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January 10, 2007



It is cold like winter today, what's with that?
I love the colours and the seed stitch in the scarf. Now I'm thinking that maybe you need a new coat to go with, mmm?


Hey, I can relate - I had the same sort of debate about some convertible mittens I bought last month. The scarf is wonderful! As is the calendar.


That scarf is super cute. Thanks for the inspiration! I love to do seedstitch. But I made a whole baby blanket out of it once, and by the end I definitely felt like I was just slogging through it.


Jan, your baggage made me think about a recent flight on Southwestern...the flight attendant asked that everyone make sure that their emotional baggage was properly stowed...I almost snorted. I always think that as long as there isn't a porter with a steamer trunk and matching luggage, a little emotional baggage adds character.


Great colors all together in the scarf. I must still lean more heavily toward quilting because I see colors like that and think "quilt". Stay warm!


I'm a terrible control freak myself. Letting go of my baggage should really be my goal for 2007.

And what a cool scarf! Wow, nine colors? Even cooler.


I LOVE it...and would have bought it in a heartbeat - it's all MY colors.


That's an awesome scarf! Yay for you for buying it. I often think, "I could make that" when looking at some hand-crafted item, but do I ever really get around to it? Not usually. It adore the colors, too.


Living a happy-go-lucky life. Love it, and a good reminder. Thank you Jan.


Very Rowanish colors... and WAY too much seed stitch! All fine reasons to buy it ... and for a good cause? What could you do?


what a wonderful scarf jan and a wonderful sentiment. it goes perfect wiht the blustry busy day that today is.
i love it!


I love that scarf. I would have to say that I wouldn't have put that much thought into it. It's long, it has an interesting stitch and it has wonderful colors. What more can you want? By the way... you inspired the polka dot blanket.... just thought you should know.

gray la gran

i always say when you can purchase for less $ and less fuss, then go ahead and purchase. i have a nice, and very simple, banana republic scarf i got several years ago, on sale for $10 ... and it's cashmere :) my ONLY cashmere too.
i love the calendar picture. it makes me think that i need to ride my bike more (this cold weather is a deterrent). and the baggage, oh, it's just a pannier ... just clip it on to the rack and ride away ... just imagine, there's yarn inside, some tyvek to use as a blanket on the grass, a snack, and some water. happy-go-lucky ;)


You done good. I love it!


Love the scraf and yes it was worth the money and the time it would have taken to gather all the colors, do the work, and fret over exactly how to make it.

I made skinny crocheted scarfs like that last year for my neices. They love to wrap them twice and still have plenty to hang down.


Why do I always see the typo's AFTER I see push the button?

scraf = scarf


Jan you crack me up! Sometimes you've just got to buy things!! :)


yeeeaaay striped anything....double yeay striped scarf!!!ya done good!!!!


I made a seed stitch scarf strangely similar to that one, out of some of my plant-dyed yarns mixed with a commercially dyed grey color, only mine is 1) is too short 2) is too wide 3) has stripes in random widths 4) is super itchy!
Hmmm. Maybe it could be a table runner?
Yours is beautiful. It was worth the hemming and hawing over it.


Adorable scarf. Those colors are great!


You made a wise choice there. Beautiful scarf! May all your days be carefree :)


Thank you Jan! I was daring in those days! I only wished I developed the sewing skills more. I'm ** that close to getting an adorable apron book I saw though!

Marsha Finney

Seed stitch is supposed to use a lot of yarn, so think of all the stash you saved! Well,maybe that is not such a good reason:>)

But I love the scarf regardless!


I'm still not beyond the 'I can make it myself' issue. It's always haunted me. Most of what I make goes to relatives, friends, my kids. Glad to realize I'm not alone on this.

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