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January 06, 2007



I see lots of polka dots coming from your end of the bloggerhood! What a find on that quilt! Fabulous!


Hi Jan!
I found your blog thru JuJu...polka dots...great!
I am a quilter/watercolor artist....etc.
You really found a treasure in the vintage top of pieced fan blocks! I love to "rescue" these when I find them! They are "eye candy" for us!


My last 2 posts are all dotty, too. Must be a design obsession although I have always loved them, always used them. What doesn't go with polka dots?


I love dots! What a find! Lucky you. Can't wait to see what you are working on.


$15! What a deal! And yes, I read the warning note on the handle packaging, and I was saddened.


My daughter always tells me my bag handles would look like candies... Hm, maybe I should mention they are rather fragile, don't let them or the bag fall on solid ground. Fortunately they can be rapaired easily...
Interesting quilting on that find... blindfolded... nicely said.


Hmmm, good to know that you have a polka dots thing. I love that quilt -- as a non-quilter, I only see the charm.


I love the quilt. Polka dots are always great. As in the bag handles. I can't wait to see what you put with them.


Great stuff, as always. Yes, some of that early machine quilting was pretty funky. Thank God for even-feed quilting feet!


It's beautiful and I'm sure your family treasures it.


Love the quilt - the polka dots are great. That quilt could not be resisted by anyone.

My goodness, Jan, the handles are just too cute. You find the coolest websites. I need to place an order for some of the cool buttons!


I recently bought a whole stack of polka-dot prints, and your photos are so inspiring! Can't wait to make a dotty quilt of my own!

Tonya R

What a great quilt and I'm thrilled to learn that you can see beyond its flaws and enjoy it. Just remember to apply that philosophy to your own work as well. I admit that I prefer to sew with straight lines too, tho I was much looser when working on my recent scrap quilt.


I love that quilt (and your quilt as well). I also found a great warning lately as well. It was on a package of asian noodles.

"This product contains edible organic acid and it is harmless for human consumption"


That's some crazy quilting LOL - but what a steal for $15! Glad it found a second home :)

LOL at the handles/candy warning!!

And Mariko's response :)


lovely dots here and with juju! you two are helping me get through that quilt project this year with all your inspiration.
re: those cute handles, don't you just LOVE tag warnings?


You're right -- it's horrible up close, but beautiful as a quilt in use. While none of us would be proud of a job like this, I think you've hit upon an important point -- we look at quilts close-up and notice every flaw, especially in our own work. We should look at the sum of the parts and revel in their appeal (and perhaps the love of the person who made it).


Oh, I AGREE that you should iron your blocks before putting them together. Otherwise it could be nearly impossible to line up the edges properly. No, I'm not of the Slap It Together school. It's looking great, Jan.


Well the brand is candy pops....

I too love dots - all kinds of dots live in my stash! (I am partial to stripes too...Mostly dots - have you seen the tiddly winks fabrics yet - fun dots!)


I got 6 fat quarters from the pink/brown portion - no idea what I will do with them, but I am enjoying haveing them! (Maybe a wall pocket - I need to cover my fuse box...)


I was thinking just recently about how much great art was founded upon lots of everyday practice and technique. That fits in with your thought about all those quilt tops that haven't yet been quilted, but I'd also point out that just because you aren't feeling inspired by finishing that quilt now doesn't mean it isn't still good or that you won't like it again. You are following through with good technique -- so that when you've finished it and come back to, those pesky little details won't distract you from enjoying the vision that you had when you first put it together; in fact, they will enhance it. So I wouldn't worry about lacking the spark right now; it's just for a little while.

EVERY job, even the hobbies we love, have dull parts.


Very cute handles. LOVE the quilt! Is it quiltied with pink thread, or do I detect a pink cast...maybe red settled into the sewing lines? Poor thing was in a hurry huh! But the whole effect is stupendously fabulous!

GREAT find Jan!


Curse you ... I am now hooked on Superbuzzy. I want some of their buttons, purse handles, pins, fabric ... and my sewing machine died at Christmas so I can't even sew anything!

What a wonderful site.


Wow, a spotty post! I love the words on the back of the handle. I haven't ordered any of those but I should really.
I just wanted to say again how much I like your site. I've been in your Japanese gallery again, distracting myself from my work. I love all your commentary. I wish I could go with you to a Japanese quilt festival.


Ah! the handles! Thanks to you and Mariko, we're all sold out... good thing I placed a monster re-order for them last night! I need to find something to do with them for myself!


The warning on the package is the best!


I'm with you on the ironing. It's a nice break between the sewing steps.

Your take on the dotty fans is good - it's fun, colorful, graphic and very pleasing, even if the execution slacks a bit. The message to loosen up seems to be everywhere this week!

Angie Grimm

Oh Polka Dots my very favorite. I love the off-kilter lap quilt and those handles are definitely eye candy! I have serious polka dot envy!


This is just the pep talk I need. My newbie quilt tops are not 'too good' to risk some fast quilting or learning-curve quilting on. They don't get any enjoyment sitting folded up in batting on the shelf for 6 months when they could be on the sofa. Nobody sees the quilting except the quilters, and I have no quilters in my audience! My piecing is just fine, my colors are cheery, I should just get them made up into quilts and move on to more tops! You, on the other hand, must just keep making tops from your stacks of fabric, and not thinking about what to do with them. That's my opinion. xox Kay


great handles... don't you love silly warnings on labels? My favourite is when they say 'keep away from fire' on children clothes...

No really? I thought I might just throw them in and see what happens. Doh.

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