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August 16, 2006



I've also been thinking a lot about getting back into drawing. What a great post, inspirational and colorful.

I once left my crayons in the back window of the family car, we returned to a mixed color melted mess. Ahhh, crayon memories.


I feel the exact same way about my writing. I think about it every day - but do I do it? I hope you get back to the drawing.


Oh, the box of 64! I was spoiled because I had one every year!!


I love crayon smell. But only the Crayola crayon smell.


Your killing me!!!! I do the same thing...I have a small collection of books, host of supplies...I look at things in an artist manner I thing...oh, and the crayons..I have my own box! The smell..I even have a collectors tin....that I have never opened..it's about 12 years old- I just can't open it. Totally understand ...perhaps it's just the 'draw' to art that holds us there ...(no pun intended..hehe)just not yet to fill that blank page!!! Here's to us! Thanks for the links!


Mmmm... crayons...
Of course, I grew up in the 70s. :-)
Doesn't it just crush you that they have all these new, neon-esque colors?
And what is it about drawing that is so alluring? I mean, it's almost as a(l)-luring as fabric.


My husband gave me the whole she-bang of watercolors and all the tidbits 2 years ago for my birthday...I did one watercolor. Haven't touched them since.

I gave him an entire wooden art set last xmas so he could start painting again. Never opened except to look an fawn over. Oh I did use a few of the colored pencils from there once!

Hope you get back to making some drawings. Suggestion...try copying some of your pictures from your trip!


Well now, here's a post sure to strike a chord with a LOT of people! Doesn't seem to matter what decade you grew up in. I started school in the 50s and well remember the boxes of 8 but especially treasured my box of 48. Yes--that aroma. And the colors: Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber, Prussian Blue, Red Violet. Isn't it funny how much they meant to us all?


i know the 64 color excitement! i was born in northern california, but returned to israel as a baby in 1980. i know it's not that long ago, but back then - there was no crayola, fisher price or sesame street in the holly land. so my parents brought tons of infant and toddler toys with them and i kept getting them for holidays and birthdays for 4-5 years. the highlight of which, was the last item - a 64 color crayola box. it was my most cherished posession, and i used each and every color until they were all gone. when i came back to the states, 4 years ago, one of the first things i got was a new 64 color box. but it was not the same... i think this was my favorite birthday present ever.


Oh my, you certainly bring back memories. Our crayon box was an old cigar box. Don't know where mom found it - my dad didn't smoke cigars and I can't remember us knowing anyone else who did either. Two of my adult treasures - they are in a drawer in my sewing room - are an unused box of 64 crayons and an unused box of 96 crayons! They will probably come out one of these days so grandma can color with one of the grandkids.


Thanks for the return memory of what if felt like to open a new box of crayons and have them in perfect order with perfect tips. Ah yes, and that smell...pure childhood.

KriKristin La Flamme

You have GOT to check out what Beate's been doing with fabric and crayons! http://beates-fabric-art.blogspot.com/2006/08/ready-to-trade.html

And one of my prized possesions is my tin of Prismacolor and Derwent pencils which I have been tending since art school. I don't draw often, but when I do these pencils make it a pleasure.


I had to save my allowance money to buy my own box of 64. With 5 kids in the house, my mom thought it was too expensive. I think it was 99 cents, probably just over a dollar with tax. Copper, gold, and silver were my favorite colors. Still love that crayon smell, and always loved buying new crayons each September for my kids. Re: drawing--funny, but I've been thinking about it a lot lately too. I'm not very good, so I could really use the practice. I should set up a still life on my office desk. Wonder if anyone would notice?


you're really cracking me up today, girl.

Melody Johnson

O Jan, we are like kindred spirits sometimes. I was just thinking about drawing yesterday, and knowing that I have all the paper, scads of colored pencils sets and crayons, and pastels and inks and it all made me feel so rich and guilty. I was wondering which of my friends I could talk into having a drawing day together, and thought, O would they look at me like I was a major idiot, or what? And then you write about drawing, just like it was meant for me.

There is something about drawing in a class that makes it safer, or just more fun. Some other person is setting up the subject and we all just assemble to draw that thing. At home in the privacy of our lives, where we know no one directs us, we don't do a thing.

So what will it take? Will you draw something if I draw something? Shall we help each other do this? I am game if you are.


