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November 12, 2006



Gorgeous! I have yet to knit this pattern but I always love seeing close-ups of the basket motif.

Mary Beth

It's beautiful - love the festive cranberry color! Thanks for the mention! I, too, and swamped with inspiration!


Very lovely some day I will be better at knitting. I can do it mind you I just want to be able to make lace like your shawl that I haven't figured out yet.


Beautiful! I made this shawl too, and I agree that it seemed a little bit small. I love the yarn you've used, it works really well with the basket patterning. Congrats!


Oooh pretty!!

Jane Ann

I am FURIOUS with myself. I've been planning for the final 2-part "Prime Suspect" episodes all week. Went to darling granddaughter's birthday party this evening and was home in plenty of time----but I forgot! Until it was over. I swear I can only focus on one "event" per day any more. Oh, me. I think I will just start the whole series over and by the time I get to the end, maybe it will be out on DVD too. Aaarrrrgggghhhhh.


In the presence of the great Jane Tennison, it is all I can do to keep going round and round in plain stockinette. Even the stockinette gets paused when Jane is really, really giving somebody the business.

I never even CARE who DONE IT in Prime Suspects. I'm just watching Jane......

xoox Kay


Your Forest Canopy is just beautiful! Love the red you chose and can't wait to see the mittens.


It's wonderful! And if you want a slightly bigger but very similar shawl, you could knit Leaf Lace.


The shawl is beautiful, such a lovely seasonal colour.


Oh, those socks are beautiful!
I do love Helen. I watched the first of the two Elizabeth DVDs. I may knit and watch the second today. Nothing as fancy as your project. By the way, the scarf is very beautiful!


I meant shawl... I have scarves on the brain.


aaaargh! All those lovely projects in all those links, and me with a Serious Deadline!!

Your FBS is gorgeous. The pattern is a classic, isn't it?


Excellent finish Jan!! Very beautiful and I wouldn't have seen the baskets if you hadn't pointed them out!

I have loved those mittens for so long...especially the points at the end!!


Beautiful FBS! I've been contemplating that shawl for awhile and each time I see one I feel the pull again :)

And I know that you can master 2 color knitting!


The shawl looks so beautiful in red...


So pretty! the baskets are, indeed, fun. :-)
I can't tell which pattern you're knitting. Is that part of the surprise, or am I being... dense?


I've watched a bunch of those movies on PBS. They are so good!


Oh Jan you have found your new calling! This is just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. ANd I too would not have noticed the baskets if you hadn't explicitly pointed them out!

joanne S

Loved the Prime Suspect--and it has a second part next week. My husband got home from work during the last 5 minutes and just from the look of complete attention I had--he didn't say a word till the credits rolled.

I'm going to try and get the series from the beginning so I can enjoy them all--I'm sure I missed one or maybe two of them.

There used to be a separate "Mystery" evening and a "Masterpiece Theatre". Since Mobil gave it up as sponsor--there's only the one night.

Diane E.

Almost missed Prime Suspect also. I warned everyone before coming in the room with a shhh so I wouldn't miss a syllable. Lovely shawl and love mitts on Inga's too!


Wow! Pretty!


What a beautiful shawl! I didn't get the name thing before I saw that close-up - such sweet little baskets!
And if you liked the pattern on the Norwegian mittens, you should check out the jackets at this place: http://www.oleana.no/ ! I couldn't find out from the site where you can buy patterns, but I know some of them have been published in a book and have been available as kits. I don't think I'll ever throw myself into a project like that, but as eye candy they are really something!

Kat with a K

So pretty!


I love it. That is an amazing piece.

I'm thinking that pattern would also look fantastic in a warm yellow.

Very cool.




It's gorgeous!! Good thing I have the pattern, or I'd have to rush out and buy it. :)


So beautiful. The color of the yarn your chose is gorgeous. I'm sure it looks fabulous on.

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