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April 20, 2006



I've tried paper piecing and found that I absolutely hated it! I'm glad you're enjoying it, though. Your hexagons are beautiful.


I, too, have the knitting blahs. I think it's spring fever or something.


No knitting blahs here. I ordered the Mason Dixon book and found some wonderful knitted quilt patterns. I am knitting a fabulous log cabin quilt.... sounds strange to say a knitted quilt, but it is. I am using a cotton yarn with wonderful colors. I will post as soon as I get back from Dream Dinners.
Sorry I didn't post about pictures, but I didn't see anything wrong... and I thought it might be the drugs since I had experienced some strange reactions from muscle relaxers.
By the way... after seeing your wonderul piecing... I may regain interest again after all. So beautiful!!!


You know after I saw your stash of Kaffe's fabrics that you got from Paducah I had to go and order some myself. I agree with Nancy... that man is wicked. The large floral are just too delicious to pass up. Have you ever seen these things called Quilt Paties? They are for making hexagons, but they are made from stiff mylar and have a hole in the center. NO basting! You sew the edges down with a whip stitch just as if you were basting, then you sew together your hexagons and insert a chopstick into the hole and POP! out comes the quilt patie and you use it again. That's how I am making my hexagon quilt. If you want to check them out google the name. They are sold all over the place.

Love the colors!


I don't see the deterioration you see, which is maybe good?!

We all have the blahs at some point. At least you're still doing amazing things in color! I usually just become inert. :)


Kaffe Fassett doesn't just do patterns?? uh oh.....


Those look pretty cool, Jan. I say take a break from knitting for a few days -- you are still creating!

Kristin La Flamme

I'm so glad you are progressing with the hexagons. i am totally into hexagon quilts right now and they ARE great for take-along which allows me more time to work on them. I too, love Kaffe Fasset's fabric and can't wait to see your garden :-)


Wow I love your quilt, I think working in a repetitive hand work with all those beautiful colors will undoubtably free you from your slump and use your time well. there is something meditative about color and shape.....i think....

Scribbles & Bits

Lovely! I'm glad you're giving the flower garden a go after all! It's so cool how the petals printed on the blue farbic are pointing in like real petals!


the hexagon is the perfect pattern for those!! love love love love


p.s. merci pour les links - i'll put it in a pile w/ the cathedral windows ones and dream about doing these...


They're beautiful! I hope the sinuses are getting better. :-)


Very pretty--love those kaffe colors!!

I inherited a vintage hexagon quilt top that my mother-in-law's mother made. I have no idea what to do with it--I don't want to ruin it!


Thanks for letting us know how you were doing that! And I'll keep reading whether it is knitting or sewing news you post. I enjoy both!


I am so glad to see you continuing with that, because I love it. I am also having the knitting blahs, and fighting with Kaffe Fasset fabric--for me it's the tote bags. Hope you are feeling better.


Love the flowers! I keep thinking of trying paper piecing because of the interesting shapes. Nice to think there's some good use for those annoying inserts.

Funny, I was planning to link to you in my next post because I got my Daisiez pattern. Speaking of fabric passion, have you seen the new Amy Butler lines? Go to her website for a preview - great stuff.

I didn't see any difference in the 4/11 photos. I tried, I really did. I don't want you to feel lonely, but it's not there on my screen. Seriously, hope you sort it out soon.

Yes, it's really 1:11 AM and I'm reading blogs. Don't ask!


The Flower Garden blocks in luscious contemporary fabrics will make a zippy and fun quilt. But as for the hand-piecing--better you than me!


Cool! I'm so besotted by your groupings of hexagons that I'm going to try it. Fun & funky take on a quilting classic!


Wonderful! I'm just wondering how long it takes you to make, let's say, a cushion? I do love craft but am myself only an accidental crafter, that is did a lot of knitting and sewing when the kids were small, so I thought I'd like to try this as I love patchwork of all type. So I started with this paper-piece method, cutting hexagons etc. But it takes that long, I'm not sure whether I like this at all. ;-)


I paid about $50 for a copy of Liberated Quiltmaking on ebay, and I have to say thank you thank you thank you for recommending it. I'm truly excited, and I'm glad to have something that gives encouragement to leap off into the great unknown, as is my natural inclination. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

Sandrine (alias Didine!)

I really would like to try to make this sort of quilt with hexagons ! Yours are really lovely :) Thanks again for sharing your amazing work ! Xo


Beautiful flowers! I am a knitter and crocheter but I like your quilting posts, too - and I may start playing around with my fabrics in the sewing closet! :)


We are on the same hexagon wavelength! Just this week, I started paper piecing some flower blocks. I purchased a hexagon pattern pack (from Clover, about 50 cardstock weight pieces and one plastic template for tracing onto fabric for around 360 yen) and I am buzzing along! I fold my fabric many times so that I only have to cut once to get about a dozen hexagons. To say I am hooked is not the word...

Speaking of great tutorials (not that you need one, but may be of interest to others!), this video is great. Kinda home video/dorky , but excellent technique.


(Grandmother's Flower Garden video)

Happy stitching!

Jen in Tokyo

Tina C

Beautiful Hexagons, I love the fabric....
Hugs Tina

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