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January 13, 2007



I really like that quilt, even though I am not a pastel girl either. It's just so happy :) I love all of the colors, you did a wonderful job on it!


I really like that quilt, even though I am not a pastel girl either. It's just so happy :) I love all of the colors, you did a wonderful job on it!


I'm just so impressed with the quilt - the work involved - I don't even see the colors. ;-) It is very happy though.

24 is HUGE in our house. HUGE! Although I'm still reeling from all the losses last season. It's just not the same for me. RIP my goateed cutie.


The quilt is looking gorgeous! Wonderful colours. Think I need to learn knitting with two colours too - think I need some of those mittens!

gray la gran

i love LOVE love that quilt top! i'm sad it might go into hibernation for a bit :(
i want to do a quilt this year. i want to do a quilt sooooon. do you have any suggestions for patterns if said quilter has only 4 semi-related prints to work with in stash? (they're all shades of browns/pinks) i have the denyse schmidt book, which might lend itself to doing something geometrical and simple.

Michelle Gragg

Wow, What I love is the attention to detail you paid! I recognize some of these fabrics but to see the individual blossoms cut out in the squares. This is what makes quilts truely a work of art. And these details really set quilts apart! kudos!!!


You sure do have alot of accomplishments going on! I love that quilt! The mini shop is something else! I've always loved miniatures, and the detail is very impressive. Yes, I think bloggers are a little sleepy these days, me included. I wonder why that is? Your practice piece is beautiful! Doesn't look like practice at all! I look forward to the Latvian Mittens. Just looking of course, FL doesn't have a need to wear them, but it would be nice to make something with a Latvian design in mind just for the beauty of it.


I still love the quilt. You can always send it to me, you know. And 24! So excited!


I like it, but it is not me either... (Definately scrappy enough & the piecing is easy enough - but the fabrics are not me... But I like you do quite a bit that is not me...)

FYI I have a VERY reasonable long armer if that is the route you choose...


I like the quilt a lot, though it's not really my palette either. This will look zingy on a bed. If it were mine, I'd probably repaint a bedroom for it!

And your two-color knitting is looking like you have the technique nailed. Multi-color and Fair Isle is the Final Frontier for me--haven't quite gotten up the courage yet.


Very good job on the knitting! The quilt looks good too, I'd agree with your daughter. I like a little more contrast in my quilts for the most part. But sometimes we are better breaking away from what we "normally" do and going to the left!


This quilt is such a breath of summer air! It makes me sooo happy!


I think it's a happy, bright, summertime quilt. Oh, speaking of quilts, I discovered this morning that I have Gee's Bend Quilts on exhibit right in my very own neighborhood for a while!! I just returned some books to the library and had no idea...

The mitten looks wonderful!! I am definitely still hosting a Latvian-along and have pegged January 31st as a start date, no matter what else I may still have on the needles or in the finishing pile.


Slow?! I sure haven't noticed! There have been all sorts of weird bloglines update delays.

I think I see what you mean about that quilt top. My initial impression is "Wow!" But then - it isn't something I'd pick out to have here.


I love the quilt! I also don't know if it would get used on a bed in my house, but it sure is gorgeous!

Thanks for the links too. I especially love the sari story. I makes me want to get one myself!


Fabulous work on the quilt top!


What a beautiful array of colors! It would make a fabulous wall hanging in a room that needs livening up! Welcome back from Bill Murrayland!


ah just what i needed today, thank you jan! your links always inspire... i want to shop with babs...


That may not be your usual style, but I love it. Pure happiness to wrap around yourself.

Thanks for the shout-out. I'm honored to be among those interesting links. You're such an enabler ;) Half the time I click on your blog I end up reading five others!


Aww shucks, thank you so much, I'm blushing!

I am completely in awe of this quilt though, looking at it makes me feel instantly happy, such lovely lively colours, quite the tonic for all this grey weather over here at the moment. I can imagine this on a sunny day in a lovely garden, the perfect spot to picnic, read and knit the afternoon away. Gorgeous


Wow, that quilt is an inspiration to me, it looks amazing! Thank you for sharing it, I have been working on my first quilt and this is just fantastic!

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