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October 13, 2006



Once upon a time, you-know-what didn't start until after the pie plates were put away again. I mean they didn't wait for the turkey to be *finished*, but at least it was a carcass. Unlike now, when it's entirely possible said turkey is still eating grain somewhere.
Do you suppose in 15 or so years we'll be making the same complaints about Halloween? The amount of decorating even now certainly seems to indicate it.


Love the simplicity of the quilt and the color, too!


honestly all i can think of is candy canes candy canes andy canes. LOVE IT.


I like it!

(I will admit that yesterday I wrapped the first gift of the you-know-what season.)

Kristin La Flamme

No handmade C gifts this year. I'm not even thinking about it until after Dec 1st. I'm in denial even about Halloween. Luckily I don't see a need to make new costumes this year. I LOVE your candy cane quilt though! What if it was the small quilt to drape over a chair? You must finish it -- just like I'm going to make a retro cool felt nativity set. Not.


I love the candy cane quilt even if it does remind me of the dreaded "C" season.


Okay, Jan, while I am really loving this new quilt, I have to wonder what happened to the pile of black and white fabrics that I was so enamored of!


What a wicked girl you are Jan...poor queenie over languishing in the corner! The quicky candy cane is easy to finish and move on from so that Queenie can be done and given the attention she is naturally craving!!

Tonya R

new blocks are gorgeous, as always. You gotta stop starting quilts that have repetitive blocks. If you mixed it up or liberated your blocks it might keep your interest longer.


This one will last right through Valentine's Day! I am an unabashed and incorrigible lover of red-and-white anything.


Ah, a woman after my own heart. Yesterday I attached the bindings to my own Christmas throw quilt because I didn't feel like working on the other half dozen projects in the works. It all works out in the end, right? ;0)


i can't mix my holidays up ... i am too old. one has to come after another and darn... if the gifts are not quite done... they are early for next year! :-)
i think that this quilt is stunning and most beautiful and reminds me too -- of candy canes!


Nice! You said C


Oooh, peppermint stick!

Dale Anne

The quilt looks FABULOUS - GREAT JOB!
But, how small are those pumpkins...my goodness I haven't seen any that small ever.


Love, love, love the quilt!


It's a peppermint candy quilt! I love it!


Hmm, maybe you need to move your workspace out of the fabric room to finish it! :)


Oh yeah we've got the Christmas jingles happening here too already. I just hate it. It reminds me the year is nearly out and I have so much yet to do!! I love Christmas, but in December people!!

How are you going to quilt it? It's lovely. Do finish it!!!


Very cool quilt for the holidays--it doesn't just SCREAM Christmas. Wouldn't it be nice if all the retailers and marketing people took the same approach...


Love the court house steps! (peppermint candy!)

What is in the bowl? (Mini pumpkins? - real? fake? - rotten marshmallow pumpkin candies - if those things even go bad...)

Scribbles & Bits

Such wee pumpkins! They're so adorable! And I love the quilt! It's almost like little cupcakes!


Mmmmm... look at those pumpkins! mmmm... Christmas is right around the corner! YAY!!


Gosh, I love that quilt, the colours and design are so pretty, and a little different too.

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