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February 14, 2007



Having just achieved a too-short pillowcase, would love your pattern! Lucky Molly. xox Kay


Pretty roses! I bet they do look gorgeous against the snow. I'd love the pattern for the pillowcases. Your Valentine one is too cute!

Passions & Distractions

Cute cute valentine and pillowcases! Yeah, when I worked for a florist, roses got ridiculously expensive around this time. I always felt bad for people. I was always really excited when people showed interest in toher arrangements. My favorite was a grouping of irises, star orchids, and baby's breath in a really nice pitcher/vase that picked up the purple of the iris. I loveed it so much, I made and bought one for myself. I was still glad to resign from that job, though.


We ARE in the process of being buried, thanks very much. I've already shovelled 8 inches this morning, while it's still fluffy and light(ish)
I love the heart fabric.
Have a great day, Jan!

Jane Ann

Yes, Jan, instructions please! I've sewn every homey thing there is and I know I could figure it out, but I'd still like to see your directions. Thanks.

Happy V-day to you!


Pretty pillowcases! I bet the roses were dramatic against the snowy backdrop - stay warm and dry!


Oh, yes, please! I'd love to have your instructions for pillow cases. What lovely gifts these would make.


That valentine is too cute! Don't be a knit-wit indeed. :)
Happy Valentine's Day Jan!


Oh! Me! Me! Send it to me too! Thanks so much!


We're getting ice and rain - what a mess! Gorgeous roses and the pillowcases are adorable.


What lovely roses! I would love to have your directions for the pillowcases. I am a quilter also who loves both your knitting and quilting content!

joanne S

Four inches shoveled so far and more coming. finally some white winter here in Maine. And the day off! So send me some pillowcase instructions.

18 roses for $10.99? WOW!


Did you say 14 feet?!? Or is it 14"? For your sake, I'm hoping inches. :)


I want to make some cute pillow cases for my nieces with some fun retro fabric. Please send pattern. Always inspired by your work - Thanks!


I would love to get a copy of the pattern - thanks!


I would also love the pattern for the pillow cases. They look great, as do the roses!


I so enjoy reading your blog and would love the pattern for your pillowcases. We have snow in St. Louis, too, and the bright colors go well with the brightness outside!


Oh, the joys of TJ's!

I remember '78. The Ohio River froze enough to walk across (fools only) from Louisville to IN, which hasn't happened since. Hope you get a thaw soon.

Those pillowcases are so cute. Me too please.


those roses are gorgeous! and what a steal! good for you for picking yourself up some!
i can't imagine having that much snow dumped on me all at once. it's making the 12" of fresh snow outside my door seem like a coating. huh. whatta whimp i am! :o)
happy v-day to you and yours!


Hi Jan, I thought the 4 inches we got in Boston today was a lot, I hope you like snow! Those roses are gorgeous, We've just arrived from Australia, remember me? Husband is out shovelling snow as I type! You never fail to inspire me - still looking for quilters in the Boston area, will be contacting the 3 lovely knitters who answered you last call in the next week.


Your work is truely inspirational---I'd love the instructions for the pillow cases. Thankyou, already


TONS of snow here too!!(NW Indiana).......Came home from work early yesterday( driving down "Lake Effect Highway" from Michigan!) to find my town was shutting down!! Lots of blowing and drifting here on top of many inches from before.Even Quilt Guild was cancelled because library was closed! We were lucky enough to borrow a snow blower....Happy V-day to you and what a deal on those roses!!Enjoy!!!!!

Carol Rose Parker

Great vintage Valentine (I collect them!!), and really REALLY CUTE pillow cases!

I've been planning to make some pillow cases, but figured I'd just measure a store-bought one... so if you wouldn't mind, please email your instructions to assist my non-math brain. No hurry — looks like plenty of others have asked, as well, and I have several other projects to do before the cases.


Happy Valentine's Day to you too! I remember well the Blizzard of 78 as a kid in Massachusetts. I was 13 at the time and I still remember what a playland it was! I can't even imagine how they are coping in Oswego.

Here we are in Central Oregon with the lamest winter I've ever seen. We've had hardly any snow. I would love to have a blizzard right now to slow us all down!


I would love the pillowcase pattern. Aren't they cute? My granddaughters would love some for their sleepovers. Thanks so much!
I can't believe how much snow you've gotten this winter. I had a chuckle when I read they had to cancel the Senate hearings today on global warming because of the weather...


love the pillow cases and im jelous about the snow were lucky if we get an inch in england/ durham and your roses are lovly.

sammyjo x


the pillowcases are great! sleeping like a baby!!


Jan, thank you for another beautiful post. Molly's pillowcases are gorgeous. Your blog is always a welcome feast for my eyes. May I please have a copy of the pillowcase pattern? Thank you for offering to share. You've made my day.



I love your blog! And I would love your pillowcase pattern. Thank you for sharing so generously.


I love your blog! And I would love your pillowcase pattern. Thank you for sharing so generously.


Okay Jan, just list the pattern here since we all seem to want it so much! They are so pretty and fabulously bright!


I used to make Christmas pillowcases for my daughters and their friends in college but they weren't as cute as yours with the contrasting trim and hem! I'd love to have your pattern. And thank you for the Valentine pillowcase idea--next year!


I love the Valentine fabric. May I ask where you purchased it?

I also love your vintage Valentine card. So cute!!!!!


Having done some extremely simple pillow cases, I would certainly like a pattern that might add a little more to my extremely plain rectangle. Please send it on. Thanks.


was browsing and saw your cute pillowcases. What a great gift! Please send me the instructions when you have a moment. Thanks


I too would love a pattern for pillowcases. Brilliant!


cute pillows! pattern please...thank you for much reading and viewing pleasure


I'd love a copy of your pillowcase pattern. I love your fabric choices!


Cute pillowcases and I would love to have a copy of your pattern.



I'd love a copy of your pillowcase pattern.


please send me your pillowcase pattern.
thanks for sharing


I am new to actaully posting comments but old at "lurking" I have had your blog on my favorites list for a while.
I love those pillow cases and they must be easy right? I would love to recieve your pattern if your still offering.


I would love your pattern also.. They are so cute.

Judy L.

Just followed a link from JaneAnn's blog. I'd love your pattern if you're still sending it out. Your pillowcases are beautiful!



i would love to have the pattern if you're still sending it out , thanks in advance cathy


Hello - I have just discovered the world of blogs - how exciting!! I would love the pillowcase pattern if you are still sending it out.
Thanks!! Amanda

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