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November 28, 2006



Hope the germs pass quickly. The muffins in the last post look so good, I am adding the ingredients to my shopping list for this week.


Wow it must be the season. Both DH and DS had a cold and now so do I along with at least 5 people at my job. I think it's that change in the weather thing.


Beautiful quilt! I'm always drawn to those deep earthy colours... cross hatching is my favourite method of quilting. Did you do that yourself?


Love that quilt - I've always wanted to try that block - and love the quilting on it, too. Take care of yourself. Was home with a cold today myself.


Maybe the subdued colors are due to the sickness. Hope you feel better soon.


Great quilt! That block has been on my to-do list for oh, about 15 years. I really ought to buckle down and just get busy with it already.


That is gorgeous! Hope you feel better.


GET THEE SOME AIRBORNE and start pounding it every 3 HOURS....it may be too late to nip in bud but should lessen the severity and duration...( I'm just bouncing back from some viral thing that started Sunday..almost normal!!)? ..AS IF!!!BWAAAAAAHAAAH. glad to see you back in blog world...feel better soon!


I swear by EmergenCee. Take 2-3 a day with warm water... about a 1/4 cup of water. Hope you feel better. I will miss your bright colors.


Yes Jan, I slipped. I'm told this drop spindle thing leads to wheels;)


Hope you're feeling better soon!

And I love that quilt! It's very warm and soothing ...


Get well soon, Jan!


Hope that you are feeling better today. Guess what we made for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning? Your muffins!! I do believe that we may have started a new tradition.


Hope you're feeling better!!


but you're going to finish them all first right? you're not going to put them aside?

that's a beautiful version of snail's trail. love it! :)


Love your quilts. What ever happened to the red and pink one, 4/2/06, and the orange and yellow one, 4/11/06? Beautiful bright colors.


feel better jan, be good to yourself! i love the subdued patterns and colors of your quilt here. that snail pattern is one of my very favorites too... what a great look!


Hope you feel better soon!


I've also been craving the deeper, richer, color tones lately. Muted, warm and texturized. The quilt is really lovely. Are those praire points sewn down? because I see no seam matching up to them. I've seen one appliqued border similar to that style, and it's how (if I think I know how you did that) I plan to do my BoaF quilt border!

Fabulous! Hope the throat feels better quickly!


Beautiful quilt!! I love the colors in it. And feel better. I've got one kid on antibiotics and the other with a fever of 103.1. Whatever it is, its nationwide.


Oh that snails trail quilt is beautiful, and the hand quilting is so wonderful on it!


I'm going through the same thing, croak, croak.
There is always a season for subdued. Very lovely.


Jan, I hope you are feeling better. Please take care of yourself...I started with a score throat in early November and within 3 days my cough & breathing weren't good ..pneumonia is what I've been fighting for 3 weeks...

Your quilt is beautiful...love the dark, rich colors.


Jan sorry to hear you're feeling bleurgh. Rest and fluids. And chilli should help!

I love the Snail's Trail quilt. Hand quilted. my oh my look at those perfectly straight lines. *sigh*

Beautiful work. Who would think it is 10 years old? It looks like you made it yesterday.


I love your snails trail! The colors in it are beautiful. The quilting is great too.
Hope you get better soon!

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I hope you're feeling better! And that quilt is gorgeous!

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