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November 05, 2006



that bed quilt is going to be glorious. i'll have to make a day trip so i can see it in person!


Hi! I live in the Boston area and I'm a big knitter, and do a (very) little quilting. I'd love to be in touch with Geri, so feel free to send her my contact info!


I love all the links you provide. Can't wait to see your new ideas.


What a happy quilt this is going to be!

And then I looked at Kathy's quilt -- oh, my!


The quilt made by Kathy is really gorgious, but yours is so beautiful also! And working with all these small squares... what a job!!


Jan, feel free to give Geri my info - of course we can talk about painting and such... she may have ideas for my little quilt project!


p.s. and your lovely lovely quilt is just beautiful! thanks for the inspiring links as always!


One beginner quilting book that we recommend to folks in the shop where I work is Start Quilting by Alex Anderson. As far as beginner patterns and books in general, I've heard a lot of positive feedback about the ones from Atkinson Designs. They have excellent detailed instructions that beginners are able to understand.


Still love this quilt!!


I learned a lot from Fons & Porters Guide to quilting(Not sure about the actual name) It was released in '93 and has been re-printed many times since then with addendums. It's a really great intro to all different styles of quiltmaking with very detailed photos-I've gone and lent it to someone so I can't find my copy or I'd gladly send it to Geri.... dang, the memory fails me. Your quilt is breathtaking-I'm in awe...a...w...e..


I love the "holes" in your quilt top. (Are you going to fill them with new blocks?) I don't work with a design wall, so that concept is brand spankin new to me!

Thanks for the new URL's - I am liking the "bittersweet" quilt - that I found after following so many hperlinks, I could not remember who sent me looking! It is not my style, but....


that is beautiful!


I live in Boston - Cambridge actually. I am a knitter and a spinner, (my mother is the quilter).

Feel free to give her my information!


Your quilt is just gorgeous! You do the best things with fabic really...


Well I will admit that the first thing I said was...where are the blue one?? But it's your quilt and you decide what goes and what stays!

It looks great! You should have the 9 left done in no time. Can't wait to see it on the bed!


Very nice!! I'm loving all the colors in this quilt! And I agree, I love that block of blues, but it would be too dark for this quilt. And thanks for the link to Lucy's site!! what a gorgeous quilt!!

Peg Schuler-Armstrong

Thank you for your inspiration; I'm so glad you blog. To Denise: I'm a self-taught beginning quilter, and my textbook was (and I'll say it with a straight face) "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Quilting," by Laura Ehrlich. Good luck!


Holy moly Jan! Does that quilt officially have one gazillion pieces? What an amazing array of color. Beautiful.


There are lots of great quilts with complicated designs and intricate piecing, but simple and restrained still always speaks volumes to me.


The quilt it looking great! Good choices on the auf-ed ones (thanks for the def). The darkest reds do the job without being distracting and the medium purples and blues you've kept are restful (IMOHO). You must try to get it quilted for the dark days of January - that will look so beautiful in a room with snow outside (that's a special light I miss here in So Cal).


I have been out of town- just now catching up with RSS feeds that quilt is killer! I mean KILLER I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!


Some books that helped me when I first started were Fons & Porter's Quilter's Complete Guide that dee mentioned and The Art of Classic Quiltmaking by Harriet Hargrave & Sharyn Craig. Both are very detailed in the construction aspect of assembling a quilt top. Harriet Hargrave's Heriloom Machine Quilting and Roxanne McElroy's That Perfect Stitch are great for the a beginner that wants to either hand quilt or machine quilt.


I live outside of Boston (Newton) and I'd be happy to show someone around and have a new friend to knit and quilt with!
:) Kate


Thank you all for all the wonderful book ideas! I love watching Simply Quilts so I would imagine her books are good..and "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Quilting," by Laura Ehrlich, Lynn I never thought of that!
Bottom line is I think it's time to begin at the beginning! Thank you again, I'll keep you posted!

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