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August 23, 2006



I'm glad you decided to share. I grew up before Barbie, but my daughter had Barbies. I still have many patterns for their clothing, but never found time to make any. Hopefully for granddaughters, maybe?


I didn't know anything about that accident but I'm glad you told me about it.


Jan, I am always amazed by the things you are digging out!
As for the memories we knit into our projects, that's true. I don't knit that much though, but there are quite some memories that went into the handsewn stars for the quilt I am still working on. Hope they will never leave that quilt.


Where did you find the pattern for the mini sweater? I have seen them used as ornaments in the Anthropology Catalog and have wanted to make on ever since. It is very cute!


Jan! I have the same "titian" Bubble cut Barbie from that time & I love dolls and sewing as a result of that special time! If you would share copies of your patterns I would be happy to pay for them. I enjoy seeing your doll and clothes! Thank you, Denise

Tonya R

I have a strapless evening dress that my mother knitted for my doll (not a Barbie - she was walking Jamie or something like that). That is so cool that you still have the patterns, but sad to remember the accident.


Oh my goodness Jan! Those little outfits for Barbie are just amazing. I am so glad you hung onto those. They will one day live in a museum I am sure. What a time capsule. Don't you dare throw them away!


Jan, thank you so much for posting your knitting memories. What a story - I knew nothing about it. Very sad, indeed.

Amazing little collection for Barbie - and such a great conversation starter. I made some handsewn clothes for my Barbies, but never knit, as I did not know how then. My grandmother did make a crochet dress for one of my dolls... I wonder where that went...

Thank you, once again for sharing, Jan!

Dorothee Klein

God, Ann's post makes me want to run to my closets and wardrobes and everything to start my cleaning out. Which I do regularly anyway because we move approx every 5 seconds (well, currently it's more like 18 months but it does get the job done).

And I'm sure those old patterns are worth a fortune now.


oh look at that wonderful barbie case and those outfits! I just love childhood doll collections.

be careful when whittling. my mom is the 'spare' type and she'd weed through all our stuff so often it's amazing we have anything saved at all. I only have one small box left of doll stuff from when I was a kid and I pore over it more often than I'd like to admit.


Beautiful stuff -
don't ever part with it...
what a time, when you were nine!
I wish we didn't have 24 hour news - it makes it very hard to determine what we SHOULD hear about and what is just junk.
In those days you knew what news was real and important.


i bet you can pull in some nice buck for those on ebay. :)


I don't have the patterns but I made my share of regular Barbie clothes! Very cool that you have those.


Oh Jan, I hope you never part with your old Barbie patterns! Surely your daughter will be thrilled to have them some day. (And if she's not, you can adopt me to be your part-time daughter and recipient of cast-off vintage Barbie patterns.)

My mom and aunts and grandma made me so many Barbie clothes when I was a girl. I had the best-dressed dolls on the block. Thanks for making me remember such happy times, when all it took was a custom-made satin wedding gown, a fake fur stole, and some shoes that would never stay on to make my dolly playtimes complete.


What a sad story... that was a tragic year. But your Barbie seemed to thrive... you were really creative and I would think making those small outfits would be much harder than larger items. I am amazed.


I have an old baggy mohair jumper in a variegated hand dyed yarn in yellow/orange/red/purple/blue (sounds hideous when you write it down). I refuse to throw it away because I started knitting it when I arrived at University and began living away from home for the first time!
Thanks for sharing your memory...it's made me want to do the same now.....


I always was -- and continue to be -- in awe of anyone who makes Barbie clothes!

Thanks for a great post!!

Scribbles & Bits

This is a really beautiful entry! Thank you for sharing your memories.


The Barbie and the little suitcase and the little clothes... sweetest thing ever!


Your Barbie was certainly better outfitted than if her wardrobe was all "storebought." Thanks for sharing the memory the sweater evoked.


What an amazing wardrobe that Barbie has! It's true that there are memories in the things you make. I look at things I've made and remember things that were going on in my life at that time.

My favorite story relating to this is about aquilt my sister made. As she was making this quilt -- day after day working with my mother in her sewing room she tried to think of how she was going to tell my mom that she was moving out of the house and in with her boyfriend - and they would be (gasp) unmarried. She's in her 40s now, but still thinks of that time in her life when she looks at the quilt.

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