Such a wonderful post, J! I was always such a fan of school supplies, specifically color pencils and crayons. I can smell them from here! *love*


Your childhood box of crayons really struck a chord! Crayon meant a fresh box every Christmas(the big one of 64's! Is it still 64?)and coloring books...So your post had me thinking of these things, those simple joys of being a child. And I still love to smell them! I'm 33 now, but for my 30th birthday, along with a gift of jewelry, my mother gave me a box ox of 24's and a coloring book (Hello Kitty!)--just for fun, what a good laugh! Anyway, I also wanted to say thanks for this beautiful, inspiring blog you create, I've been reading a couple months. I so enjoy coming here, seeing what you're making--simply wonderful! Happy Days! And good luck with the drawing again! :o)

Scribbles & Bits

This post certainly sounds a chord in me on many levels. I think I'll skip mentioning how many times I've put off drawing, painting, and coloring in favor of other things that needed to be done. Instead, I'll just mention that I think 64 crayons are the perfect amount. I've eyeballed those ginormous 100-something boxes before, but I think I'd get overwhelmed by the choices.


I grew up in the 70s, but I definitely remember that Crayon smell. :)


you delight me jan. i so remember that feeling of the new crayons, the smell the excitement and the joy of when they introduced the new color magenta in 1963. it just overwhelmed me! love your tin!

Tracy Helgeson

Thanks for the link!

And don't feel bad, I paint all of the time but I have a block about drawing lately. I keep carrying around my drawing stuff and never even open the box.

I love crayons too, although now that I am an adult I don't particularly like writing down phone messages with them, but am forced to because pens disappear and and the crayons reproduce.


I love this post, Jan. So many wonderful thoughts and memories you have brought up!

Another drawing site you might enjoy is "Draw Daily" http://drawdaily.blogspot.com/
she's part of the Everyday Matters group. Have you heard of Danny Gregory? Pretty interesting and inspirational. :)

Gillian Greding

Great post... that new box of crayon excitement is a universal feeling. As a 34 year old woman, it still makes me all excited!


Remember when the box of 64 first came with a built in sharpener...I swooned! I was obsessed with perfect sharp points on my crayons and colored pencils as a child. Ok, so I still am :)


We used to shred old crayons and iron them between sheets of paper to make interesting designs. If crayons smell good, hot crayons smell heavenly.

joanne S

I have been "postponing" my career as a painter for about 25 years now. I have paints, brushes, a fancy French portable easel, stretchers, canvas, and gesso. I keep saying, "I think it'll be this year".

What are we afraid of? Liking it too much? Not being good? And who cares. Paint or draw and if it's awful, doesn't the garbage man pick up every Tuesday morning?

I love the smell of crayolas and I love the smooth clean white of new paper.


Believe it or not -
at 12 my Youngest has just received his first box of 64's!
He'd had hand me downs and school never asked for a box...
anyway, he spent an hour arranging them.

Your childhood set is amazing!


Jan - I just bought my daughter her first box of crayons - Crayola of course!! It's only a box of 8, but as she'll probably spend more time eating them than drawing, I thought that a wise start!

Good luck with getting back to your drawing. I bought myself a lovely box of pastels the other day. No idea how to use them, but after seeing some spectacular pastels artworks in Europe I had to have a go!


I have the same feeling too! I used to paint/draw a lot.. it been about 6 year since the last time I draw..I really want to pick up the brush again and....my husband been asking me to do it for years..but.. like you sai, it seem something is always on the way..!!
maybe one day..


I love this post. I could definitely smell the crayons - that's such an evocative thing together with the inside of the lid covered with dots of wax.

Your arrangement of pencils makes me laugh because that's all I've ever been able to achieve with artists' materials - meaningful marks on paper, no, but a pencil rainbow, yes.


Hi there,
I have a box of 120 pastels of my dads, who was a wonderful artist, who died aged 45, nearly 25 years ago. I open the wooden box, look at the pastels, touch them, remember the amazing art he did with them, then close the box and put it back in the cupboard. One day I hope to do them justice with a drawing or 2. Thanks for evoking the memories and putting me one step closer to using them.


Hi I love your pencils and crayons, I love to color on fabric and then set it with news print it can make the cutest pictures to frame or panels for apron fronts...I truly enjoy your blog. Tina


I keep a box of 64 at my desk just to inhale from time to time.
I remember the teacher handing out the boxes of eight too!!!! btw!!!


Ahh, crayons. There was a time I bought any variety Crayola came out with - I still have them and design my quilts with the box of 64.


A BOX OF 64 ???? !!!
I didn't know such a thing even existed.
Must. Find. Now.

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