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July 20, 2006



You were out on your deck in your jammies in the rain? You are a dedicated bloggist! Cute project... too bad the girls are gone... maybe I can invite them back!


So adorable! I need to make one. Or two or five.


great idea, Jan, thanks for sharing it! I'll certainly make one (sooner or later, at least... I might have to find kids as an "excuse" first ;-)

joanne S

Marden's had jars for 10 cents each and I wanted to buy them all and do just this kind of thing to them. BUT. No trees to hang them in.

So I guess I've got to plant trees where I want to hang jar lights in future times. And build a deck and/or patio.


My kind of project! Are you talking metal soda pop cans? Can you cut those with regular scissors? The wings aren't too sharp then?


I knew I was saving all those "nice jars" for something.


Thanks for the project idea! I have 3 girls, 14, 9 and 5 and lots of trees in the back with a newly refurbished patio that is begging for twinkling lighting. Maybe a project for the weekend.


Ooooh! I have leftover tissue paper from an Eric Carle Klutz book that is all painty looking! I have many mason jars saved from salsa (too good to throw away). I have Mod Podge that may still be in liquid form! I have small crafty people in my house! Joseph is having a friend over and this will make me appear all Super Mom. (Oh yes we always try to do something expressive and creative......when not committing poetry to memory....)

The only thing I don't quite get is how you attach the wings. Glue? Wire? And did paper punches really work on soda cans?

No need to reply as I can always just forge ahead and unvent something! Thanks for the great tutorial. xox Kay


How fantastic!

My boys will love making these...


I love it! There's gift potential here...


Thanks Jan, just the remedy for a bored 11 year old!
These are wonderful.


What a great idea Jan!!


That's a good question; how DO you attach the wings?


So cute, Jan.


Thanks - what a fabulous reminder that not all glass jars go into the recycling.. lol.. I´ll have to hide this tutorial from my daughter or we´ll be making one every day this summer - although - on second thought there´s room in the back of the house!


Will the heat from the candles melt/dryout/ruin the tissue coveR?


Jan this is a wonderful craft for kids and adults.
It a keeper~ Firebugs jars and slugs beads and wire.
All in the night sky
jans crafts we hang high.
Something to pass down by and by.
hugs lovestodream

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