasts of those two darker colors, but the navy would have to be an in-person decision (not that I'm inviting myself over). Sometimes the camera pops things more intensely than the eye perceives them. Also, do you have a specific room in which you intend to use or hang it? Testing it in situ might break a tie.


Lots of comments Jan! I love the prune actually :)

I love how cyberspace can deliver substance to thoughts 'spoken' out loud!!

Good luck deciding :)


Beautiful flowers - I love the 'pop'!


I love the prune and slate!

Scribbles & Bits

Very insteresting info! Thanks!


Oh - that palette of the shot cottons is so soothing and lovely. I adore these shot cotton fabrics -- the solids and the stripes. I haven't done much mixing of the printed cottons and the shot cottons though because of that weight difference and the subtle softness difference - if you know what I mean. I usually stick with one or the other in a project. They are a COMPLETE DREAM to use for the hexagons though because the fabric is so thin and soft it almost folds itself around the hexagons and the seams are less bulky.


My favorite is the pewter background.


I would never be able to decide! I love shot cottons almost as much as I love shot silks. and since my flower garden blocks are under my desk, inspired by you int he first place, as soon as I finish two projects this week, I'm pulling them out and getting back to work on them. Thanks for the nudge!


I love those shot cottons, but have been a bit wary of using them in large projects because a friend of mine who made an entire quilt with them claimed that they faded a lot. This was way back when they were first introduced, and from your experiments it seems that the quality must have improved. I'm usually the one who goes for 'pop', but after viewing your options I must admit that I'm partial to prune :-). Whatever you choose will be great, though - they all work as background colours. I'm looking forward to seeing what you choose


These blossoms are amazing. I love your options. They will really POP on solids. Most people these days won't use solids at all but I'm a solid addict.


Love all you create of course!!! Just had to know how is Molly ?? saw news of earthquake and she was the first peron I thought of.....hope all is well!!


Prune, Thunder or Lightening. Definetely. haha. The darker ones make them pop. But the purple hues really are nice.

Inga Helene


I just love the flowers! The colors are glorious. What size are the hexagons? I'm making a link to your blog from mine. :-)


This is really interesting. I liked the black you were planning to use in the first place, but the subtlety of the shot colors is really a fresh look. I do have to confess to liking that navy-ish one--us Catholic school girls always do tend to favor navy blue.


Jan, thank you for this! I just bought 2 yards of 2 colors for a mostly whole-cloth quickie quilt. I just love the selvedges, and how soft and light the fabric is after washing. Seems like the makings of a perfect sofa blankie.

I love that first gray with your blossoms. Can't wait to see how you decide. As I am easily dazzled by greatness, I would say 'how high?' to Liza's 'jump!' But then there's Tonya also saying, jump! Tough call. Sorry for your eBay worries. I don't even want to go there, I've been away so long I might owe for a lot of computers.

xoxo Kay


I just love your hexagon flowers! Love those background fabrics, too - thanks, hadn't heard of them before.


I love your GMFG's! So bright & cheerful.

charlotte lyons

these are beautiful!


Good idea to choose the color between grandmother flower.
My prefered is Prune ... Which one have you finalle choosen ??

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