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November 20, 2006


Kat with a K

Impressive! And gorgeous muffin pictures!


Those look so delicious! Thanks for the recipes!


Thanks so much for the recipes and have a wonderful time with your family! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


Hurricane Molly. Heh.

I can't believe you baked 8 dozen muffins. I think I would kill myself if I had to do that! And I doubt your family members would LET you forget the muffins.

As for long lines at the post office, avoid them by doing it all online! That's what I do! I try to appease the poor mailman by giving him candy (we have a lot of stairs leading up to the house).


Good Lord Jan that's a lot of muffins!! I need to make some as they are my favorite thign to much on!! I'll try both recipes!!


As soon as I saw that picture I thought to myself, didn't Jan bake a ton of muffins for Thanksgiving last year too? What a wonderful aunt you are! I will definitely have to try your chocolate chip recipe. It looks delicious!

Happy Thanksgiving!


OMYGOD, I think you should now move up to sending out half-dozens of muffins to all your loyal readers. Just a thought. If you send a torpedo my way, I will totally understand. Hee.


Applause!! Very impressed. And how nice your daughter is home to visit. Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Oh do you know The Muffin Jan? The Muffin Jan....deedle leedle lee. Quite the baking tornado you are....I've never heard of such deelish varieties!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your muffin eaters!!

Kristin La Flamme

I'm with Norma! I want to be part of your family--those muffins look yummy :-)

We've decided that with all our family chaos, we're going out to dinner for Thanksgiving this year. Phew!


oh de yum yum yum :)

They sound goooooooooood!

No wonder you had no time for stitching or knitting LOL


I remember last year's muffin post. They look absolutely wonderful - again! Happy Thanksgiving, Jan.


The muffin aunt! LOVE that. I wish I had a muffin aunt. I've got a pain in the ass aunt, but that is an entirely different story.


Oh, goodie... more recipes. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!


The muffins look awesome! But inquiring minds want to know; what did you bring as the sidedish for the forgotten event?


Mmmmm... Heh, I'd have post-its EVERYWHERE to avoid leaving them behind... and might still anyway!


you are a muffin machine! They all look sooooooo good. i wish you were my relative.

Passions & Distractions

(Cue Homer Simpson voice) Mmmmmmmuffins. Thanks for sharing the recipes! I know what I'l be fixing up soon!

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