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April 26, 2006



SUCH a good idea Jan! I love it. Who doesn't want great mail? Especially when you are off to college.
I am facing the graduation fiasco this season with my adult friends getting out of grad school. I'm thinking a card, some homemade stationery and a mixed CD. Still personal and within my budget.


That is really a great idea, and it would be fun to put together the care package when it was time.


What an awesome idea!


What an incredible idea! And your cards look amazing.


Care Packages! I used to love care packages!! You get a slip in your little school mail box, and you go to the window, and then you have a Package to bring back to your room, and *everyone* knows somebody loves you....

(Hm. Maybe that's why mail-ordering yarn (fabric, roving, patterns, whatever) is so much fun.)

That's a brilliant idea! I hope I remember it when my time comes.

By the way? I love any excuse to color too. :-)


Great idea! I wish I would have known about this about 8 years ago. My last neice is graduating next month, but I'm sure others will come up and I will definatly think of this to use for some of them.

I love to color too and even without the stamps it can be fun just to line draw and then color in the drawings!


Such a great idea! We have a nephew about to go off to college and I think this will be the perfect graduation gift!


that's a fantastic idea! I'm filing this one away. :) thanks for sharing -- I love the colors!


You are so creative! I love this idea.


That's brilliant.


Woah. I am seriously impressed with your stamp collection!


wow... that is GREAT!! I would have loved to receive one when I was away at school (who wouldnt like one now?! hehe) Very nice! Thanks for sharing!!


You are a genius. I love the idea.

Uh, your stamp collection is scary, but impressive.


cute idea!


jan this is adorable. i will tuck the idea away for one year and keep it when i have lost one in the nest .... hey! i have that same fishy stamp in that box! your collection is amazing...

Scribbles & Bits

This idea is 100% gold!!!! Thank you for sharing it!!!!

Scribbles & Bits

Whoops! Hit post before I remembered that I wanted to comment on just how impressive your rubber stamp collection is! I love rubber stamps and coloring them in! With a collection like that, I thinkI'd be absolutely giddy!


as a student, i declare this the best idea in the world!!! i think i've been deprived of the care package portion of my post-secondary schooling since i live in the same city as i grew up in :(

wool winder

Finally I know what to give all the graduates at church. It's so hard to think of what to give each year. I think this is the best idea ever!


Yes, two comments to the same post -- I'm a bit of a weirdo. I can't help but look at those stamps and not drool. They are amazing. Did it take you forever to collect that many?


You are a GENIOUS! I am bookmarking this!


What an awesome idea, Jan!
Really you are a very creative person and you have fairy hands, too.

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What a great idea! My little brother graduates next month and I think this would be perfect for him. I've had the hardest time thinking of a gift for him - I know he'd like cash or gift cards, very practical, and yet no fun for me. I think he'd like to get packages from me when he's off at school - Georgia Southern - and maybe this would work for my two cousins graduating this year, too!


So clever! When I was in college (and still now) my mom sent great packages - my favorite was the annual box of Pennsylvania fall leaves! (maybe that sounds a little weird to some, but it was a great reminder of home)


Where did you have all those stashed? Didn't you get rid of a lot of stamps a few years ago? I guess you had me fooled.

kristin La Flamme

Super idea! It would work as well for your favorite soldier since sooner, or later, they're pretty much all going to end up deployed. Soldiers seem to love care packages, especially ones with cookies and soft toilet paper!


This is one of the best ideas EVER!!! Thank you.

Jo Hoddinott

I adored getting packages from home as a student - another idea that I have given is to give a box of "reminders of home" to the future freshman. This often included photos of friends & family, postcards (I live in a touristy area so lots of postcards of local views etc. available), favourite biscuits/cookies, LARGE chocolate bar, phonecard, train/bus timetable, stamps and something to represent a hug for when homesick.


Great idea! As a recent college grad and now a graduate student, I can vouch for the wonderful gift a care package can be. Here's a few more ideas for what to include: Pens (nice juicy ones) and post-it page markers are my favorites. You can never have too many post-it page markers when you're working on a research paper!


Well, hot damn .... because I've been so busy, Jan, I missed this post, so I'm glad you re-mentioned it today in your thank you to Kay. I am a care package sender extraordinaire (seven years of experience, with a daughter who went to boarding high school and now college) and always like to try to encourage others to send them, but this takes the idea even one step further, and I LOVE IT!


Whoa! This is such a fantabulous idea. I've been trying to think of a special idea for a neat person getting ready to graduate from high school. I love your rubberstamping. I used to do a ton of it, and would like to do some more again one day. Unfortunately, we lack the space to get them out and work with them.


Such a great idea! I wish I had all of your stamps. ;)


Fantastic idea. Really, really fantastic. I also learned a new word today; dorm toy. Pretty self explanatory, but still rather exotic to me :)


okay, I saw all those rubber stamps and I actually said aloud (i'm sitting in a coffee shop rightnow) OH MY GAWD!
Who knew you were such a freak? ha ha
I can't wait to see the paper side of you that you've mentioned.
ha ha


I'm going to send scarf yarn to my favorite freshman knitter!


I LOVE THIS IDEA! I hate sending cash only, so this was WONDERFUL!!! Another blogger gave me your link, and for that I am most grateful.

If I get this done for our friend, I'll be sure to hattip both of you!!!


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