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January 03, 2007



Well, thanks for saving me a post ;) I've been in the same quandary the last few days - feeling I should finish tops, feeling I'm not proficient at machine quilting, wanting to move on, yet wanting a warm, FINISHED quilt... Oh the mental debates we rage within ourselves! I'll wager your thoughts will resonate with many readers today. Those colorful blocks are looking pretty fabulous though - sew on!


You may be tired of that quilt, as often happens when we near the end of a project, but I think it's absolutely gorgeous. I love the bright colors.


I'm craving routine too - done am I with emergencies and holidays and such. I want to get back to work.

And your quilts make me long for my own knitted quilt ideas. They are so gorgeous.


Whether it becomes a finished quilt or not, it's gorgeous! And that boar is very cute.


it's funny...when i saw the pic of your quilt, I "oooooooohed" and "aaaaaaaahed". LOVE IT. however, in continuing along, I was surprised to find that you were tired of it! isn't that how it goes? ;o)
enjoy your routine day...i am. :o)


I love how that top looks like it has sashing - you press really well... (Aren't you glad that you did not insert sashing....)


wow that's a lot of fabric. I might show it to Mr M when he complains about mine...

I love that quilt by the way...


Can't wait to see what you create next! Happy New Year.


May I share what I think happens with your interest Jan? Just something I found to be true for me? I think sometimes we get so hung up on worrying about how perfect the colorations are, and how every simgle piece will mesh with the other colors, patterns, and textures that by the time we get around to sewing we have already made the quilt...twice or more! Sewing it can be kinda...blah. I tried last year to not worry so much about the perfection and more about just putting things together and liking them at "first blush" or sometimes sewing chunks and arranging them so they fit mathmetically, not colorwise. The Halloween quilt was my graduation, of sorts, from worrying so hard that the whole quilt was perfect. The row quilt I am doing now is like this...I still agonize over a particular block and it's coloration, but as to how each block in the rows fit together...I'm letting that be a complete surprise!


I think this is a wonderfully refreshing and healthy attitude, Jan. I'm tired of feeling the "obligation" of my art projects. I know I can't fly willy nilly from one thing to another, and I always preach discipline, but sometimes, you just have to let it go. You may come back to it one day, or it can make a great UFO for someome else to finish up!


How could you ever get sick of that!!! IT's so dang pretty!


It's all about our attitude - I'm on a new path in 2007 and full of anticipation! I had to think long and hard and have some serious discussions with myself but I feel so good about my new attitude! I loved your post - right up my alley! Relax and Enjoy!


Wow, ya know, I haven't worked on my "old coat project" since early autumn and haven't worked on my "Expect Good Things" hooked rug for over a month...and it is starting to feel icky....I know I will work on both of them eventually....but why do things get so heavy sometimes?

gray la gran

but it's soooo pretty! if it really nags at you, and your eyes are tired of it, it can come and live with me :) !!!


Your quilts are works of art Jan. I come here nearly every day just to catch such a glimpse!
And that boar? Did you just have that thing around? It is so cute!


I love it too Jan, but it will still be there in a couple of years time when you're craving something to stitch!! You go for it!!

Tonya R

Why force yourself to work on something when you'd rather be playing? That can't be good. Just set aside the UFOs for another day and have fun. vroom vroom vroom. I like the idea of someone getting my UFOs years from now when they are antiques and being really excited about finishing them off.


Don't forget the ever -present option of having your're friendly fellow Hoosier Long-arm quilter help you finish tops.
"Done is good!" and some tops can do double duty as an exercise or study AND keep you warm.(if you're sure they won't be comitted to the hand quilting option..) Always cotton thread of course!!!!Love the Boar..and Happy New Year!!!!!!


I am so inspired by your beautiful crafts - and your use of color, J! So, you ready for Project Spectrum 2.0? :)


Rise and shine and give God the glory, glory...

That was what my mother tortured us with as kids, teenagers, and yes, still in adulthood. The begining of your post cracked me up!

Wishing you, me and everyone a happy new year of completed quilts!


For someone who's not getting alot done, you sure do alot! Wish I could make that kind of time for the knitting! The quilt tops are just gorgeous! Horray for the boar!


Wow! My kids go back to school next Monday. I hope I'm showered and coffeed up and sewing by 9:00 then! I recently (sort of) cleaned my sewing room (which most recently had been wrap central) and came acress my very first quilt which I never finished. I started it 20 years ago. I'm vowing to finish it this year. I'm excited about it. And those other quilt tops that just need borders and quilting....maybe those, too!


I'm keep coming back here at the moment as I'm thinking about quilts.What am I getting myself into?
Don't worry I will let you know if anyone claims the Tokyo Festival Quilts. We've done what we can by saying where they were from, I think. I hope you don't mind me using them, they are my main inspiration at the moment.


Oh and I'm glad you like the Shirley Trevena books. I think they are the best books out there about painting.

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