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March 07, 2006



One of my singing class diction exercises:

Nama mugi
Nama gome
Nama tamago

Raw wheat, raw rice, raw eggs? xox Kay


Oh, they are beautiful. I remember painting eggs with inks as a teenager. The ovoid shape is a real test of your design abilities and I kept to the simple and graphic, so I'm really impressed by these.


Your eggs are beautiful!
I did take a Pysanky class ages ago, and I loved it. I made a few eggs... but haven't touched my supplies in years. It's just a little difficult for me to spend that much time on something that's pretty but... well... entirely useless :)
Interesting, though, that the Pysanky dyes are so beautiful and dark, and the usual egg dyes are so pathetic. Is that just because they're non-toxic?


Those pysanky eggs are gorgeous! Thanks for showing them to us. So, what's the filling in that little cake?


Gracious! What exactly IS inside those things?!

Beautiful decorative eggs, BTW.


Oh, I love Ukrainian Easter Eggs. I had a small collection of them that got broken, and my heart nearly broke with them.


Those eggs are gorgeous! I've always wanted to learn how to do those, I just covet them every time I see some.


Oh!! I've been searching for the supplies to do this but wasnt sure what the original name was....I attended a gathering of quilters once and we tried our hand at this.Mine was funky almost African inspired. Unfortunately it got broken....but I still have a few pieces of it to remind me.Thanks again for the perfect seasonal inspiration!!!!!


I love the eggs! those are great! That's one steady hand you have...


The eggs are beautiful Jan! Children's book author Patricia Pollaco has a book about Pysanky and we once saw her on Reading Rainbow (kid's tv show) making them. I've always thought it was a fascinating process, but have never tried it myself.


You have a knack for those eggs! I've tried it; it ISN'T easy at all.
They are gorgeous!


Wow - I'm in awe that you made those eggs! You can just rest on your laurels forever and not worry about making anymore. :)


such an interesting craft, and such pretty eggs! the tamago looks interesting - did it taste good - it says, i think, white chocolate, (?)sponge cake and an....hmmmm...


sesame is one of my favorite japanese flavors. i love it in pocky. and in bubble tea.


I love those eggs! You can write a little "M" on the bottom of that box. :)

Passions & Distractions

Those eggs are so lovely! I always tell myself I'm going to learn how to make those one day, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Probably just as well for the moment since I hav so many other irons in the fire and quite a few more lined up to go in.

Those cakes sound delicious!


Are you sure you're not in the ABC Along? Eggs are going to be my E entry. And we are planning on trying these on March Break week. Yours are so lovely.


happy mom's day to you!!!
i love the eggs! i made them once and it was so much work and fun:)




I love your traditional patterns!! Mine are a mess this year. Oh well. Good years, bad years.


Your eggs are real works of art. Something I would love to add to my easter egg collection (pretty but cracked when you have 3 children).

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