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April 11, 2006



You are so good! Everything matches up so perfectly and you are right, the colors are perfect for April!


this is looking great, but i can't wait to see the finished march...

Kristin La Flamme

I'm probably being greedy here, but I can't wait to see the whole spectrum done up as your cheery quilts! I love that the two you've done so far are simply repetitive blocks that show off the colors without getting caught up in imagery. I can't wait to see the variety within your basic "theme."

Kathy Scheidt

I love this! Like Kristin, I like the simple geometric block. The simplicity lets the colors shine. And thanks for the directions also. I may come back!


Thank you, thank you for the instructions. I can't wait to try them. Your quilt is gorgeous!!


You are doing such a nice job. I love the sun and rays I see in this pattern.
Also, your yarn from yesterday was so great. It makes me envious!


Jan, that's gorgeous! I really want to try that block now. I just love orange and yellow together. I have pieces cut for my orange and yellow PS quilt, but won't have time to piece until late April. It'll be a miracle if it gets done in time!


I loved the yarn colors from your last post-and now, this wonderful, glorious yellow/orange block-I will have to sit down and make a few myself, thank you for being so kind to post directions. It is always fun to read how someone puts together a block.


That's looking so happy and warm and cheery. Ahh...

Tonya R

"Requires careful sewing" - uh oh, I'd be in trouble. I love how your blocks are coming together. Marvelously warm.


Thanks for the instructions, it's a block I think I'd like to try sometime. Oh, when you find where the dust is coming from...mind sharing? I've been looking for the dust machine everywhere and I can't seem to figure out where it lives!


Thanks for sharing the recipe for this quilt... It is so sunny and happy, I can see why you'd have trouble tearing yourself away!


Yowza...Let the sunshine in! Happiness played out in fabric.


This is fabulous and just what I needed on a dark morning. It's so vibrant that it looks like a woven piece of fabric. What's the color for May?


Thanks for all the quilting inspiration! The yellow and orange is coming together perfectly. Btw, had to buy the Daisiez pattern on ebay last night after happening upon your wonderful examples - better than the pattern label.


those squrares are so precise - love the colours - just like a sunny day


It´s so interesting for me to read that you press the seams open instead of one side. This was always what I thought I had misunderstood in the books, to press the seams on one side. At school, we have learned to open them. So thank you very much for this tip, now I know it for sure.
The colours of your quilt are such a joy to look at, especially on such a grey-cold-rainy day here. But the most brilliant colourway for me is the second block of the small pictures, it looks pink on my screen, with orange and red, very very beautiful combination!
Enjoy the Easter Days and have a good time,

gray la gran

i used that same pattern years ago on my quilt, it's very pretty!


Ooooo, I like those patterns. :-)

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