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July 21, 2006



I like it with the addition. I might move the addition over so the blue shows up more, but either way it's really cute!


Controlled chaos at its best. The red/orange addition is very good - adds movement to the right side and balances the bottom left pieced corner. Also, that blue checkerboard on the right side is better cut at an angle and in a smaller dose. I vote keep the change. Enjoy your time away.


I like the plain border better. But it's your choice entirely!

Kristin La Flamme

I also love the addition. Though now it seems like the blue on top is too plain. It needs a scrap of something breaking it up too.


I like the addition as well and agree with Kristin that it needs something else on top too.


Hmmm... I like both ways. How helpful... not. :) Have a great weekend!


I like the bottom one better for some reason. And here's an interesting thing. I asked Maddie, who is 5, which she liked better. She also liked the beottom one better. I told her that I liked it too. She then said, "I don't know why we like the bottom one better." How true! I can't put it into words either. Just funny how the eye likes what it likes!


IMHO, the addition is great!


I like the second one better. Love the colors! It's like looking in to a kalidescope.


I vote for the second one. The blue piece looked too big in the first one. Maybe that's why I like the second one better.
Both are very nice though.


Not overkill. Fun! :)


The second one. Busy is good.


I like both, but to me the second one is more exciting. But maybe you need to show a bit more of the blue on the right to balance that blue top strip, or maybe the top strip should be narrower? In the first version it looks OK, but it seems a bit lonely somehow in the second version, if you know what I mean? I'm looking forward to seeing what you choose to do :-)


I LOVE the addition. I love the shape of the blue wedge. In the first one, I too found the blue getting too much attention from my eyes. Only because you asked, of course. Hope your trip was fun!


Definitely the second one. What a fun quilt!


I vote for the second one!


My vote is for the plainer border. I like the 2 blue borders balancing out the orange ones. In your second border choice, I find my eye wandering over to the simple graphic border instead of focussing on the blocks. Somehow, I don't think you want that to happen.


I really think you should go with the new option. I love the colorplay with the new pieces. It lends a nice flow of color with yet another interesting motif on that side of the quilt, making it one fun quilt!!!


I like the second... too much wide blue on first... the second more interest and better balance with the lower left. I do think the top needs something a little different... can't put a finger on it. Have a good weekend...


I have to say, I prefer it with the plain blue border - I like the balance of the blue on one side and the orange/yellow on the other.


I like the second option - what a wonderful quilt - so lively and fun to look at.


What? Still no new lenses? I would be stalking them about now.

I love the over the top wonkiness of the second version! Cannot wait to see your final choices.

Tonya R

Love this quilt ever so much. I prefer the second option - I like seeing a smaller wedge of that particular blue - esp if you then use a single fabric along the side (if necessary) to expand it, rather than more of that blue.
Then the blue seems rather forlorn on the top tho - maybe reduce that in size? Aiyee, no help at all.... Have fun, it's a wonderful quilt.


I vote for number two. And so does my little son -- he just voted (and we called the second one the one with the "fun" edge!)


I just love all the colors the more the merrier the second one is the preferred one.


Hallo from Australia.
I found yr blog via Whip up. Am so glad I did. Lots of inspiration. Thankyou.


I am so glad to see you've nearly finished piecing this top. It's turning out beautifully.

Truth be told, I like the blue on its own. It is such a good complement to the other border fabric and it balances the whole thing beautifully. The other pieced border is too much for this little duck!


Definite preference for the second one, since you're asking. I think it helps carry the feel of the quilt a little further. The scale of the larger squares and the placement with the blue definitely still reads as "border" but looks more like an integrated whole, rather than a center framed in a plain border.

If that makes sense. (...?)


quilt is so colourfull and totally fantastic! have to show my mom too, love the edge border - not a overkill at all! just so cool!

The Purloined Letter

I love the energy of this quilt!


Oh I love the little right hand side of triangles and squares you put in as an afterthought - I love it! Go with that!


I like both, but I think I would prefer the second one. The turpqoise right border is like a frame for the squares,the yellow/red one is so vivid and bright, so it makes it all "framed" by itself,and I like the turqouise bit that is still to be seen. Maybe the blue top is too simple now, but I am sure you will find some scraps to balance it best. I am looking forward your final decision.

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