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December 21, 2006



I love this story of Gwen and the wreath--makes me smile and feel sad all at the same time.


That wreath is beautiful. You really painted a great picture, I could just see Gwen on the porch.


That's a wonderful story, Jan. It's neat how certain items hold such a special place. (BTW, I also want to live, some day, in an big old house too.)


What a lovely story Jan. Thanks so much for sharing it.


What a wonderful piece of history!


We're in Cleve Hts now, though not the big old house. We haven't quite had the neighborhood charm that you experienced but we enjoy our time here regardless.


Don't change too much, it's just perfect now! Change the leaves and see how it feels, the craks give it the flavor of time.


It's wonderful that you have Gwen's wreath. I'm sure you'll make it uniquely your own when you change the leaves but you'll always remember where it came from and that's what really counts.


What a beautiful story. I, for one, am very sad that you missed out on the bulk of the estate sale. Merry Christmas, Jan!


What a lovely story! I'll bet Gwen would be thrilled to know you're keeping here wreath going.


Love that wreath! Why don't you just write a little M on the bottom before you put it away?


Cool story. As much as I'd like to go back to doing a themed tree and a themed house at Christmas like I used to do BK (before kids), the hodge podge of trim we have now all have stories behind them and are all pretty precious.


Now THAT'S a great story! Enjoy your wreath and memories of Gwen!


Well done...beautiful wreath and story.


What a great wreath! I do hope you'll show us how it turns out -- I can't wait to see.

I've been wanting to thank you for the links of late -- that yo-yo tree and the others -- they're just great. I always find something interesting when I follow a Be*mused link. ; )


that is one lovely wreath jan, i think that the find you found at that sale was just perfect. with the new leaves it seems just right.
happy holidays!


What a beautiful story! And the wreath is beautiful too. Merry Christmas.


thank you for this sweet story of kindness and remembrance...and for your wonderful blog and link to mine....hoping to make it a happier place soon. in the meantime, i'll just hang around here. happy new year.

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