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March 16, 2007



you lucky devil!


Don't you hate days like that? You feel like nothing gets accomplished. But you're moving! It's final!


Congratulations on the move!! I can tell how happy you are about it and I'm so glad for you.

I don't think I told you before, but I love those girls with an increasing passion. They make me very very happy and I covet them. Will I have to go to Japan to get me some? (Although G would LOVE that. He's such a Japanofile!)

gray la gran

yay! you're moving!!! :)
and the next home won't have faulty window cranks!
i *heart* chicago (of course, i say that as a southern girl that hasn't seen a proper snow in years, and there's absolutely no breeze in the stifling summer).
ps. buying 'some' fabric in the coming week :)


Truth company. Do you think the president of the Truth Company is a know it all? I'm guessing he is.
So, you moving in next to Oprah? I can just imagine. :) I'm still bummed you aren't coming to Phoenix!

Melody Ann Johnson

Let this be a lesson to me. Leave well enough alone! hahaha.


Gak! Aggravation; makes my head hurt. Love the Kokeshi though--they look fabulous in large numbers, like you have. Hmmm. I may take a look at Ebay too...


Beautiful. It's the truth.

Happy and excited for you and your upcoming move!!


Yay for moving! I started reading your blog because the misplaced-in-Indiana stories caught my eye, so I will miss the encouragement of hearing that I'm not the only one who finds this state to be a strange place at times. But I am happy and jealous that you have found a way out--and I'll keep reading for your crafty posts. :)

charlotte lyons

Chicago is so the best! You are going to love it, I'm sure- quilters, crafters, sources, museums! Are you an urban or suburban family? So many neighbrohoods to choose from.
Do stop by my blog for my crafty give-away...100 posts! WOW.


Ah, welcome to my brain! That's how I live my life and I often end up back at the start forgetting that I never got back to the original task because I stopped 10 times to do something else along the way.

Take your time. It will all fall into place and the move will go smoothly!


Chicago! WOW! How exciting---packing again? Didn't u just move in? egads, i will live vicariously through you then. Good luck getting it all together.


Moving always seems to bring on such craziness! I hope that you get through it with as little stress as possible!


glad to see someone gets to go there. i miss my city. i lived in wicker park and hyde park while working in the theatre industry so let me know if you want any info on those things.


Well Yay for you two!! Don't you just love the prospect of a new adventure? Have you booked your next international flight yet?
Hee hee......


I kind of feel like you just described every day for me. Except the moving part. But definitely the screwdrivers.



You've just described a day in my life.....God laughs while man plans!

Congratulations on the move to Chicago. We live only four hours away and I've only been to the city twice for very brief business visits -- yet, there seems to be so much to do there!


you make me laugh so much jan! thank you for that...
p.s. did you hear? you are moving to CHI-TOWN!


What a day! I think you will love Chicago. Glen Ellen was the name of the suburb I couldn't remember. I don't know how far out that is. Can't wait to read of your exploits up there.


Heh, that sounds like how I work - "she jumped on her horse and rode madly off in all directions." :) Hey, I heard a rumor that you might be moving. ;)


Thank god it's the Truth Company.

Just loved this post. Made me less envious (not noticeably less, but less) about the Kokeshi Collection. xoox Kay


Grrl, you lead an exciting life! ;-)


My whole life sounds like that right now.
Who could make this stuff up?
Oh and I hear you are moving to Chicago.


Congratulations on moving...I enjoy reading your blog and am a Chicago crafty-quilter girl. There is a fantastic quilt store in the city called Quiltology and lots of stores in the suburbs. But we definitely need more quilters here...


Sometimes I feel like my life is composed of an endless string of those days, minus the moving to Chicago part. I think that will be the fun part!

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